R410a Refrigerant Price

r410a refrigerant price
    r410a refrigerant
  • R-410A is a chlorine-free, non-ozone depleting refrigerant that most manufacturers have selected to replace R-22.
  • A chlorine-free refrigerant that meets the EPA’s newest, most stringent environmental guidelines.
  • Puron is an environmentally sound refrigerant designed to protect the earth's ozone layer. Federal law requires all manufacturers phase out ozone depleting refrigerants in the next few years. Puron is approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a replacement from Freon 22*.
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r410a refrigerant price - TIF Instruments
TIF Instruments TIFXP-1A Automatic Halogen Leak Detector
TIF Instruments TIFXP-1A Automatic Halogen Leak Detector
The revolutionary new “Generation X” line of TIF refrigerant leak detectors brings you tomorrow’s technology today. We not only changed the way our leak detectors look, but the way to look at leak detectors. Innovative MPC circuitry and Advanced Digital Signal Processing monitor the sensing tip up to 2000 times per second. Automatic reset, true mechanical pump, and visual indicators speed and simplify leak searches. A completely re-designed sensing tip increases sensitivity, improves reliability, and lasts twice as long as its predecessor. Detects all halogenated refrigerants and is certified to SAE J1627, CE approval, and is UL classified. The TIFXP-1A features variable frequency audible alarm, mute feature silences audible alarm, constant power indication, 14 inch (35.5 cm) flexible stainless steel probe with Teflon liner, tri-color, six-segment visual leak size indicator displays 18 alarm levels, seven levels of sensitivity adjustment provide an increase of up to 64x, battery test function with true voltage indication, true mechanical pump provides positive airflow through sensing tip, one touch reset, and tactile keypad controls. Cordless and portable and operates on two C-cell batteries which are included. Carrying case is included and there is an optional holster and optional reference leak source available. Three-year warranty.

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Dual circuit - DX air cooled (X2X2)
Dual circuit - DX air cooled (X2X2)
The SmartCool X2X2 is an air cooled, direct expansion (DX), double circuit system linked to two separate, remotely mounted air cooled condensers. Optimised for heat transfer using energy efficient refrigerant R410A in each circuit, the X2X2 system is located within the conditioned space, absorbing room heat and transferring it outside to the condensers. By using one or more same/dissimilar sized scroll compressors across the X2X2 double circuit, part load efficiency can be maximised and capacity more precisely matched to application.

r410a refrigerant price
r410a refrigerant price
CPS Products (CPSMAID8QZ) Blackmax Chrome Manifold Gauge Set in Collector's Tin
Non-flutter gauge
Rugged chrome metal housing
Anodized aluminum block body
8' black non-permeating hoses with manual couplers
Collector's Edition tin case
This 2 piston manifold with 1/2" ACME fittings also features front calibration access port, easy to grab large chrome knobs and Triple Seal™ valve with three o-ring design. The Blackmax is designed for perfect function and long life, and also for its looks. Most technicians like good looking quality products that improve their tool box. Includes Spider protective gauge boots.