Ge profile refrigerator black : Vintage style refrigerators : Under counter compact refrigerator.

Ge Profile Refrigerator Black

ge profile refrigerator black
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Kitchen and Appliances
Kitchen and Appliances
The kitchen is newly outfitted with stainless steel appliances from GE's Profile series. Note the full size dishwasher, freezer-bottom refrigerator, and self-cleaning oven. There is also a stainless steel microwave above the the stove. The counters are polished black granite. The fcabinets and floor tiles are all new. Indeed, everything is new except the exposed brick wall.
Clearance Price: $1,925.00 GE Profile Refrigerator
Clearance Price: $1,925.00   GE Profile Refrigerator
GE Profile side by side black refrigerator with water and ice dispenser in the door. 36" wide, 24" case depth, and 71.5" case height. Floor Model is ready for immediate delivery, or pick up. Please call for delivery rates.

ge profile refrigerator black