Commercial Blast Freezer

commercial blast freezer
    blast freezer
  • Prepares gelato for the display case in less than 20 minutes.
  • Low-temperature evaporator which uses a fan to force air rapidly over the evaporator surface.
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commercial blast freezer - Master Bilt
Master Bilt MBCF44/24-4 Undercounter Blast Chiller - 44 lb.
Master Bilt MBCF44/24-4 Undercounter Blast Chiller - 44 lb.
This Master Bilt MBCF44 24 4 undercounter blast chiller provides a compact way to help rapidly cool your foods through the food temperature danger zone in locations where space is limited. It can reduce the temperature of up to 44 lbs. of food from 194 degrees to 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit in 90 minutes. The MBCF44 24 4 undercounter blast chiller features Master Bilt s award winning F.I.C. technology which uses a single probe rather than multiple probes to monitor food temperatures and adjust blast chilling cycles as needed. This helps prevent surface freezing and preserves the nutritional values of your foods. Its bright LCD display has 20 pre set blast chilling cycles and also saves time temperature information to help in monitoring your HACCP program. A powerful 1 hp compressor uses R 404A refrigerant to maintain the unit s pre set temperatures through each blast chilling cycle. CFC free foamed in place polyurethane insulation and a self closing all stainless steel door also help to prevent temperature loss. The Master Bilt MBCF44 24 4 blast freezer is UL and NSF Listed and requires a 220V single phase electrical connection. Consult the Specification Sheet for additional details and installation requirements. Dimensions Overall 29 5 16 W x 27 9 16 D x 33 1 2 H Shelves 15 3 4 W x 23 11 16 D MBCF44/24-4 From Master-Bilt

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-25 & Freezing
-25 & Freezing
t doesn’t seem like 4 years ago that the food giant Birds Eye closed its Hessle road plant in Hull. I was involved in the decommissioning process, taking pictures of pea processing equipment being removed and re homed to a smaller plant in the city. The big problem for me was working the blast freezer which was still chilled to a temperature of -25 degrees by the huge blast fans (you can see the vents and ice build up on the roof). I’ve worked in freezers before, wearing plenty of layers of clothing I could only stand 15 minutes in these temperatures. Keeping my camera in a cool bag before entering and after leaving the massive fridge, prevented water vapor freezing on the metal parts of the camera!
Since someone asked... Our new Kenmore refrigerator, a side-by-side 29-cu.-ft. model in basic white. In-door ice and water (Pur filtered), Acceler-Ice mode and removable bucket (for those hopping parties), 'Ultra Chill Zone' (a door shelf blasted with air from the freezer compartment), digital thermostat, nifty 'Fresh n Ready' fruit bin (tip-out with removable, strainer-base compartments), and various other touches both the kids and I are mesmerized by. Don't expect it will be this clean for long!

commercial blast freezer
commercial blast freezer
Counterchill Blast Chiller/Freezer, 31.1"W - Bf051df
COUNTERCHILL SERIES-BLAST CHILLER/ FREEZER Compact in size and designed so that it can be aligned with refrigerated counters and worktables due to its 27.6 inch depth. Moreover, being just 33.46 inches high means you can place a convection oven on top of the blast chiller, effectively putting into practice the HACCP rules associated with the Cook and Chill concept. Dishes can actually be removed from the oven and placed inside the blast chiller underneath. CABINET CONSTRUCTION Monobody construction with internal finish constructed of AISI-304, 18/10 and external finishing of Scotch-Brite satinated AISI-304, 18/10 stainless steel. Insulation is CFC and HCFC-free, high density foamed polyurethane. Cabinet features a core temperature probe to insert in the food to measure the blast chilling and freezing temperature. High store capacity compartments, with rounded edges to make cleaning easy. Ergonomic handles and magnetic perimetral seals. Stainless steel, height adjustable 1;quot; legs. Self-closing doors with still position at 100;deg;. Cabinet will accommodate 5 pans (13;quot; x 21;quot;) thanks to the new stainless steel wire rack structure, which provides excellent air circulation inside the compartment, thus minimizing the time required to blast chill the food. Pans are not included. REFRIGERATION Ecological refrigerant R404A used. The evaporator with high ventilation ensures that the cooling system works with unbeatable efficiency. Manual defrost device works based on condensation evaporation system that does not require power, saving electric energy. ELECTRICAL Features electronic control board display with capability of memorizing 100 program settings. Power supply 208-240V/1phase/60 Hz. 33.46 L. 31.10 W. 27.56 H.