Pentair Filter Cartridge

pentair filter cartridge
    filter cartridge
  • A replaceable porous element made of paper or polyester used as the filter medium in cartridge filters.
  • A disposable element, usually of fibrous material, used as a filter septum in some.
  • Pentair, Inc. is a Golden Valley, Minnesota based company focused on water technologies and enclosures for electronic products. Its Water Technologies Group provides products and systems used worldwide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water.
pentair filter cartridge - Pentair Clean
Pentair Clean and Clear 150 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter System PNCC0150OF1160
Pentair Clean and Clear 150 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter System PNCC0150OF1160
The Pentair PNCC0150OF1160 Clean and Clear 150 Sq Ft Filter Cartridge System includes a 1-1/2 Horsepower OptiFlo Pump with a 3 foot power cord. The Clean & Clear filter and pump system is a great choice for any above ground pool, providing you with a performance matched Pentair pump and filter for optimal efficiency. The durable thermoplastic housing is virtually corrosion-proof and is designed to stand up to the worst weather and extreme winter and summer temperatures. The proven Clean & Clear cartridge filter traps dirt, oils and other debris resulting in outstanding water quality that all swimmers will love. The OptiFlo single speed pool pump provides all the water flow necessary to keep your pool looking and running at its best. The Pentair Clean and Clear Cartridge Filter and Pump System includes everything you need to get your pool up and running fast.

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IMG 0254
IMG 0254
Our new Pentair cartridge filter. Supposedly, it will be less maintenance than our previous DE filter (which was also undersized for our pool). We had to rip the roof off the filter shed to install it, though ... so far that doesn't qualify as "less maintenance"!
Pentair IntelliChlor
Pentair IntelliChlor
This is the IntelliChlor Chlorine Generator from Pentair

pentair filter cartridge
pentair filter cartridge
Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS High Performance 230-Volt 16 Amp Pool Pump, Almond
The Pentair IntelliFlo VS and SVRS high-performance pool pump is ultra-quiet. Just 7 to 10 decibels, or half a human whisper. Its onboard computer and intelligent software automatically calculates and programs the minimum flow requirements for every pool to optimize performance and minimize energy use. It allows programming for 4 different speeds for different pool, spa or water feature applications. By dialing in the minimum speed required for a task, the pump works less and uses less energy. Pump speeds are easily adjusted with the push of an up or down arrow button. As functions/tasks change, IntelliFlo self-adjusts to maintain optimal flow rates for further energy savings. Built-in diagnostics protect the IntelliFlo pump from the most common causes of premature failure - overheating, freezing and voltage irregularities (SVRS model includes priming protection as well) IntelliFlo Variable Speed pumps combine variable drive technology, onboard digital intelligence, and permanent magnet motors (used in hybrid cars) to reduce pump-related energy costs by up to 90-percent. It features a built-in safety vacuum release system to automatically detect drain blockage and shut the pump off.

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