Filter Coffee Machines Commercial

filter coffee machines commercial
    coffee machines
  • (Coffee machine) Coffeemakers are cooking appliances used to brew coffee without having to boil water in a separate container.
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filter coffee machines commercial - Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach 40515 42-Cup Coffee Urn, Silver
Hamilton Beach 40515 42-Cup Coffee Urn, Silver
Makes 12 to 42 cups. Cup-per-minute brewing speed. Water-level indicators. Ready-to-serve light. Easy to fill. 2-way dispenser. Twist-lock lid and large handles. Removable cord. Glossy aluminum finish. Comfortable handles. Easy to clean and store. Dishwasher safe twist-lock lid and brew basket.

Ideal for buffet-style entertaining at home or as a self-serve option at a large business meeting, this coffee urn brews and holds between 12 and 42 cups of coffee. Designed to serve crowds, the polished aluminum urn brews about a cup of coffee per minute and has a ready-to-serve light that lets you know when you can start pouring. The two-way dispenser depresses to fill a single cup or can be propped in the vertical position to fill a larger carafe. Water level markings inside the urn help you accurately fill the urn to the proper water level. For safety, this coffee urn has heat-resistant handles and a locking lid for easier carrying without spillage. Other convenient features include a dishwasher-safe lid and brew basket and a detachable cord for easy storage. Hamilton Beach provides a 2-year limited warranty on this appliance. --Cristina Vaamonde

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Coffee Machine Cleaning Package
Coffee Machine Cleaning Package
The Espresso Italia Cleaning kit includes everything you need to ensure that your coffee machine continues to produce great tasting coffee and extends its life. The buildup of lime scale can reduce the efficiency of your coffee machines boiler by forming an insulating lining inside the boiler which adversely effects the ability of the boiler to heat the water. Additionally, the accumulation of coffee oils in the coffee machine internals turns rancid over time, inhibiting the taste of your coffee, giving it an overly bitter taste. The heating of the milk causes the formation of unhygienic milk scum which can attract bacteria. The Espresso Italia cleaning kit includes all the products necessary to keep your coffee machine operating its optimum, the package includes: Cafetto S15 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets: The S15 espresso machine cleaning tablets are ideal for removing the buildup of rancid coffee oils from your brewing unit. Cafetto-Restore Espresso machine descaler: An excellent descaler, perfect for removing lime scale from your boiler and coffee machine internals. Milk frother cleaner 250ml: Great for removing hardened milk scum and sanitizing of steam arms, automatic frothing devices and milk jugs.
In the past, the present and the future brings you tradition and innovation: The Zagato “volumetrica” series. This hand built coffee machine is the result of the combination of the latest technology and refined design. Today we are proud to put forward a new improvement, one that continues to reflect our history. The volumetrica, a superb culmination of retro and modern styling, conceived through the combined efforts of the manufacturer, distributor, and the “barista” right from the start. The volumetrica strikes one first not only for its innovative yet classic design, but also for the care in the choice of details. The stainless steel / chrome body, the knobs and filter holder, the high raised group heads, the electronic touch pads, the patented steam and water taps and most of all, the high quality MADE IN ITALY internal components. All these features are then combined around a cnc machined stainless steel brewing system. First in this new technology, the zagato group head extracts perfect espresso at all times with the best controlled temperature .

filter coffee machines commercial
filter coffee machines commercial
Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder
The Capresso CoffeeTeam GS is a fully programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker/Conical Burr Grinder Combination. Professional, solid-steel conical burrs have 5 grinder settings from coarse to fine for adjustable coffee strength. The slow burr grinding imparts minimal heat, preserving more aroma and flavor. There is a 6-ounce capacity bean container and a see-through window that allows you to check that ground coffee flows smoothly into the filter holder. There is a detachable see-through cover for easy cleaning of the grinder channel. The Digital Control Panel has an easy to read illuminated LCD display, Programmable Clock/Timer, 5 programmable brew amounts for 2-10 cups, and 3 programmable coffee strength settings; mild, medium and strong. There are 2 Mode settings: Grind/Brew - for grinding programmed amount of whole beans directly into the Gold Tone Filter, then automatically starts the brew process and Brew - push the filter release button to open the swing out filter holder, add ground coffee without using the grinder. Charcoal water filtration removes up to 82% of chlorine and other impurities from tap water. The filter holder and one charcoal filter are included. Features: 2-hour safety shut-off, Drip Stop and Stop-and-Serve. Nonstick coated warming plate. 900 watts, 200-degree brew temperature. Black with stainless steel accents.

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