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The 'Coastal Area' Regional Park Rangers Team

The 'Coastal Area' Regional Parks Team is a unit of the Christchurch City Council Regional Parks team, who's purpose is to manage the city’s regional parks for environmental enhancement and for peoples enjoyment. This includes the provision of a ranger service, project implementation, delivery of environmental education programmes, rural fire control and conservation management of private grazing leases. The 'Coastal Area' includes parks and reserves such as Spencer Park, Brooklands Lagoon, Bottle Lake Forest Park, Travis Wetland Park, Avon-Heathcote Estuary margins and the Coastal Beach parks.

The Regional Parks Team:

  • Maintains and enhances ecological values by providing and managing large parks to protect and conserve natural ecosystems and scenic values.
  • Encourages experiences in the natural environment by providing and promoting sustainable recreational opportunities of parks for residents and visitors to Christchurch.
  • Encourages and manages commercial use in parks that reflect the environmental and recreational values of the sites.
  • Provides a uniformed ranger service who act as an interface between the community, the park/resource and Council policies and by laws.
  • Leads the development and maintenance of parks under Council management.
  • Protects and rehabilitates natural ecosystems.
  • Provides recreational facilities aligned to the values of parks.
  • Promotes, informs and educates people about recreation opportunities.
  • Provides for community involvement/partnerships on assigned parks, in particular in ecological protection and rehabilitation programmes and recreation facilities.
  • Manages Council grazing land primarily for conservation values and wildlife management.
  • Provides assistance to the Christchurch Rural Fire Authority fighting rural fires in Christchurch and Canterbury.