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Tonsil Cancer Pictures

    tonsil cancer
  • The tonsils are lymphatic tissues at the back of the throat that act as filters to protect the body from bacteria. About 10-15% of oral cancers occur in the tonsils. Tonsil cancers generally occur in patients in their 50s to 70s.
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tonsil cancer pictures

16 things
16 things
1. I served 21 years in US Navy 2. I still have my appendix & tonsils 3. I once had hair 4. Just celebrated 10th anniversary with current wife 5. I ran for state legislature in 2006 & 2008 6. I'm one of two only children (10 years apart) 7. 2nd wife died of cancer 8. currently need to lose 40 lbs 9. was born in Missouri 10. I don't drink or use drugs 11. Currently wear bifocals but use reading glasses when on computer 12. Life member NRA & DAV 13. Don't watch much TV 14. Supported Chuck Baldwin for President in 2008 15. Hooked on Krispy Kreme doughnuts 16. Drink black coffee and unsweet iced tea Please post a picture of yourself and list 16 things about you that we might not know. If you choose not to participate, I will not be offended and you won't owe me an explanation. If you do participate, you'll find out it's fun.
Cancer sucks
Cancer sucks
5/20/11 12:20am Finally at home, the cuts are healing nicely. The staples are out of my chest and the sutures in my neck and mouth eventually dissolve. You can see the marks where the two drain tubes were under my chest wound. There are two more on either side of the bottom of my neck wound. Those sucked.

tonsil cancer pictures