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From the ACBL website Craig Robinson comments on his stop at Bridge of Tulsa

Club #66: Bridge Studio of Tulsa #6 in Tulsa, OK

Posted on September 1, 2011 by ACBL

August 19

It seems appropriate that stop #66 be in Tulsa. This is the home of Phillips 66 and old route 66 goes this city. The Tulsa Bridge Club had 22 ½ tables. Greg Burton is the director and he runs his own version of a spider movement, therefore we had one section playing two sets of 26 boards. The club has a vibrant teaching program, hand records for all games, limited games for new players, and friendly people. I played with Nancy Phillips, formerly of Western Pennsylvania, but as she explained, “I gave birth to five kids in this state. I am an Oklahoman!” She was a delightful partner and we played pretty well and finished 4th. Afterward, Nancy joined District Director Phyllis Harlan, her husband Bill, Elaine and me, and our granddaughter Faith for a sandwich and a drink next door. This would be the first of 9 consecutive days of 100+ degrees heat.

Craig, Greg Burton, Marilyn Lafleur, Ted Meyers
Craig Robinson - President of the ACBL, Greg Burton - Auditor, Marilyn LaFleur - Tournament Coordinator, Ted Meyers - Tournament Chairman Tulsa Regional 2011

We had some ACBL officers visit Tulsa August 19, 2011. So I asked some of the tournament staff to pose with them.

Ellie Oyler - Partnerships, Phyllis Harlan - National Board of Directors, Angie Reed - Registration, Joan Hauger - Caddy Master, Bill Harlan

Craig Robinson and his partner, our Emerald Life Master, Nancy Phillips. Bridge of Tulsa was number 66 on Craig's 100 club tour.