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Fish Pond Food Pantry Collection Item

Paper Towels

Sugar (White/Brown/or Confectioners)

Bible Study hosted by Rita Baumer on Sunday's at 8:00AM

Upcoming Events:
January 21st Community Ecumenical Service at ICC at 1:00PM
February 4th "Souper Bowl Sunday"

Please refer to the newsletter for more details.

50 Best Items to Pack in an Operation Child Shoebox

Crayons                                      small notebook                                       Coloring  books                                                     chalk                                                             
Flip flops                                                             watercolor paint sets t-shirts                                                                         play doh ball                                                                              small etch a sketch bar soap                                                                      socks bracelet                                                                       back pack bandana                                                                      plastic cup  pencils and pens                                                         straws          pencil sharpener                                                         scarf                duct tape                                                                     jump rope     travel size games-checkers                                        glowsticks     deck of cards                                                               leftover Halloween candy (no chocolate)                                                   hacky sack                                                                   matchbox cars harmonica                                                                   finger puppets   yo yo                                                                            silly putty   hat                                                                               toothbrush       glue sticks                                                                   toothpaste scissors                                                                        washcloth      small stuffed animal                                                   wet wipes      pom poms                                                                   travel pack of tissues                                   glitter                                                                          lip gloss           small crafting kit                                                         hair ties           post it notes                                                                band aids  highlighters                                                                 hair brush

Please refer to the current newsletter for a complete listing of current events and activities within the church and community.