The Botkins United Methodist Church was established in 1920.  Built in the heart of the Botkins community our church serves as a firm reminder of the Christian values that our community holds dear. 

From many, one.  Just as this phrase is used to characterize the United States it also has meaning for Botkins.  Three faiths, one community.  The church from the beginning has been central to the community.  When our forefathers came to this land they brought with them their faith.  They also brought with them the fears and prejudices toward those of another faith which had grown over the centuries.  Those fears and prejudices were unnecessary.  Here a community was built not on Methodist, Catholic or Lutheran brotherhood, but on Christian brotherhood.  In a frontier setting a person was measured not by what faith he held but how he held his faith.  Three faiths - one community.  Tolerance, Charity, Open Mindedness, Cooperation, Brotherhood!  WIthout these there would be no Botkins.  These are our legacy from the past and our hope for the future.  
S. D. Maurer
Pastors serving The Botkins United Methodist Church:
 L. A. Cook     1891 P. A. Cross     1921Mary Bushong (student) 1989
 F. S. Robinson                 1892 A. H. Roebuck (deceased 5/19/1924) 1921Jill Magnuson (student)1992
 M.M. Markwith     1894 Kenneth Leary (Student 6/15/1924 - 8/31/1924) 1924 Steve Ackerman (student)1994
 J. H. Carter 1895 E. D. Barker 1924 Candice Dicke 1997
 J. L. Hill 1896 H. H. Compton 1927 Fred Gillenwater     2000
 E. O. Crist 1898 G. W. Thompson 1931 Fred Herron 2008
 G. D. Gray 1899 C. M. Steele 1934 Randy Locker 2010-Present
 John Parlette     1901 F. M. Moon 1936  
 A. L. Fillebrown 1902 J. O. Williamson 1940  
 O. L. Curl 1904 Dwight Woodworth 1946  
 J. F. Strete 1905 Melvin Wentz 1949  
 W. N. Roberts 1907 Paul Clark (February/June) 1951  
 W. W. Motter 1909 Glenn Robinson 1951  
 J. W. Miller 1911 Joseph Price 1955  
 Chas. Cundy 1914 J. William Brown 1956  
 Frank W. Hoffer     1915 Samuel E. Bruner 1961  
 S. H. Flory 1916 Richard Royalty 1964 
 Richard Pengilly 1917 Lawrence Cordrey 1967 
 J. W. Sealbrooke (deceased 10/11/1920) 1919 Eric McGlade 1980 
 J. M. Mills, Stanley Miller and others until February     1921 Dennis Baker 1985