The Botkins United Methodist Church provides a blended service, recognizing the values and beliefs of our founders as well as the contemporary style and music that continues to inspire new generations.  The worship service usually last about an hour.  Our small church is a  network of friends, neighbors and relatives.  Most importantly we are a "Family" of believers, and you will quickly become a part of this family.  


We believe that we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ in the Botkins community.  That belief shapes everything we do in our Sunday School and our worship on Sunday mornings.  We find that when we express God's love in the community around us, we experience God's love in a deeper way.  That experience binds us together as a body.  


Botkins is a small but very active community.  The members of our church come from the community and the surrounding area.  Our members are very active in the community.  Located across the street from the school, our church serves as a reminder of the deep-set Christian beliefs that founded the community and this church.


                                                        OUR PASTOR

                                        Pastor Randy Locker

  "I have a passion for God and the ministry HE has called me to.  But I am just a part of that ministry.  I invite all who share my passion for serving the God who loves us enough to send HIS Son as the sacrifice that bought our eternal life to come and join in our ministry at Botkins UMC.  Because I also serve the Anna United Methodist Church, I invite you to feel free to attend the service that best fits your schedule - 9:00 A.M. at Botkins and 10:45 A.M. at Anna.


To seek and save the lost, to set the oppressed free; through preaching the gospel and discipleship.



We celebrate God's love through worship and fellowship.