North Creek Gardens: Puget Sound Native Plants

Puget Sound Native Plants are those that grew wild in the areas around the Sound before the influence and spread of plants brought from Europe, Asia and elsewhere. Most of these plants continue to flourish in local areas, and are being planted on purpose in landscapes. Every local area, sometimes even a single watershed, has its own ecology of plants and animals, evolved over millions of years to grow and thrive together. The larger category "Northwest Native Plants" includes plants from Oregon, Idaho, eastern Washington, and even Montana. Many grow well in the Puget Sound area, but others do not.  Plants mentioned here are ones found in the Central Puget Sound watershed, including the Lake Washington basin.

Puget Sound Native Plants can take several years to become established, and some require watering, especially in dry summers.  Once established under the right conditions, most will grow fine with little or no care for years.  

    Commonly seen Puget Sound Natives include sword fern, oregon grape, red huckleberry, salal, kinnikinick, tall Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.  Others seen growing wild are not native, but have become naturalize and can be enjoyed if controlled, such as foxglove , forget-me-not, and solomon's seal.
    Other non-native plants are growing out of control and threatening our native species. Most have been introduced to the area, some for well-intentioned reasons such as erosion control along highways - our own yellow scotch broom. Others are the more recently escaped ornamentals, such as butterfly bush, yellow archangel, and pampas grass.  Too much of what was brought in and planted to beautify gardens and tame local weedy growth has become an uncontrollable blight on the landscape.  English Ivy, holly, and  yellow flag iris are just a few that come to mind. 

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