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The Rug Store Austin

the rug store austin
  • John (1790–1859), English jurist. His work is significant for its strict delimitation of the sphere of law and its distinction from that of morality
  • state capital of Texas on the Colorado River; site of the University of Texas
  • The Austin Amtrak station is located in the former station of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, just west of downtown Austin, Texas, United States. The station is served by Amtrak's Texas Eagle route, extending north to Chicago and west to Los Angeles.
  • The Austin was a brass era American automobile manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1901 to 1921. The company, founded by James E.
  • shop: a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
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  • Store-bought
  • A small carpet woven in a pattern of colors, typically by hand in a traditional style
  • A floor covering of shaggy or woven material, typically not extending over the entire floor
  • A rug (UK), blanket(Equine and other livestock, US), or coat (canine and other companion animals, US) is a covering or garment made by humans to protect their pets from the elements, as in a horse rug or dog coat.
  • A thick woolen coverlet or wrap, used esp. when traveling
  • floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
  • Rhug (normally Y Rug in Welsh; sometimes given the antiquarian spelling Rug) is a township in the parish of Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales, formerly in the old cantref of Edeirnion and later a part of Merionethshire, two miles from CorwenRug Chapel and ten miles north east of Bala.
the rug store austin - Momeni 24"
Momeni 24" x 36" Multi Austin Stripe Accent Rug GM-06MULTI2030
Momeni 24" x 36" Multi Austin Stripe Accent Rug GM-06MULTI2030
Momeni GM-06 Sample - For Full Sizes see SKU# MM1662 Earth and muted tones in simple designs give the Gramercy collection a unique look. Gramercy is a collection of hand-loomed rugs that carries the look of higher-end, hand-knotted pieces with casual appeal. Hand-loomed in India of 100% wool, any selection in the Gramercy collection will infuse a touch of warmth and comfort into your decor. Features: -Hand-loomed in India of 100% wool -Earth and muted tones in simple designs Note: Please be aware that actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen. Accent rugs may also not show the entire pattern that the corresponding area rugs have. About Momeni Momeni, a family name, a mark of quality, and an expert source of ideas for making your home come alive with true timeless beauty, was established half a century ago, when Ali A. (Haji) Momeni started a family business bringing exquisite Persian carpets to the United States. Though styles have come and gone, beneath them all is the fundamental principal that Momeni rugs are created to touch our senses. From concept through production, a family member is there making sure that the highest standards are being met. This Momeni standard of quality, elegance, and sophistication has been recognized time and time again with America's Magnificent Carpet Award.

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A Shopping Adventure: Part 1
A Shopping Adventure: Part 1
So this trio was being rude to my RL-turned-SL friend JennyLynn at ETD. So I decided to don my Zhao-II AO (group gift courtesy of your friends and mine "Who Let The Dorks Out?") and go goose-steppin' around them. Seems that this trio were the only 3 in the store who didn't find humor in it.... =============================== [19:48] Tovah Bravin: Sisi... [19:48] Tovah Bravin: do you know you're dancing hun? [19:48] Taran Sage: are you using an AO sis [19:48] Sisi Soderstrom: i'm not dancing. [19:48] Sisi Soderstrom: it's a condition. [19:48] SiselyBella Riggles: lol [19:48] Tovah Bravin: LOL [19:48] Taran Sage: what kind of condition? [19:48] Tovah Bravin: an Ava-tick? [19:49] Foxy Sparkle: haha [19:49] Foxy Sparkle: wow, this is quite the little party [19:50] Sisi Soderstrom: it's not nice to make fun of people with tourette's. [19:50] Sisi Soderstrom: santa won't bring you presents. [19:50] Foxy Sparkle: haha [19:50] SiselyBella Riggles: lol [19:50] Foxy Sparkle: i seem to know santa personally...more so than i knew...giggles [19:50] Tovah Bravin: Well;, if she's gonna dance.... [19:50] Foxy Sparkle: i think i will stillg et presents...i've been good to HIM [19:50] Taran Sage: I ask a question.... [19:51] Taran Sage: what kind of condition? [19:51] Taran Sage: that is not making fun [19:51] Sisi Soderstrom: you were laughing. [19:51] Tovah Bravin: You lol'd too...we thought you were being funny. [19:51] Sisi Soderstrom: it's called tourette's. i can't help it. [19:51] Taran Sage: nope [19:51] SiselyBella Riggles: chronic dancing hardly seems serious ;) [19:51] Taran Sage: I asked if you were using and AO [19:51] Taran Sage: and what kind of condition [19:52] Sisi Soderstrom: i told you what condition. [19:52] Foxy Sparkle: ya'll chat i'm gunna look around [19:53] Tovah Bravin: me too [19:53] Sisi Soderstrom: oh you can't talk to me just cuz i'm different? [19:53] Taran Sage: yes you told me right after you said I was making fun ..... but I did not do that [19:53] Taran Sage: I am talking to you [19:53] Sisi Soderstrom: your friends are not. [19:54] Taran Sage: they are shopping for hair [19:54] JennyLynn Twine: she cant hear you when she is having an "episode" [19:54] Sisi Soderstrom: they don't like people who are different. and santa claus doesn't like people who don't like different people. [19:54] Taran Sage: this is a hair atore [19:54] Taran Sage: store* [19:54] Foxy Sparkle: hey tovah... [19:54] Sisi Soderstrom: i have tourette's. i'm not a moron. [19:54] Tovah Bravin: lemme see [19:54] Taran Sage: no one said you were [19:54] Tovah Bravin: cute [19:54] Sisi Soderstrom: you told me this is a hair store. [19:54] Sisi Soderstrom: my eyes work just fine, thank you. [19:54] Tovah Bravin: the color isn't you [19:56] Tovah Bravin: eek [19:56] Foxy Sparkle: what is eek? [19:56] Tovah Bravin: pink! [19:56] Foxy Sparkle: haha [19:56] Foxy Sparkle: yeah [19:56] Tovah Bravin: You need something with sparkles... [19:56] Foxy Sparkle: i do? [19:56] Sisi Soderstrom: you not talking to me cuz i have tourette's....that's like me not talking to you cuz you have too much chest hair. [19:56] Foxy Sparkle laughs [19:56] Tovah Bravin: I think she's gonna beat him up [19:56] Taran Sage: well sorry my chest offends you [19:56] Sisi Soderstrom: it doesn't offend me. [19:56] Foxy Sparkle: i hope she doesn't have rabies or anything [19:56] Sisi Soderstrom: it just makes you different. [19:57] Tovah Bravin: Do I need to separate you two? [19:57] Taran Sage: well your not talking to me over it [19:57] Foxy Sparkle: no kidden [19:57] Sisi Soderstrom: i'm talking to you. [19:57] Sisi Soderstrom: i am telling you that your friends are rude. [19:57] Taran Sage: and I am talking back [19:57] Foxy Sparkle: i'm out tryin on hair and can hear ya'll [19:57] Taran Sage: so stop saying that I am not [19:57] Sisi Soderstrom: and santa is gonna bring them coal. [19:57] Tovah Bravin: I will turn this store around and take you back home! I will...Don't push it!! [19:57] Foxy Sparkle: y am i getting coal? [19:57] Taran Sage: pull it over Tovah I need to get out and get some air [19:58] Foxy Sparkle looks to Taran "is it really woth it?" [19:58] Tovah Bravin: your girls pick out some hair. [19:58] Tovah Bravin: come on [19:58] Foxy Sparkle: i'm gunna go try my hair on in peace [19:58] Foxy Sparkle: you coming? [19:59] Taran Sage: yep, lets see what you found [19:59] Tovah Bravin: you've drawn a crowd... [19:59] SiselyBella Riggles: have fun guys :) SEE PART 2 FOR THE CONCLUSION
Hico hats
Hico hats
In this store all hats are off. The original town of Hico was founded in 1856 on Honey Creek, a most picturesque and historical stream that flows into the Bosque River. At the top of the gorgeous Texas Hill Country, a quick trip from Dallas, Fort Worth or Austin, Hico is the perfect getaway for an afternoon or a weekend. From the unique shopping you will find, to the historic downtown district, to luxurious bed and breakfasts, to the scenic landscape and nearby hunting, you will find it all in Hico Established in 1999, Blue Star Trading, owned by local interior designer, Becky Holt, is the first business to completely restore one of Hico’s historic downtown buildings. “Everything you need for your horse and home,” she says of her inventory, which ranges from saddles to Western Art, sculpture, and home accessories.”

the rug store austin
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