Carpet Cleaning In South Bay

carpet cleaning in south bay
    carpet cleaning
  • (carpet cleaner) foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets
  • Carpet cleaning, for beautification, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern.
    south bay
  • South Bay may refer to: In the USA: * South Bay (San Francisco Bay Area), subregion of the San Francisco Bay Area * South Bay, Los Angeles, region of Los Angeles County, southern California * South Bay, former name of Fields Landing, California * South San Diego, region of San Diego County in
  • South Bay is a bay in the Laguna Madre in Texas separated from the Gulf of Mexico by Brazos Island. It is the southernmost bay in Texas, about north of the Texas-Mexico Border.
  • South Bay is a waterway in Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in Hudson Bay, off southwestern Southampton Island. It is west of Native Bay. The Kirchoffer River empties into the bay.

The End of the Road
The End of the Road
July, 23rd, Washington, D.C. To a man, we'd tell you this country isn't as big as we thought. You'd think crossing it on a bike would stretch it out, but it doesn't. America feels like one neighborhood to me now. Out west the houses are close together and the people wear sunglasses, then there is some desert, then in Texas there are some ranches and some oil fields, and down the road in Louisiana people live on the bays and the rivers. When you turn left there you come into Arkansas and the accents get thicker and the talk gets slower and then in Tennessee it speeds up again, but only slightly. You'd never know how close Tennessee is to the Virginia's unless you biked it. And in Virginia you can still hear the old English as though the ancestors of the founding fathers kept some of the tongue that once debated slavery. When you slip down off the Blue Ridge Parkway you ride through the Civil War battle sites from which news must have come painfully slow to Lincoln's white house. And then you arrive in D.C. and pedal around the monuments that make altars of our history. I don't think the American people are any more special than any other group, and I suspect launching a kayak off the Atlantic and picking up our journey again in Europe would reveal to me that all the world is small, and the human story is even more remarkable than the American story. If we headed south from Europe to Africa we'd find ourselves in some of the villages for which we've been riding, and even though the journey would have taken years, it would seem to us we'd just left Santa Monica the previous week. At least that is how it seems to me now. Today the team road into Washington D.C. which marked the end of one of our journey's. From the beginning we've said we wanted to ride from Los Angeles to D.C. to raise awareness about the need for new water wells in sub-saharan Africa. And from church to church, gas station to gas station, bike shop to bike club and community group to grocery store we've done that. Not only has the team raised awareness, but we think we have already raised more than 200,000 dollars. Because of the kindness of those who have donated through our ride, more than 60 villages will receive a well, affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who, without your support, would have gone another year without access to clean water. I speak for the entire team when I say thank you. It has been a humbling experience to receive your kindness in both the meeting of our needs, those being primarily food and shelter, and for meeting the needs of those we have come to love, though we've not even met them. Thanks on behalf of Blood:Water Mission and thanks on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Africa. Arriving in D.C. this afternoon was a fitting close to this journey. I didn't set out on this ride to discover America, but I feel I know and understand the country in a way that had previously been hidden to me. The America we see on television and read about in our newspapers is not the America that we found as we pedaled across at fifteen miles-per-hour. We encountered no crime, little drama, no fear or tension. Instead, in the small towns stitched together by back roads we found a generous kindness. Nearly every member of the team has been handed a twenty-dollar bill as soon as we explained what we were doing. We've been given free meals, we've been prayed for in the isles of grocery stores, we've been given water, free bike maintenance and parts, and we've heard countless stories about others who've done similar trips back "in the day." Small churches of every denomination took remarkable care of us, even though we were often too tired to appropriately express our gratitude. Just last week a church took us to one of their members houses to swim in their pool but within ten minutes of arriving all fifteen of us were asleep on his living room floor. And on the chairs around his pool, in his den and on his trampaline. Needless to say we were terrible conversationalist. Of the hi-lights of the people we met was a woman named Jessica who worked behind the counter at a gas station outside Anson, TX. She gave me twenty bucks out of her pocket when I told her what we were doing, and then later I overheard her tell somebody else that her car had been reposesed that day. And in Tyler, TX, a group of homeless men who lived in a shelter heard we were coming to town and together raised more than $2,000 for those they considered less fortunate. In that same town, a dozen or so churches got together to host an event that drew 3,000 people. Sara Groves came in and performed a concert that night and pulling together the city raised nearly $90,000. I'm happy to report that the heart of America is good. It's better than you might think. In a nation that so easily considers itself divided, we really aren't. I think some of the cynicism that existed within me has been stripped away. I'm proud of my country. But it was
Feeling Nostalgic
Feeling Nostalgic
Endangered African Penguin Boulders Beach, South Africa The main African penguin colony near Simon's Town is at Foxy Beach. The beach there is reserved for penguins – humans are restricted to the boardwalks to keep them under control! Foxy Beach is flanked by two ‘human’ beaches – Seaforth and Boulders. My favorite was Boulders Beach where you can walk on the beach and swim with the penguins. Boulders is beautiful and the tiny rocky bay carpeted in white sand is partially enclosed by granite boulders that are 540 million years old. It's a spot you'll want to spend lots of time on any visit to the Cape. The African Penguin colonizes offshore islands and nests on the mainland only at two places in South Africa. (Betty's Bay & Boulders Beach ). The Boulders Beach area was established as a breeding colony of African Penguins in 1985, with two pairs nesting. By 1992, 158 pairs were breeding here, and the numbers have been increasing steadily since then, at a rate of almost 17% per year. The penguins in this area are unusually tame and are exposed to more threats because of their close proximity to humans. Even though they allow you to approach within feet, they should be given lots of space and respect. One evening I was very upset to see two children running after a few penguins and chasing them into the water. What was worse? The parents were watching and didn't say anything! In September 2010, the African Penguin was listed as endangered under the U.S.A Endangered Species Act. African penguin populations, which breed in Namibia and South Africa, have declined by 95 percent since preindustrial times. Roughly 4 million penguins existed at the beginning of the last century. The total population fell to 200 000 in the year 2000; ten years later, in 2010, the number was estimated to be only at 55000. If this decline is not halted, the African Penguin is expected to be extinct within 15 years. If you're planning on visiting the area, I highly recommend staying at the Boulders Beach Lodge where you'll have penguins right outside your room providing comic relief :-) I was thrilled to open my door each morning and to be greeted by curious penguins and their babies. One evening after dark I was sitting on the ground around the patio area speaking with my husband on skype, when one of the adults decided to come over and investigate. I moved out of the way to give him some space but made the mistake of leaving the computer on the ground. He walked right over, hopped onto the keyboard and began pecking at the image on the screen. My husband was laughing in the background while I was trying to figure out how to get him away without getting bitten and before he cracked the screen or crapped all over the keyboard. That would have been a real mess to clean up! Be prepared before booking your stay that you might not get much sleep. The penguins are loud and will wake you up hours before sunrise. Plus you'll hear them running up and down the courtyard at night, chasing after the parents so they will regurgitate fish for them. Still...who needs sleep anyway? It's an experience you don't want to miss.

carpet cleaning in south bay
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