Bugs That Eat Carpet - Causeway Carpets.

Bugs That Eat Carpet

bugs that eat carpet
    eat carpet
  • Eat Carpet is an Australian television series aired on SBS 1989-2005. Each hour-long episode consists of up to a dozen short films shot by amateur directors or film students from around the world.
  • Conceal a miniature microphone in (a room or telephone) in order to monitor or record someone's conversations
  • Record or monitor (a conversation) in this way
  • (bug) tease: annoy persistently; "The children teased the boy because of his stammer"
  • (bug) general term for any insect or similar creeping or crawling invertebrate
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bugs that eat carpet - EatSmart Precision
EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5" LCD and "Step-On" Technology
EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5" LCD and "Step-On" Technology
The EatSmart Precision Premium Bathroom Scale is the ideal way to track your weight loss quickly and easily. EatSmart's proprietary "step on" technology allows you to simply step onto the scale and in seconds you'll have an accurate readout to the nearest .2 lbs on the EatSmart's oversized 3.5" LCD display. No more "waking up" your scale by tapping or pressing buttons! The LCD display also contains a cool-blue backlight, allowing for easy viewing even in the most low light areas of the bathroom or home. The EatSmart Precision Premium is also not only easy to use but also extremely accurate, engineered to the highest precision standards. The four high-gauge EatSmart precision G sensors ensure that you will get an accurate measurement every time. Additionally the slim, aluminum design fits perfectly into any surroundings and large non-slip platform safely allows weights to 400 lbs. Along with your EatSmart digital scale you also receive our easy instruction guide and 4 AAA batteries. Stop guessing your weight and get serious about your weight loss and fitness goals. Get yours today!

The EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale is the ideal way to track your weight loss. This user-friendly scale features "Step-On" technology to give you quick, easy-to-understand results. Four precision sensors provide an accurate measurement each time you step onto the scale's non-slip platform. Whether you're a personal trainer or just trying to get back in shape, this EatSmart scale is an affordable solution for keeping up with weight management goals.
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Precision Premium
At a Glance
"Step-On" technology allows for instant measurements

Four high-precision sensors provide consistent and accurate results up to 400 lbs.

3.5-inch backlit LCD makes results easy to read

Runs on four AAA batteries

Two-year warranty

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EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

Ultra thin design makes this scale a stylish addition to your bathroom.
EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale
Proprietary EatSmart "Step-On" technology allows you to activate and auto-calibrate the scale instantly. View larger.
EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale
The Precision Premium features a low-profile aluminum-and-plastic platform and a 3.5-inch cool blue LCD screen.
View larger.
Four Precision Sensors Ensure Accuracy
Easy to use and extremely accurate, the EatSmart Precision Premium Scale is engineered to meet the highest accuracy standards. Its four high-gauge Precision G sensors provide accurate measurements up to 400 pounds/180 kilograms. This EatSmart scale is consistently reliable and provides the motivation you need to help keep yourself on track and meet your health goals.
"Step-On" Technology Weighs Instantly
The EatSmart Precision Premium Scale's proprietary "Step-On" technology features easy-to-use activation software that gives you an accurate readout of your weight to the nearest 0.2 pound. To operate, simply step on the scale and see your reading in seconds. With EatSmart "Step-On" technology, there's no need to tap and wait for the scale to calibrate. Just lay your scale on a hard, flat surface and step on. Within seconds, you'll see your weight displayed. Once you're done, the scale activates an auto power-off feature to preserve the battery.
Sleek and Stylish Design
Designed to accent any interior environment, this scale features a wide, lightweight aluminum base accented with a black, non-slip plastic cover for user safety. The EatSmart scale adds a modern look to any bathroom. Its large, 3.5-inch LCD screen is illuminated by a cool blue backlight for easy viewing--even in the most dimly lit areas.
Customer Testimonial
"I looked at a bunch of scales. All I wanted was a scale that was easy to use and accurate. Accuracy was my major criteria. This scale matched my doctor's scale. I weigh weekly and trust it. Plus it's easy to use. Step on it and the numbers appear in large, easy-to-read font. Glad I purchased it!" -- Norma Jean Phillipp (Parma, OH)
"Very stylish. It's very sleek, and I like the blue digital readout. Very accurate. Best on hard floors of course, but lightweight. The numbers are big enough to read without your glasses. Very good value for the price. Very satisfied." -- CincyGreg
The EastSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale is covered by a manufacturer's limited two-year warranty.
What's in the Box
EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale, instruction manual, and four AAA batteries.

EatSmartEatSmart Precision Digital
Precision DigitalEatSmart Precision Premium
Precision PremiumEatSmart Precision Plus
Precision Plus
SummaryEatSmart precision design and accuracy on a budget.Thin profile and sophisticated look.
Four EatSmart high-
precision sensors for
superior accuracy.Wide, non-slip platform and 440-pound capacity lets the whole family safely use
this scale.
PlacementHard, level floorHard, level floorHard, level floor
Measurement UnitsPounds/Kilos/StonesPounds/KilosPounds/Kilos
Max. Weight400 pounds
180 kilograms 400 pounds
180 kilograms440 pounds
200 kilograms
Graduation0.2 pounds0.2 pounds0.2 pounds
Platform Width12 inches
(Tempered glass)12 inches
(Aluminum / Plastic)15 inches
(Tempered glass)
Display Size3.5 inches
(diagonally)3.5 inches
(diagonally)4.3 inches
(Cool Blue)Yes
(Cool Blue)Yes
(Cool Blue)
BatteriesFour "AAA"
(included)Four "AAA"
(included)Two "AAA"
WarrantyTwo yearsTwo yearsTwo years

75% (11)
7-Day Happiness
7-Day Happiness
Monday Morning: Buy yourself a begonia. Workers with live plants in their office are happier on the job than their more nature-deprived counterparts, reports Texas A&M University. Midmorning treat: Hug someone. A simple embrace can trigger a rush of endorphins, a natural stress and pain reliever. Midday: Book a vacation, or just Google beautiful places you'd like to travel to. Japanese researchers found that simply imagining a calming scene can lower your levels of stress hormones. Afternoon treat: Pet a dog -- it may bring down your blood pressure, according to a University of South Carolina study. Evening: Clean out your purse. Tidying up at the end of the day helps you psychologically de-clutter, says Debbie Mandel, author of Addicted to Stress. De-Stress Homework: Write down three things that make you feel calm. Tuesday Morning: Turn your shower into an invigorating aromatherapy session with lavender, vanilla, or chamomile soap. Midmorning treat: Laugh out loud: It increases endorphins and cuts stress. Midday: Try a yoga class. Practicing downward dog can lower your heart rate. Afternoon treat: Write down five things you're grateful for. Keeping a gratitude journal for a month will boost your mood. Evening: Escape into a good book. It doesn't have to be a classic. That new chick lit title everyone's reading totally counts. De-Stress Homework: Write down an inspirational quote, verse, or lyric. Read it when you wake up. Wednesday Morning: Do a crossword puzzle. Incorporating fun rituals throughout your day gives you something to look forward to. Midmorning treat: E-mail an old pal. Researchers found that reaching out to a friend may decrease anxiety and amp up self-esteem. Midday: Take your lunch break outside. Catching some rays helps increase levels of the "happy hormone" serotonin. Afternoon treat: Watch a tearjerker. (The Notebook works for us every time.) A good cry can get rid of stress hormones. Evening: Get some shut-eye. Missing out on a good night's rest (about eight hours) makes you feel uptight and may lead to binge eating. De-Stress Homework: Write down three ways that you can streamline your morning routine. Thursday Morning: Walk in the park. "Immersing yourself in nature is one of the best antidotes to burnout," says Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods. Midmorning treat: Smile! Midday: Sit up straight, too. Research suggests that you can alter your mood just by changing your facial expression and posture. Afternoon treat: Let a call go to voice mail. Finding ways to pause helps keep you centered. Evening: Have sex. Do we need to explain why? De-Stress Homework: Write about something that's bugging you. Don't mince words. Use extra paper if you need to. Then tear it up. Friday Morning: Wake up 20 minutes early and journal or garden. A little me time is a great de-stressor, says psychologist Belinda Borrelli, PhD, associate professor at Brown University's Alpert Medical School. Midmorning treat: Chew gum. Australian researchers found that chewing a piece may decrease your stress levels and even make you more alert. But choose sugarless! Midday: Go barefoot. While you're eating your sandwich, connect with the carpet (or grass or sand in warm weather). This stimulates and soothes your body, says Kathleen Hall, founder and CEO of the Stress Institute. Afternoon treat: Try a computer game. Playing certain games for five minutes may lower your heart rate and slow breathing, reports the United Kingdom's Stress Management Society. Evening: Stretch. Ease some of the tension you've stored in your neck, shoulders, and back and regain some flexibility in your mind and body. De-Stress Homework: Review your never-ending to-do list. Jot down three tasks that can wait. Saturday Morning: Stir your coffee backward. Open doors with your nondominant hand. Shop at an unfamiliar supermarket. Small changes to your routine keep you focused on the moment and direct your attention away from your worries, says Debbie Mandel. Midmorning treat: Exercise. Getting your heart pumping works wonders on your mood. Midday: Catch up with a friend over lunch. Research supports the notion that getting together regularly with your girlfriends may help you live longer and be happier. Afternoon treat: Let it out: Scream! (Do it in the car, so you don't scare anyone.) Evening: Try a total electronic fast. Turn off your cell phone. Unplug your TV. Shut down your computer. For 24 hours. De-Stress Homework: List three things that you really like about yourself. Sunday Morning: Do a little deep breathing. Midmorning treat: Turn everyday events into mini-meditations. Focus all your senses on one action (like peeling an orange) or on an object (like a flower). Midday: Blast some Motown and dance! You get more than just the cardio benefits: Dance is emotionally therapeutic, says Robyn Cruz, PhD, president of the American Dance Therapy Association. Afterno
River's Plan for World Peas (Part 2)
River's Plan for World Peas (Part 2)
Aranea Cullen: Fed up, his hands begin to rip off his armor, and his weapons tossing them to the side away from him. With his strength they clatter against the wall of the church off to the far side, well out of his reach. "Boy Do not make me beg.... " He says to Conor's back. "I am not a threat to thee. Tell me what I must do." another piece of armour goes flying as Randulf takes off his scary garbment. Trying to show the boy though the boy was running away that he was disarming.... Penumbra is seen from beneath the cloak as it falls from his shoulders. It is the only weapon he places down with reverance and slides it to Luk... .knowing the man would treat it well and the boy might not have qualms with it not being flung against the wall. "What... What must I do boy to gain forgiveness?" His voice holding a sadness so deep it seems as if carved from the lowest point of the ocean. Conor Nitely looks over at Chan scowling. "Run 'cause you live to fight another day. Learned /that/ in my soldier training." Eyes shoot to Luk. Oh, he'll apologize alright, anything to make Rand go away. But he sure as hell isn't going to mean it. "SORRY AND I GOTTA GO NOW 'CAUSE TOO MANY PEOPLE HERE ALL SAYING MY NAME. YOU CAN STOP FOLLOWING ME NOW TOO MISTER PIPER. IF /YOU/ REALLY MEAN IT." He flinches as armor comes flying off the man, moving away steadily now. There's a look of hurt on his face, basically aimed at all the adults in the room. The handshake goes unreturned, just a brief nod as he turns. Not even a blush for Guin as he takes off, bolting for the door. River Grau sighs and wonders if this is going well. He looked over at Chan, wondering if she was going to be a scary cat like all the other kids besides him. He looked over as he heard the sound of the armour hitting the floor and stood in front of Randulf on his tiptoes again. Incase someone was mean enough to try and hurt him with his armour and weapons gone. Jaina Lefevre hears the armor crash and stares at the man throwing things. She jumps back as the weapon slides towards Luk and goes running herself. No words...just how fast can I get the hell out of here writ clear on her face. Lukash Hallard takes the weapon with arched brows...seeing the armor scattered all over the temple "damn kid, he jus' made the man strip" Channel Liberty shouts after conor as he runs away, "YOU DON'T NEVER FIGHT! ALL YOU DO IS RUN 'WAY!! IF YOU KEEP RUNNIN', TH' MONSTERS **WILL** GET YOU!!" Bianca Bender blinks....strip tease...better then ankle biters being taught religion anyday. Fern Sabre looks at the man near her and jumps out of the way of the tossed armor. She didnt say anything but gave Luk a funny look. Lukash Hallard shrugged at the whole scene, giving Fern a look...he wasn't expecting Rand to do that at all Darkness Odigaunt felt too too dizzy again. All the yelling and emotion wasn't helping. She rushed for the cloister, only to collapse on the couch inside. Guinevere Fouroux flinches at the sound of metal crashing against stone, and she stops long enough to turn back and make sure weapons weren't being drawn. It's then she spots the project Conor left behind, and she doubles back long enough to grab it--she doesn't look at it closely, just clutches it close and scoots out the back door. Aranea Cullen: He doesn't remove the mask, but anyone who knew of Janus, the man he was in a previous incarnation, would note the tell tail grey streek of hair down the center of his head. The black and greying canine-like ears.... The black and grey canine-like tail.... and the sword... No one had that sword but Janus. When the boy connor yells at him, and does not give him forgiveness even when he is on his knees begging the child.... A perpetual David slewing goliath. The massive giant of a hybrid is bowed on the floor of the church in earnest, seeking redemption. The boy had done what all of his enemies could not.... bring the man to his knees. Channel Liberty sighs huffily, glaring at the crowd in the sanctuary for reasons she doesn't comprehend, and takes a step down into the lower half. she raises a hand, wagging a finger at the lot of them, scoldingly , "You all should be 'shameted a yerseffs fer bickerin' in God's house! Ya'll need a siddown an' pray t' get fergivened an' 'polergize t' Jesus fer fightin' in here!" Lukash Hallard's brows would quirk, amazed at the scene...Randulph's sword held in his hand while the man kneeled "damn..." he whispers out, at a loss for words River Grau frowned at Chan, "Nobody is fightin', Chan. Mister Randulf is just tryin' to appologize.. But Conor's just runnin' 'way 'cause he's a scardy cat." Turning around, he looks at Randulf. "Sorry stuff here ain't turn out all nice. If Conor's just gonna be mean, maybe you dun' want him as a friend. " Fern Sabre sighs at the broken Randulph, perhaps whatever the unforgiveab

bugs that eat carpet
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