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lee valley garden tools lee valley garden tools - Compost Aerator
Compost Aerator - Compost Turner
Compost Aerator - Compost Turner
One key element to successful composting is keeping the bin or pile aerated, and this compost aerator is one of the easiest ways to make sure your compost bin or compost pile is getting the right amount of air circulating through it at all times. This compost turning tool from Tumbleweed has a non-slip grip that is contoured to fit your hand and makes it easy to use and dig deep down in the compost pile. There is a hole through the end of the grip that allows you to hang the aerator tool on a wall or hook for easy storage. This compost turning tool is easy to use: 1. Push compost aerator into compost 2. Rotate half turn and lift 3. Repeat 10-15 times or as needed

Premium Ceylon & Mures sauvages
Premium Ceylon & Mures sauvages
Photo d'un dessin a l'aquarelle. Premium Ceylon orange Pekoe de Lee Valley Tools Ltd. et Mures Sauvages de la La CourTisane. --- So you ask : how come a tool company sells tea ? Lee Valley Tools, which sells mainly tools and gardening stuff, sells a number of other things for one to indulge. Look them up.
We planted four tomato plants into large Lee Valley Tools planters shortly after Mother's Day, and set them out on the south side of the house, under the eaves. They seem to be flourishing with the heat and shelter from the rain, and have just started flowering.
lee valley garden tools
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