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John Thomson Award

In 1968 "Dean of North American Lichenology", Dr. John Walter Thomson (1913-2009), founded the Botanical Club of Wisconsin as an affiliate of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. Read the Wisconsin Flora's complete memoriam devoted to Dr. Thomson by clicking here.
Dr. Thomson was professor of botany at the UW Madison for four decades. He served as former president of the American Bryological Society and of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters, and served on the board of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Nature Conservancy.
In 1992 Dr. Thomson was awarded the Acharius Medal by the International Association of Lichenology in recognition of outstanding contributions to lichenology. Author of five books, including two volumes on American Arctic Lichens and Lichens of the Alaskan Slope, Dr. Thomson published dozens of scientific and technical papers.

To honor the memory of Dr. Thomson, the John Thomson Research Award was established to encourage student research on Wisconsin's non-cultivated plants. The annual award is presented to a deserving undergraduate and graduate student from a Wisconsin college or university each year.Selections for the John Thomson Research Award is by the Botanical Club of Wisconsin Board. Award funds are administered by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin.

Research award candidates are encouraged to download the John Thomson Research Award application in PDF for information about how to apply. 

Purpose:  To encourage student research on Wisconsin’s non-cultivated plants

Amount:  $1000 per student

Eligibility:    Any graduate and undergraduate student enrolled in a Wisconsin college or university

Click here to open John Thomson Research Award application