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    Zuckerberg showcases Facebook's partnership with Philippine mobile operator ... " is a partnership, it's an industry coalition working ...

Oil-rich Brazil aims high with wind-power targets
Rio De Janeiro (UPI) Feb 20, 2013 - Oil-rich Brazil will likely have more wind power capacity than all its Latin American neighbors within less than 10 years, analysts say. Brazil already imports electricity from a dam operated jointly with landlocked neighbor Paraguay and has set out plans for alternative conventional renewable energy sources. A series of major offshore oil discoveries have set Brazil on course for risin ...more

Virginia Tech scientist proposes revolutionary naming system for all life on Earth
Blacksburg VA (SPX) Feb 28, 2014 - A Virginia Tech researcher has developed a new way to classify and name organisms based on their genome sequence and in doing so created a universal language that scientists can use to communicate with unprecedented specificity about all life on Earth. In a paper published in the journal PLoS ONE, Boris Vinatzer proposes moving beyond the current biological naming system to one based on th ... more

The NiTrac sensor developed by Cheng Hsun Ho and Wolf Frommer of the Carnegie Institution for Science will enable non-invasive real-time monitoring of nitrogen acquisition in action in plant roots, providing a new tool set that can be used to improve nitrogen efficiency. The novel sensor technology is widely applicable and useful also for cancer and neurobiology. Image courtesy Cheng Hsun Ho and Wolf Frommer.



In most mammals, neurons are added throughout life in the hippocampus and olfactory bulb. One area where neuroblasts that give rise to adult-born neurons are generated is the lateral ventricle wall of the brain. We show, using histological and carbon-14 dating approaches, that in adult humans new neurons integrate in the striatum, which is adjacent to this neurogenic niche. The neuronal turnover in the striatum appears restricted to interneurons, and postnatally generated striatal neurons are preferentially depleted in patients with Huntington’s disease. Our findings demonstrate a unique pattern of neurogenesis in the adult human brain.

Graphical Abstract

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Peepoople AB: Private Company Information - BusinessWeek
Peepoople AB was founded in 2006 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Alsnögatan 3. Stockholm, 11641. Sweden. Founded in 2006. Phone: 46 8 55 60 09 30 ...

PeePoo bags render sacks of shit safe for shantytowns - Boing Boing - Traduzir esta página
16 Sep 2011 – The Peepoo is in the form of a slim elongated bag measuring 14 x 38 centimeters. Within the bag there is a thin gauze layer measuring 26 x 24 ...

Cinco necessidades básicas para o TOKA TREKKO .
Estufa de mudas.

1. Sementes

2. Terra

3. Água absorvida pelo ar

4. Sol

5. Adubo;  
 Urina de uma pessoa média é de cerca de 1,5 litros por dia e a urina contém cerca de 7 gramas de nitrogênio, 0,6 g de fósforo, e 1,6 gramas de potássio por litro. Necessidades nutricionais para nossos vegetais comuns, árvores e arbustos corresponde a 0,5-2,5 litros de urina por metro quadrado por ano.  

Five basic needs for TOKA TREKKO
Greenhouse seedlings.

1. Seeds

2. Soil

3. Water absorbed by the air

4. Sun

5. Fertilizer; An a
verage person urinates about 1.5 liters per day and the urine contains about 7 grams of nitrogen, 0.6 g of phosphorus, and 1.6 grams of potassium per liter. Nutritional needs for our common vegetables, trees and shrubs match 0.5 to 2.5 liters of urine per square meter per year.
Sensa Bues AB offers technology to sample use of illicit drugs from the breath air. This technology has been developed by professor Olof Beck at Karolinska Sweden.,

  1. Minesto AB: Private Company Information - BusinessWeek
    Minesto AB company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest... Minesto was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  2. Minesto - Tidal Energy Solutions | Overview
    Minesto develops a new concept for tidal power plants called Deep Green. Deep Green is based on a fundamentally new principle for electricity generation from ...
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    Home page for Seabased AB. Bringing Wave Energy to the World!

Cientistas suecos criam pipa que gera energia elétrica debaixo d’água

Arc spectrum

The data sheds light on how electrons move in chloroplasts

Argentine ants are one of the new invasive species scientists are worried about

GFRP - Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer - Stromberg GFRP is ...

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GFRP - Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer. History:. First developed in the mid 1930's, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) has become a staple in the ... - 8k -Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes


Industrial Bridge Engineering

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Formato do arquivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
CHALMERS, Civil and Environmental Engineering. 37. 4.3.2 Outline of the bridge concept. The superstructure of the i-bridge concept consists of v-shaped GFRP ... - Páginas Semelhantes

Utilizando materiais de construção de última geração, métodos de produção industrial e um processo de construção eficiente, é possível construir uma ponte em apenas duas semanas. Foi o que demonstrou o pesquisador Peter Harryson, da Universidade de Chalmers, na Suécia.

Dr. Gilnei Fróes Autor de “Dossiê da Amazônia”
 “Instituto Bering Fróes Eco Global” 
Projeto “SOS” Planeta Terra (Comitê Europa) ... - 58k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes



O projeto manejo sustentável da candeia conta com o suporte financeiro do Ministério do Meio Ambiente, do Instituto Brasileiro dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis (IBAMA), do Instituto Estadual de Florestas – MG e do CNPq – PADCT – CIAMB.

Este projeto é desenvolvido pelo Departamento de Ciências Florestais da Universidade Federal de Lavras – UFLA – e pela Fundação de Apoio ao Ensino e Extensão – FAEPE.

  • World Bioenergy
    Energy planting for the layman 

    Energy plantations are an increasingly popular source of biomass, but new crops require new technology, like specially developed planting machines. So how exactly do they work?

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  • World Bioenergy
    India and Uganda collaborate on biomass technology 

    Sub-Saharan African has the greatest bioenergy potential of any world region but at present this potential is vastly under-utilised. At World Bioenergy in Jönköping, Sweden the Stockholm Environment Institute organised a forum on biofuels for development in Africa. One of the speakers was Sunil Dhingra, Fellow at the Energy Resources Institute (TERI) in Delhi, India. He is the project leader of a programme of biomass energy pilot activities in Uganda.

  • Annual Arctic Report Card Shows Stronger Effects of Warming

    October 16, 2008

    Temperature increases, a near-record loss of summer sea ice, and a melting of surface ice in Greenland are among some of the evidence of continued warming in the Arctic, according to an annual review of conditions in the Arctic issued today by NOAA and its university, agency, and international partners.

    “Changes in the Arctic show a domino effect from multiple causes more clearly than in other regions,” said James Overland, an oceanographer at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle and a lead author of the report. “It’s a sensitive system and often reflects changes in relatively fast and dramatic ways.”

    One example of these changes in arctic climate is the autumn air temperatures which are at a record 5 degrees C (9 degrees F) above normal, because of the major loss of sea ice in recent years. The loss of sea ice allows more solar heating of the ocean. That warming of the air and ocean affects land and marine life, and reduces the amount of winter sea ice that lasts into the following summer. The year 2007 was the warmest on record for the Arctic, continuing a general Arctic-wide warming trend that began in the mid-1960s.

     Multilateralism Beyond Doha

    puzzle mapThe World Trade Organization’s collapsed Doha Round focused on issues of limited significance while the burning issues of the day were not even on the agenda. In this new working paper, CGD senior fellow Arvind Subramanian and co-author Aaditya Mattoo argue for a wider agenda for multilateral cooperation that includes such issues as food, energy, economic security, and the prevention and resolution of future financial crises.


    + Miscanthus Can Meet US Biofuels Goal
    Champaign IL (SPX) Aug 08, 2008 - In the largest field trial of its kind in the United States, researchers have determined that the giant perennial grass Miscanthus x giganteus outperforms current biofuels sources - by a lot. Using Miscanthus as a feedstock for ethanol production in the U.S. could significantly reduce the acreage dedicated to biofuels while meeting government biofuels production goals, the researchers ... more

    + Researchers describe hydrogen storage
    Uppsala, Sweden (UPI) Jun 24, 2008 - A Swedish-led international research team has described for the first time how hydrogen atoms are stored and released by compounds containing magnesium. The researchers said they expect their findings will aid scientists in building hydrogen fuel cells having sufficient power to compete effectively with internal combustion engines. Professor Rajeev Ahuja of Uppsala University led ... more


    Freshwater Runoff From The Greenland Ice Sheet Will More Than Double By The End Of The Century
    Fairbanks AK (SPX) Jun 17, 2008 - The Greenland Ice Sheet is melting faster than previously calculated according to a scientific paper by University of Alaska Fairbanks researcher Sebastian H. Mernild published recently in the journal "Hydrological Processes." The study is based on the results of state-of-the-art modeling using data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as satellite images and observation ... more


    + A Promising Step Towards More Effective Hydrogen Storage

    Uppsala, Sweden (SPX) Jun 17, 2008 - An international research team led by Swedish Professor Rajeev Ahuja, Uppsala University, has demonstrated an atomistic mechanism of hydrogen release in magnesium nanoparticles - a potential hydrogen storage material. The findings have been published in the online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). It is becoming clear that cars of the future will have to ... more


    + If A Tree Falls In The Forest And No One Hears It Does The Climate Change
    Washington DC (SPX) Jun 17, 2008 - There are roughly 42 million square kilometers of forest on Earth, a swath that covers almost a third of the land surface, and those wooded environments play a key role in both mitigating and enhancing global warming. In a review paper appearing in this week's Forest Ecology special issue of Science, atmospheric scientist Gordon Bonan of the National Science Foundation's National Center ... more


    Welcome to our shrinking jungle [22214]

    A political storm over environmental policy in Brazil has coincided with a rise in deforestation (
    June 09, 2008


    Bee Species Outnumber Mammals And Birds Combined
    Washington DC (SPX) Jun 13, 2008 - Scientists have discovered that there are more bee species than previously thought. In the first global accounting of bee species in over a hundred years, John S. Ascher, a research scientist in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History, compiled online species pages and distribution maps for more than 19,200 described bee species, showcasing the diversity of ... more


    + Hot climate or cold, tree leaves stay in comfort zone: study
    Paris (AFP) June 11, 2008 - The internal temperature of leaves, whether in the tropics or a cold-clime forest, tends toward a nearly constant 21.4 degrees Celsius (71 degree Fahrenheit), reports a study released Wednesday. It had long been assumed that actively photosynthesising leaves -- using energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar -- are nearly as cold or hot as the air around them. ... more


    + Swedish tycoon defends interest in Amazon
    Sao Paulo (AFP) June 11, 2008 - Johan Eliasch, a London-based Swedish tycoon who is in legal hot water with Brazil over logging on land he owns in the Amazon forest, on Wednesday defended his environmental credentials in a statement published by the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper. In the article, Eliasch, the 46-year-old boss of the Head sports company and an environmental advisor to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, did ... more


     Analysis: Brazil's leader defends ethanol


     E. coli

                                                          E. coli is a leading cause of food poisoning








    Swedish tycoon's firm fined 275 mln dlrs for logging in Amazon




    + Brazilian president rages at 'meddlers' criticizing Amazon policies
     Brasilia (AFP) June 5, 2008 - Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva came out angrily Thursday against foreign "meddlers" questioning his government's environmental protection policies for the Amazon rainforest. "There are meddlers who have no political authority, who emit carbon dioxide like nobody else, who destroy everything they have, and who put forth opinions about what we should do," Lula said in a speech m ... more


    A $10 Mosquito Net Is Making Charity Cool 

    A $10 Mosquito Net Is Making Charity Cool


    Buying nets to save African children from malaria is a movement that clearly resonates with young people.
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    Uncontacted indigenous tribe found in Brazil - The Something Awful ...

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    Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil The photos are being used to prove the tribe's existence.ImageGleison MirandaFunai ...

    BBC NEWS | Americas | Isolated tribe spotted in Brazil

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    30 May 2008 ... The photos are being used to prove the tribe's existenceImage:Gleison MirandaFunai. Enlarge Image. One of South America's few remaining ... - Em cache - Similares

    + Protected forests in Brazil could cut billion tonnes of CO2: study
    Bonn, Germany (AFP) May 28, 2008 - An ambitious plan to put more than 10 percent of Brazil's Amazon forest beyond the grasp of loggers and agribusiness could slash carbon emissions by 1.1 billion tonnes by mid-century, according to a study released Wednesday. Deforestation in the tropics accounts for 20 percent of global emissions of CO2, making it the second largest driver of global warming after the burning of fossil fuels. ... more

    + Brazil's new environment minister to tackle fears over Amazon
    Brasilia (AFP) May 27, 2008 - Brazil's new environment minister, Carlos Minc, took up his functions Tuesday in a government increasingly split over how to balance preservation and development in the Amazon rainforest. Minc, the 56-year-old former environment secretary for the state of Rio de Janeiro, replaces a greatly respected minister, Marina Silva, who unexpectedly stepped down early this month after losing a series ... more


    The Amazon for sale for 50 bln dollars? Not in Brazil's book
    Rio De Janeiro (AFP) May 26, 2008
    A Swedish-born tycoon who acts as a special deforestation advisor to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has stirred up controversy in Brazil for reportedly claiming all the Amazon could be bought for 50 billion dollars.


















  • Brazil looks to develop Amazon as deforestation alarm rings




    + Lab breakthrough seen in lethal dengue fever
    Paris (AFP) May 21, 2008 - Scientists in Taiwan believe they can explain how a form of dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease that is triggering widening concern, reaps its deadly toll. Dengue is caused by four types of virus. Infection with any one of these viruses causes a mild fever and lifelong immunity to that strain. But a secondary infection by a different strain boosts the risk of dengue haemorrhagic fever ... more


    For instance, with broadband Internet, rural hospitals could improve patient care by forging networks with urban hospitals to access their expertise and resources. Rural hospitals also could develop interactive processes such as online appointment scheduling, remote patient monitoring through biosignals and image data and videoconferencing between patients and doctors.


    This inch-long beetle from Brazil accomplished a task that so far has stymied human researchers. University of Utah chemists determined the beetle glows iridescent green because it evolved a crystal structure in its scales that is like the crystal structure of diamonds. Such a structure is considered an ideal architecture for "photonic crystals" that will be needed to manipulate visible light in ultrafast optical computers of the future. Credit: Jeremy Galusha, University of Utah



    + Greenpeace calls for deforestation fund
    Bonn (AFP) May 20, 2008 - Greenpeace urged industrialised nations Tuesday to set up an international fund to fight deforestation but warned it would require at least 30 billion dollars a year to work. The plan would see rich nations give poorer ones money to preserve their natural forests instead of felling trees to create farmland, Greenpeace's Roman Czebiniac told an 11-day UN conference on biodiversity in Bonn. ... more


    + Greenpeace calls for deforestation fund
    Bonn (AFP) May 20, 2008 - Greenpeace urged industrialised nations Tuesday to set up an international fund to fight deforestation but warned it would require at least 30 billion dollars a year to work. The plan would see rich nations give poorer ones money to preserve their natural forests instead of felling trees to create farmland, Greenpeace's Roman Czebiniac told an 11-day UN conference on biodiversity in Bonn. ... more

    The Clean Energy Scam

    Thursday, Mar. 27, 2008 By MICHAEL GRUNWALD


     A tiny sliver of transitional rain forest is surrounded by hectares of soybean fields in the Mato Grosso state, Brazil.

    John Lee / Aurora Select for TIME


    There is currently enough glycerin produced in the U.S. alone for Gly-Clene to produce 27,000 megawatts of electricity per day or over 8 billion megawatts per year without even adding steam turbines to take advantage of the excess heat produced by the turbines.


    High food and commodity prices are increasing the pressure on the Amazon



     The examination of protein complexes was made possible by a unique technology developed by Prof. Michnick with his post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. The novel technology allows interactions between proteins to be studied in their nearly natural state in the cell.


    The carbon cycle is one of the most important biogeochemical cycles on Earth. In any given year, tens of billions of tons of carbon move between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. The illustration above shows total amounts of stored carbon in black, and annual carbon fluxes in purple. Credit: NASA/NASA Earth Science Enterprise 



    A complete biodiesel production facility neatly housed in a single 20-foot cargo container


    With its breakthrough membrane technology, E-Fuel has made an industrial process possible on a much smaller scale, and without dangerous combustion processes. Additionally, the MicroFueler has achieved an 80% power improvement over commercial ethanol manufacturers, thus raising the bar of the renewable fuel standard for carbon reduction.



     Desert locusts usually feed on vegetation, but individual locusts have been observed to feed on other live locusts or cadavers.





    Genoma explica 'estranheza' do ornitorrinco


    Esteróide encontrado na verdura faz massa muscular crescer mais rápido.





    Plano Amazônia Sustentável



    Brazil launches sustainable development plan for Amazon


    The sun goes through roughly an 11-year cycle of activity, from stormy to quiet and back again. Solar activity often occurs near sunspots, dark regions on the sun caused by concentrated magnetic fields. The solar irradiance measurement is much higher during solar maximum, when sunspot cycle and solar activity is high, versus solar minimum, when the sun is quiet and there are usually no sunspots.


    As cold as ever, but ... "The research clearly shows that you can actually slow down sea-level rise when you increase temperatures over Antarctica because snowfall increases, but warmer temperatures also have the potential to speed up sea-level rise due to enhanced melting along the edges of Antarctica," says Monaghan, who did some of his research at Ohio State University before going to NCAR.


    MIT students work on a new kind of solar generator that employs low-cost materials. Here they mount the frame of the concentrator (which will be mounted with mirrors) on the base near Tang Hall on Memorial Drive.


    Honeybees are important pollinators of crops, fruit and wild flowers. Therefore, they are indispensable for a sustainable and profitable agriculture but also for the maintenance of the non-agricultural ecosystem. Honeybees are attacked by numerous pathogens including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.



    Trichoderma reesei.


     Upon excitation with light, an electron moves from one end of the molecule to the other. The time it takes for this electron to return to its initial position is sensitive to the magnitude and direction of magnetic fields similar to those of the Earth. Birds may use a similar phenomenon to navigate. Credit: Graphic by Devens Gust, Arizona State University



    These images taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope show nine compact, ultradense galaxies as they appeared 11 billion years ago. The galaxies are only 5,000 light-years across and yet are 200 billion times more massive than the Sun. They are a fraction of the size of today's grownup galaxies but contain the same number of stars. Each galaxy could fit inside the central hub of our Milky Way Galaxy. Hubble's Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer snapped these images between June 2006 and June 2007. Credit: NASA, ESA, P. van Dokkum (Yale University), M. Franx (Leiden University, The Netherlands), and G. Illingworth (University of California, Santa Cruz, and Lick Observatory)


    A bright, powerful, lightning-producing storm churns and coasts along the lane of Saturn's southern hemisphere nicknamed "Storm Alley" by scientists. Cassini detected this particular tempest after nearly two years during which Saturn did not appear to produce any large electrical storms of this kind. The storm appears as a bright, irregular splotch on the planet near lower right. Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute


    The compensation scheme has been incredibly successful


    Polar Mission scientists dubbed the mission's final image, taken April 16, 2008, "The Broken Heart" because of its shape. Credit: NASA/


    The finding of auroral polarization "opens a new field in planetology," says Lilensten.


    The scientists found that as ozone levels recover, the lower stratosphere over the polar region will absorb more harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This could cause air temperatures roughly 6 to 12 miles above Earth's surface to rise by as much as 16 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing the strong north-south temperature gradient that currently favors the positive phase of SAM, said the research team


    The Polarstern.



    Geometrical music theory represents a culminating moment in the longstanding marriage of music and math. That marriage began when Pythagoras described pleasing musical intervals with simple mathematical ratios more than 2,600 years ago and further evolved during the Middle Ages when deep thinkers used those same ratios to model the "music of the spheres" -- what many at that time believed to be the literally harmonious movements of the sun, moon and planets.



    To see the Full Earth-rise Movie taken by HDTV please go here



    An Atlantic cod. Nearly 4,600 species of the more than 29,000 known fish species have been barcoded to date. (Credit: NOAA)


    An earlier summer balloon launch from Esrange Space Center. Photo: Esrange Space Center.


    One 60-watt incandescent bulb may use up to 6,000 gallons of water a year. Virginia Tech Photo



     KIZUNA is equipped with two multi-beam antennas, one for Japan and neighboring countries and another for the Asia-Pacific region. The former covers Japan (nine areas total), Seoul, Beijing, and Shanghai. The latter covers seven cities in the Asia-Pacific region.


    The Clean Fuels Report cuts through the confusion by focusing on the data.



    A fullerene. 


    With Guns and Fines, Brazil Takes On Loggers
    A crackdown is intended to send a message that the government is serious about protecting the rain forest.

    Lalo de Almeida for The New York Times

    Agents have caught loggers in Alta Floresta, in central Brazil.


     Our entire planet is enveloped in a bubble of magnetism, which springs from a molten dynamo in Earth's core. Out in space, the solar wind presses against this bubble and stretches it, creating a long "magnetotail" in the downwind direction



    Hang ten: ocean wave energy conversion uses buoys and an anchoring and electrical connection system to power about 150 homes in northwest Washington state



    A large fracture is visible in a lake bed on the Greenland Ice Sheet after it drained the lake's entire liquid contents. Credit: Joughin/UW Polar Science Center


    "Our main finding is that brain size is a far better predictor of the duration of immaturity than body size, at least among primates," said van Schaik.


    Just as apples and oranges are different but all represent the quality of fruitiness, so biochemical oxygen demand and chemical concentrations, for instance, may represent a particular aspect of water quality and so can be combined through fuzzy analysis.



     The equipment employs a chemical process known as a Sabatier reaction. The process is named for French Nobel laureate and chemist Paul Sabatier, who discovered that hydrogen and carbon dioxide produce methane and water at elevated temperatures and pressures.


    Growing plants in space will be far from easy


    + World's Oldest Living Tree Discovered In Sweden

    Dalarna, Sweden (SPX) Apr 18, 2008 - The world's oldest recorded tree is a 9,550 year old spruce in the Dalarna province of Sweden. The spruce tree has shown to be a tenacious survivor that has endured by growing between erect trees and smaller bushes in pace with the dramatic climate changes over time. For many years the spruce tree has been regarded as a relative newcomer in the Swedish mountain region. "Our results have ... more



     Oldest Living Tree Found in Sweden (Skog)

    The world's oldest known living tree, a conifer that first took root at the end of the last Ice Age, has been discovered in Sweden, researchers say (National Geographic).



     Capitalizing on its large crude oil reserves, which is second only to Venezuela in South America, Brazil has increased its offshore oil extraction efforts. Well-developed infrastructure, an ongoing deregulation process, market reforms, and privatization process have created a positive environment for energy investment in Brazil.


    This Chandra image shows our Galaxy's center. The location of the black hole, known as Sagittarius A*, or Sgr A* for short, is arrowed. Credit: NASA/CXC/MIT/Frederick K. Baganoff et al.


     A cluster brimming with millions of stars glistens like an iridescent opal in this image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Called Omega Centauri, the sparkling orb of stars is like a miniature galaxy. It is the biggest and brightest of the 150 or so similar objects, called globular clusters, that orbit around the outside of our Milky Way galaxy. Stargazers at southern latitudes can spot the stellar gem with the naked eye in the constellation Centaurus. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ NOAO/AURA/NSF



     Huber's method is for making biofuels from cellulose, the non-edible portion of plant biomass and a major component of grasses and wood. At $10 to $30 per barrel of oil energy equivalent, cellulosic biomass is significantly cheaper than crude oil. The U.S. could potentially produce 1.3 billion dry tons of cellulosic biomass per year, which has the energy content of four billion barrels of crude oil.


    In repeated invasions of a new territory, the honey bee, Apis mellifera, can benefit from the genetic endowment of its predecessors. Credit: Amro Zayed, University of Illinois.


    "It quickly became apparent that air pollution destroys the aroma of flowers, by as much as 90 percent from periods before automobiles and heavy industry," Fuentes said. "And the more air pollution there is in a region, the greater the destruction of the flower scents."


    Applying raw organic materials to soil only provides a temporary solution, since the applied organic matter decomposes quickly. Converting this unutilized raw material into biochar, a non-toxic and stable fertilizer, could keep carbon in the soil and out of the atmosphere


    One of the most surprising results from the study is the evidence showing the adjacent plateaus around the Grand Canyon may have eroded away as swiftly as the Grand Canyon itself, each dropping a mile or more, said Flowers. Small streams on the plateaus appear to have been just as effective at stripping away rock as the ancient Colorado River was at carving the massive canyon.


    An estimated 80 percent of the animals on Madagascar do not occur naturally anywhere else on Earth. Half of the world's chameleons and all species of lemurs are endemic to this island. They are joined by whole families of plants, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs that are found only in Madagascar.


     How long ago did the earliest comb jelly diverge? "Unfortunately, we don't have fossils of the oldest comb jelly," laments Dunn. "Therefore, there is no way to date the earliest jelly and determine when it diverged."



     A close-up of a single ball, taken with a scanning electron microscope. The 300-nanometer sphere is large enough to scatter light. But its insides are made of tiny grains just 15 nanometers across. University of Washington.






      Carbon nanotubes have been hailed as a new "wonder material" whose remarkable strength, durability, and ability to conduct electricity and heat can be exploited for a wide variety of industrial uses (Illustration by E. Paul Oberlander, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.)


    The astro-comb can make measurements accurate to one part in a trillion. This may increase the resolution of the wobble planet-hunting technique by about 100 times, which would allow astronomers to detect Earth-sized planets.



    Fluorescence micrographs of cyanobacteria. It has been thought that roughly 2 billion years ago, oxygen-producing cyanobacteria were responsible for launching the process that increased the concentration of atmospheric oxygen on Earth. Credit: Mary Sarcina University College London


    + Carbon credits could help save Amazon, blunt warming: study

    Paris (AFP) April 7, 2008 - Global carbon markets could generate billions of dollars each year for developing countries that tackle tropical deforestation, a major source of global warming, according to a new study. Reducing the rate at which Amazonian rain forests are disappearing by only 10 percent, for example, would yield 1.5 to 9.1 billion euros (2.2 to 13.5 billion dollars), depending on world carbon emission ... more





    MOF-74 resembles a series of tightly packed straws comprised mostly of carbon atoms (white balls) with columns of zinc ions (blue balls) running down the walls. Heavy hydrogen molecules (green balls) adsorbed in MOF-74 pack into the tubes more densely than they would in solid form. NIST







    O valor do excreta humano

    Os excretos humanos são constituídos por dois componentes básicos: a urina e as fezes. Cada um deles tem propriedades muito diferentes, são produzidos em quantidades diferentes, e requerem cuidados e processamento diferentes. Os estudos publicados indicam que um ser humano adulto produz mais de 1 litro de urina e pouco menos de 200 g de fezes (incluindo sua umidade) por dia (Del Porto & Steinfeld, 1997), variando um pouco com o tipo de dieta, idade, atividade, localização, e condições de saúde.
    A urina contém aproximadamente 80% do total de nitrogênio encontrado no excreta humano, e cerca de 2/3 do fósforo e do potássio excretados. A maior parte do carbono excretado - até 70% - é encontrada nas fezes. As quantidades acima podem sugerir que a excreta humana contém poucos nutrientes, porém essa impressão desaparece quando consideramos que cada pessoa urina anualmente cerca de 4,5 kg of nitrogênio, mais de 0,5 kg de fósforo, e cerca de 1,2 kg de potássio. Esses nutrientes são suficientes para adubar por um ano o cultivo dos grãos consumidos por uma pessoa (Wolgart, 1993).
    Em uma cidade com um milhão de pessoas, esses números equivalem a 4,5 mil toneladas de nitrogênio, mais de 500 toneladas de fósforo, e cerca de 1,2 mil toneladas de potássio. Embora a reciclagem apenas da urina já seja muito importante, também as fezes devem ser recuperadas e recicladas para evitar o esgotamento dos solos a longo prazo e a poluição do meio ambiente.
    (Fonte: César Añorve)


     Própolis contra Dengue |

    Segundo um pesquisador de Florianópolis, basta tomar algumas gotas diárias para que o mosquito nem se aproxime! Ninguém divulga porquê não há interesse, - 22k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes - Anota

    A patient suffering malaria in Ethiopia.


    + Brazil to pay Amazon residents for 'eco-services': minister
    Brasilia (AFP) April 6, 2008 - Brazil's government is to pay residents of the Amazon money and credits for their "eco-services" in helping to preserve the vast forested area sometimes called the "lungs of the Earth" for its role its converting carbon dioxide. Environment Minister Marina Silva has presented the measure as a priority and said "keeping the forest going is an important environmental service" for the entire ... more


    Folha Online - Ambiente - Ministra defende "bolsa-floresta" para ...

    Ministra defende "bolsa-floresta" para agricultores. IURI DANTAS da Folha de S.Paulo. O Ministério do Meio Ambiente tenta criar, ainda neste ano, ... - 23k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes - Anotar isso


    Arm fracture
    The technique may lead to rapid growth of new bone










    + Vaccine For Ebola Virus
    London, UK (SPX) Mar 31, 2008 - One of the world's deadliest diseases, caused by the Ebola virus, may finally be preventable thanks to US and Canadian researchers, who have successfully tested several Ebola vaccines in primates and are now looking to adapt them for human use. Dr Anthony Sanchez, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia is presenting an overview of Ebola vaccine development ... more


    TB virus
    UK cases of TB have jumped 17% in the space of three years



    BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Rio accused of neglecting dengue

     - [ Traduzir esta página ]
    29 Mar 2008 ... Rio accused of neglecting dengue ... A Brazilian judge has ordered Rio de Janeiro state and city to start using private hospitals to help ... - 47k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes


    Bednets Mosquiteiros

    11/8/04. By Caroline Cross Por Caroline Cross

    Bednets treated with insecticide provide a physical barrier that helps prevent exposure to infected mosquito bites and reduces the number of mosquitoes in a room. Mosquiteiros tratados com insecticida fornecer uma barreira física que ajuda a evitar a exposição ao mosquito infectado pica e reduz o número de mosquitos em uma sala.

    Most malaria carrying mosquitoes bite at night.


    A maioria dos mosquitos que transportam malária mordida durante a noite. Bednets treated with insecticide provide a physical barrier that helps prevent exposure to infected mosquito bites and reduces the number of mosquitoes in a room. Mosquiteiros tratados com insecticida fornecer uma barreira física que ajuda a evitar a exposição ao mosquito infectado pica e reduz o número de mosquitos em uma sala. It can reduce the lifespan of the mosquitoes that come into contact with it and thereby reduce the chance of malaria transmission. Ele pode reduzir a vida útil dos mosquitos que entram em contacto com ela e, assim, reduzir a chance de transmissão da malária.

    Impregnated bednets reduce the morbidity and mortality from malaria in most areas tested, and reduce the number of cases of severe malaria in children under five years old. Mosquiteiros impregnados reduzir a morbidade e mortalidade da malária nas áreas mais experimentados, e reduzir o número de casos graves de malária nas crianças com menos de cinco anos de idade. However, there are controversies surrounding the use of bednets. No entanto, há controvérsias em torno da utilização de redes mosquiteiras. In high transmission areas where immunity develops over time, fewer infected bites may lead to delayed immunity and result in an increase in the number of cases of severe disease in older children. Em alta transmissão áreas onde desenvolve imunidade ao longo do tempo, menos infectados mordidas podem levar a um atraso imunidade e resultar num aumento do número de casos de doença grave em crianças mais velhas.

    Bednet use is encouraged in malarious regions, but nets can be relatively expensive and require regular re-treatment. Bednet utilização é incentivada em malarious regiões, mas redes pode ser relativamente caro e exigem regular re-tratamento. In some areas, social marketing schemes are being encouraged to make nets available at an affordable price. Em algumas áreas, marketing social regimes estão a ser incentivados a fazer redes disponíveis a um preço acessível. Also, long-lasting insecticide treatments are being developed so that one treatment lasts the life-time of the net. Além disso, insecticida de longa duração tratamentos estão a ser desenvolvidos para que um tratamento dura o tempo de vida da rede.






     No momento em que uma epidemia de dengue atinge o Rio de Janeiro, tendo causado a morte de 54 pessoas nos três primeiros meses de 2008, a Subcomissão de Promoção e Defesa da Saúde, ligada à Comissão de Assuntos Sociais (CAS), realiza nesta terça-feira (1º), às 10h30, audiência pública para debater o controle da doença, além da febre amarela e da malária no país.

    Zanzibar #malaria deaths drop and keep declining with help of@WHO and US government. See by how much!:









    The Amazon river dolphin's
    unique courtship


    Wilkins Ice Shelf from Twin Otter (Image: British Antarctic Survey)














    + India can lead world in renewable energy: Al Gore
    New Delhi (AFP) March 16, 2008 - India, as an advanced developing nation, can help lead the world in renewable energy technologies to solve "the climate change crisis," former US vice president and Nobel Peace winner Al Gore said. "India has proven its capability in sectors like information technology and can be a leader in the world in developing new renewable technologies to combat climate change," Gore told reporters her ...


    Making biodiverse agriculture part of a food-secure future
    by Staff Writers
    Montreal, Canada (SPX) Feb 18, 2014

    Small farmers in many places continue to grow a range of species and multiple varieties that form the basis of their diet and nutrition.

    Is biodiverse agriculture an anachronism? Or is it a vital part of a food-secure future? Given the need to feed an estimated 2.4 billion more people by the year 2050, the drive toward large-scale, single-crop farming around the world may seem inexorable.

    But there's an important downside to this trend, argues Timothy Johns, Professor of Human Nutrition at McGill University in Montreal, in a paper to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago.

    Diets for most people around the world are becoming increasingly limited in biological and nutritional diversity. "Large-scale agriculture is characteristically simplified and less diverse than small-holder agriculture," Prof. Johns cautions. "This is true in genetic, ecological and nutritional terms."







    + Secrets Of Cooperation Between Trees And Fungi Revealed
    Gent, Belgium (SPX) Mar 07, 2008 - Trees and fungi have constructed a close relationship with the passing of the ages. Fungi like to grow between the roots of trees and the arrangement is beneficial to both partners. Their delicate balance is now being revealed for the very first time. VIB researchers at Ghent University in colaboration with an international team have succeeded in unravelling the genetic code of the Laccaria bico ... more






    Crocodile feeding frenzy




    Brazil unveils campaign against Amazon loggers
    Tailandia, Brazil (AFP) Feb 27, 2008 - Brazilian police Wednesday stepped up a new operation against illegal loggers stripping the Amazon forest, making it known that their crackdown was just the first phase of a wider campaign. Around 300 federal and state officers and environmental ministry agents deployed in and around the northern town of Tailandia, 250 kilometers (150 miles) from the city Belem, in an operation dubbed "Arc ... more


    'Avatar doctor' is coming, physician-author says
    by Staff Writers
    Washington (AFP) Feb 19, 2014

    It's just in fiction for now, but the "avatar doctor," a virtual physician which consults and diagnoses through a smartphone app, is coming, says the author of a new medical thriller.

    Robin Cook, a physician and best-selling author known for his books "Coma" and "Outbreak," says his new novel, "Cell," foretells a future where a good deal of medicine can come through an app which can draw from huge medical databases.

    "Just about every book I have written has come to pass," Cook told a symposium Wednesday at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington as part of his book launch

    + Brazilian police in huge crackdown on Amazon deforestation
    Rio De Janeiro (AFP) Feb 26, 2008 - Three hundred police and security agents have been deployed to the Amazon in a massive crackdown ordered by the Brazilian government against loggers illegally stripping the forest, officials said Tuesday. "Operation Arc of Fire" was started Tuesday in the Amazon town of Tailandia, 250 kilometers (150 miles) from the city of Belem, the head of the state environmental agency Ibama, Flavio ... more







    Turmalina Paraíba 5 quilates
















     Jatropha curcas




    Em artigo na 'Science', eles analisam como o vírus amadurece e infecta células.












    This is an image of the region around Eta Carinae, as seen by Integral in the high-energy X-ray range. The distance between Eta Carinae and the Integral point source IE 1048.1-5937 is 45 arcminutes. Credits: ESA/ Integral (Leyder et al.) 






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    Children's Voices Important In Climate Change Discussions

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    Two days after the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize to environmental experts, UNICEF has released a publication that outlines the concerns of children ... - 57k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes

    BBC NEWS | Health | New target for anti-malaria drugs

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    15 Dec 2007 ... New target for anti-malaria drugs ... There is widespread resistance toanti- malaria drugs and that's a real issue in many parts of the ... - 44k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes

    Portal do Governo

    6 Nov 2007 ... O mosquiteiro já é utilizado em regiões da África com alta incidência de malária e tem a vantagem de durar até cinco anos, ... - 39k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes

     AM usa mosquiteiro contra malária :: TXT Estado

    30 Out 2007 ... AM usa mosquiteiro contra malária. Estado importa do Japão 2 mil redes impregnadas de inseticida e distribui a famílias ribeirinhas em ... -Páginas Semelhantes

    * Child health drive for Madagascar *
    Madagascar begins a big campaign against malaria and measles in an
    effort to reduce infant mortality rates.
    Full story:

    * Nets boost Africa's malaria fight *
    Sub-Saharan Africa is making significant progress in fighting malaria
    with the use of bed nets, a UN report shows.
    Full story:


    Synergy between repellents and non-pyrethroid insecticides strongly extends the efficacy of treated nets against Anopheles gambiae
    Pennetier C, Corbel V, Boko P, Odjo A, N'Guessan R, Lapied B, Hougard J
    Malaria Journal, 2007 6:38 ( 29 March 2007 )
    [Abstract] [Provisional PDF

    >> RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal :::.

    Epidemia de dengue faz a oitava vítima mortal no Brasil ... 2007-03-12 07:10:01 Nova direcção do Diário de Notícias entra hoje em funções ... - 75k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes > Brasil - NOTÍCIAS - Brasil tem 67 mil infectados por ...

    Brasil tem 67 mil infectados por dengue. Em Mato Grosso do Sul, ... 08/03/2007 Bebedouro tem 1º caso de dengue hemorrágica · veja o histórico completo ...,,MUL10328-5598,00.html - 40k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes > Brasil

    Tropical Diseases News Green Technology To Boost Production Of Malaria 'wonder Drug'
    New technologies that make the large-scale extraction of a natural antimalarial 'wonder drug' both cheaper and greener are to be developed and trialled in a new European effort.Since it was first extracted from the herb Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia annua) by Chinese scientists in the 1980s, artemisinin has proven to be a potent anti-malarial treatment.

    Public-private delivery of insecticide-treated nets: a voucher scheme in Volta Region, Ghana
    Kweku M, Webster J, Taylor I, Burns S, Dedzo M
    Malaria Journal, 2007 6:14 ( 2 February 2007 )
    [Abstract] [Provisional PDF


    Paraná-Online :: O seu portal de informação

    Saúde confirma 89 casos de dengue no Paraná Nájia Furlan [27/01/2007] ... Os casos próprios da dengue estão espalhados por seis cidades do Paraná. ... - 61k

    Nothing But Nets campaign

    - [ Traduzir esta página ]The UN Foundation and Millennium Promise have been working with the UN to fight malaria for years. But it was a column that Rick Reilly wrote about malaria ... - 25k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes


    YouTube - Rick Reilly trip to Nigeria

    - [ Traduzir esta página ]Tags, Rick Reilly Africa Nothing But Nets nothingbutnets Nigeria bednets (more) (less). URL. Embed. ExploreMoreTabs. Showing 1-20 of 40487, See All Videos ... - 76k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes
    An elaborated feeding cycle model for reductions in vectorial capacity of night-biting mosquitoes by insecticide-treated nets
    Le Menach A, Takala S, McKenzie F, Harris A, Perisse A, Flahault A, Smith D
    Malaria Journal, 2007 6:10 ( 25 January 2007 )
    [Abstract] [Provisional PDF
    Discovery Of First Case Of Insect Transmission Of Chagas Parasite In Louisiana
    Loyola biology professor Patricia Dorn, Ph.D., in collaboration with Dawn Wesson,
    Ph.D., of Tulane University Health Sciences Center and Loyola undergraduate student
    Leon Perniciaro discovered the first human case of insect-transmitted Chagas parasite
    in Louisiana and sixth ever in the United States.
    * Folic acid 'hinders malaria drug' *
    Pregnant women taking folic acid to protect their baby's development 
    may be risking malaria, Kenyan studies find.
    Full story:

    * Folic acid 'hinders malaria drug' *
    Pregnant women taking folic acid to protect their baby's development may be risking malaria, Kenyan studies find.
    Full story:

    Control Of Tropical Worm Disease Needs Political Commitment And Strong Health Systems
    24 Sep 2006

    Many middle-income countries have made great progress in the control of the tropical
    worm disease schistosomiasis, but political commitment and strong health systems are
    now needed to help countries with fewer resources, state the authors of a Seminar in
    this week's issue of
    <i>The Lancet</i>. Click link to read more.
    DDT Indoor Spraying Recommended By WHO To Combat Malaria
    19 Sep 2006

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is now recommending the indoor spraying with DDT
    in areas where malaria transmission is constant and high - not just in epidemic
    areas. This is almost three decades after DDT was phased out. Click link to read

    New Open Access Journal On Neglected Tropical Diseases To Be Launched By PLOS
    18 Sep 2006

    The Public Library of Science (PLoS) announced today the creation of <i>PLoS
    Neglected Tropical Diseases</i>, the first open access journal devoted to the
    world's most neglected diseases.

    <i>PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases</i> (<a href="http://www. Click link to read more.


    WHO today releases new policies on a highly effective method of malaria control -

    Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS). The new policy statement released by Dr. Arata
    Kochi, head of WHO's Global Malaria Program, is greatly welcomed by Africa Fighting
    Malaria, though it has been criticized by some western environmentalist groups for
    promoting the careful, targeted use of DDT. Click link to read more.


     * Hopes over new malaria treatment *
    British and Kenyan scientists have developed a new treatment for the killer disease malaria.
    Full story:

    Efficacy of bifenthrin-impregnated bednets against Anopheles funestus and pyrethroid-resistant Anopheles gambiae in North Cameroon
    Chouaibou M, Simard F, Chandre F, Etang J, Darriet F, Hougard J
    Malaria Journal, 2006 5:77 ( 11 September 2006 )
    [Abstract] [Provisional PDF]

    O Globo Online Leishmaniose já matou duas pessoas na capital mineira ... 2.700 pessoas foram contaminadas com leishmaniose no Brasil, ... Bolsas. - 16.08.2006 ... - 37k - Em cache - Páginas Semelhantes

    Compliance of young children with ITN protection in rural Burkina Faso
    Frey C, Traore C, De Allegri M, Kouyate B, Mueller O
    Malaria Journal, 2006 5:70 ( 14 August 2006 )
    [Abstract] [Provisional PDF]




    Use of insecticide-treated clothes for personal protection against malaria: a community trial
    Kimani E, Vulule J, Kuria I, Mugisha F
    Malaria Journal, 2006 5:63 ( 27 July 2006 )
    [Abstract] [Provisional PDF]


    Who sleeps under bednets in Ghana? A doer/non-doer analysis of malaria prevention behaviours
    De La Cruz N, Crookston B, Dearden K, Gray B, Ivins N, Alder S, Davis R
    Malaria Journal, 2006 5:61 ( 25 July 2006 )


    Push for New Tactics as War on Malaria Falters

    Comparison of coverage with insecticide-treated nets in a Tanzanian town and villages where nets and insecticide are either marketed or provided free of charge

    Maxwell C, Rwegoshora T, Magesa S, Curtis C
    Malaria Journal, 2006 5:44 ( 21 May 2006 )

    New Vaccination Technique May Work for Dengue Fever

    O que é ONCOCERCOSE ?

    Leishmaniose Visceral Americana (Calazar) 


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