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2012-04-29 (SSG)

Schola Saint George is pleased to present...

The 7th Boston Sword Gathering!!!

When: Sunday, April 29th, 2012
Where: 57 Stanley Ave, Watertown, MA (directions below)
How much:
  • Just $10 per person to participate
  • $40 to attend Special Guest Workshops in the morning (see below)
See below for Schedule and Event descriptions, as well as details on Equipment guidelines. 

  • 9:30-11:15a  Special Guest workshop by Bob Charron, director of St. Martin's Academy in Stoughton, WI: The Sword in One Hand; A Microcosm of Principles in One Easy Lesson
  • 11:15a-12:45p  Special Guest workshop by Erik Schmitt of Wintertree Crafts in Brattleboro, VT: Principles of Grappling and Wrestling in WMA
  • 12:45-1:30p  Lunch
  • 1:30-2:30p  Free play
  • 2:30-4p  Special Guest workshop by Jake Norwood and Ben Michels of Maryland Kunst des Fechtens: Haupt-games: Learning Liechtenauer's Hauptstucke through Games.
  • 4-5p  Free play

Event descriptions
Free play
We'll be returning to our BSG roots with open free play.  Rules as Rules as agreed upon with free play partners.  All participants are expected to hold safety and control as the highest of priorities. 
The Sword in One Hand; A Microcosm of Principles in One Easy Lesson [Bob Charron]
The section of Fiore's treatise dealing with the use of the sword in one hand is intended to be a complete introduction to swordplay.  By physically experiencing the principles manifest in the fighting method and practice sequences, one can quickly come to understand defense, subtlety, flexibility, leverage, tempo, measure and endangering the opponent in such a way that it may then be applied to all other weapons of length.  The goal of this class will be exactly that.  Students should bring a fencing mask, and a rebated practice sword that can easily be used in one hand is strongly recommended.  Sword type and hilt are not as important as your ability to wield it with agility. 

Principles of Grappling and Wrestling in WMA
[Erik Schmitt]

In this workshop we will be looking at core principles of grappling and wrestling with a specific eye toward applications for sparring with the Longsword and ancillary weapons.  We will be working on ways to practice blending with your opponent, maintain good structure, fighting without tension and maintaining psychological and physical balance and therefore the advantage.  In addition to a few tricks on staying on your feet against an aggressive opponent, we will also be trained to no fear the ground and practicing ways to ensure that if we do end up off our feet, that we land in a safe and advantageous manner.  

Haupt-games: Learning Liechtenauer's Hauptstucke through Games [Jake Norwood and Ben Michels]
This dynamic workshop for unarmored longsword focuses on leanring and teaching Grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer's chief techniques, or Hauptstucke, through asymmetric games focusing on sparrin gand practical application.  No previous experience with longsword is required, but expect to sweat and get beat on!  Required equipment: longsword simulator, mask, heavy gloves, elbow and knee protection.  Recommended: torso protection.   

Protective gear: head protection (e.g. fencing mask), hand protection (e.g. LAX gloves), torso protection (e.g. gambeson/coaches' fencing jacket), arm/forearm/elbow protection, knee protection, groin protection for men, mouth guard
Weapons: modified shinai, steel federschwert, nylon swords, and anything else you'd like to play with -- please send questions/requests to Charles Deily at

Interested in attending?  Contact us at