Forte Swordplay is pleased to present...

The 6th Boston Sword Gathering!!!

When: Sunday, August 21st, 2011
Where: Boston Fencing Club in Waltham, MA (directions below)
How much:
  • Just $10 per person to participate with Pre-reg here by 8/5 ($20 after 8/5).  
    • Important Note: if you plan on attending Special Guest Workshops or Tourneys, please make sure to check the appropriate times on the online form!
  • $40 to attend Special Guest Workshops in the morning (see below)
See below for Schedule and Event descriptions, as well as details on Equipment guidelines and Directions to the event. 

  • 8:30-10a  Special Guest workshops by Ben Roberts, director of the Black Falcon School of Arms in Colorado: Between Two: Paired Plays from the Medieval English Longsword Tradition
  • 10-11:30a  Special Guest workshops by Western Swordsmanship Training & Research in Connecticut: Ringen und Degen (Wrestling and Dagger)
  • 11:30a-12p  Lunch; Judges training session
  • 12-12:30p  Invitational Exhibition tourney
  • 12:30-1p  Free play
  • 1-2:30p  Experimental Dagger tourney
  • 2:30-3p  Free play
  • 3-5p  Official Longsword tourney
  • 5p  Free play & wrap-up
  • 6p+  Post-event dinner
Event descriptions
Free play
These are open periods where the floor is open for participants to cross blades with anyone they can convice!  Rules as agreed upon with free play partners.  All participants are expected to hold safety and control as the highest priorities. 
Between Two: Paired Plays from the Medieval English Longsword Tradition [Ben Roberts]
This class will focus on demonstration of the core tenets of the medieval English longsword as it is presented in the Harleian Manuscript in the section that refers to the paired plays.  Partners will work with one another to understand not only the gross movements and fine-tuned techniques of the system, but to understand the decision-making process underlying each string of techniques. 

Fascinated by chivalric culture from a young age, Ben Roberts is the founder of the Black Falcon School of Arms. He lives in Colorado with his family where he works as a paramedic and buys both books and bladed weapons with reckless abandon.  Visit his virtual school at

Ringen und Degen (Wrestling and Dagger) [Western Swordsmanship Training & Research]
An introduction to German style techniques of close combat. Beginning with standing wrestling the session will then transition to defenses against an armed attacker. Dagger attacks and defenses will be taught with a standard counter attack for each defense.  With sufficient time, specific sequences will be taught from manuals such as Ringeck, Meyer, and the Codex Wallerstein; emphasis will be made to show techniques usable for the dagger tournament.

Established in 2004 by Drew Page and Ken Johnson, Western Swordsmanship Technique & Research (WSTR) concentrates on the unarmored aspects of the Liechtenauer tradition ranging from Ringeck to Meyer.  For the past four years WSTR has been training in dagger and wrestling techniques in addition to the core longsword curriculum.

Allison Pettengill began her martial arts studies with Sho shin ryu. Since 2003 she has studied the Liechtenauer tradition, and has instructed at WSTR since 2007.

Jeremy Steflik expanded from a strong sport fencing and Kenpo background into HEMA in 2006.

Marc Andryuk began training with the Higgins Armoury Sword Guild in 2003. He has been an instructor at WSTR since 2009 and is a Historical Reenactor of 16th century Landsknecht with Das Geld Faehnlein.

Invitational Exhibition tourney
For your viewing pleasure!  A series of exhibition bouts by head students and instructors in New England.  Prepare to be entertained as you relax during your lunch break. 
Experimental Dagger tourney
Come participate in a new competitive format designed to highlight medieval dagger and wrestling technique!

Read the latest rules here
Official Longsword tourney
Come participate in the first non-experimental longsword tourney format at the BSG!  Building on international longsword tournament format standards and experience, this competition is designed to be a serious environment to challenge all New England swordsmen! 

Read the latest rules here

Protective gear: head protection (e.g. fencing mask), hand protection (e.g. LAX gloves), torso protection (e.g. gambeson/coaches' fencing jacket), arm/forearm/elbow protection, knee protection, groin protection for men, mouth guard
Weapons: modified shinai, steel federschwert, nylon swords, and anything else you'd like to play with -- please send questions/requests to

The venue for the event is the Boston Fencing Club at 110 Clematis Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453.‎  Click here from the official BFC website!
Interested in attending?  Contact us at