Forte Swordplay is pleased to present...

The 5th Boston Sword Gathering: September 2010!!!

When: Sunday, 9/26 from 9a - 6p
Where: Boston Fencing Club in Waltham, MA (directions below)
How much:
  • Just $10 per person to participate with RSVP
  • $40 to attend special guest instruction in the morning (see below)
To attend: please RSVP by clicking and entering your name here.

The BSG is an ongoing event where sword (and other weapon) practitioners gather every few months in the Greater Boston area to share training ideas, cross blades, and enjoy the energy and camaraderie that comes from enjoying the pursuit of the Western martial arts (WMA).  If you are interested in seeing practical swordplay in action, please come check us out! 

See below for Schedule and Event descriptions, as well as details on Equipment guidelines and Directions to the event . 

Please come join us in this growing New England WMA event! 

Best Regards,

Jeff Tsay
Director and Host
Forte Swordplay



  • 9a-11a  Special Guest workshops (details below), presented by:
    • Fiore longsword by Colin Richards, Director of Arts of Mars in Hannover, Germany; host of the World Wide Open Championship
    • Winding by Scott Brown, Director of Sword to Sword in Houston, TX; host of the Open International Gathering
  • 11a-12p  Lunch break
  • 12-1p  Core Training for Improved Performance by Marc Bernier
  • 1-2p  Free play
  • 2-3p  Principles of half-swording and grappling by Erik Schmitt
  • 3-4p  Free play
  • 4-5p  Constructing Tactical Drills by Ken Mondschein
  • 5-6p  Proto-tourney
  • 6p+  Post-event dinner

Event descriptions

Free play
These are open periods where the floor is open for participants to cross blades with anyone they can convice!  Rules as agreed upon with free play partners.  All participants are expected to hold safety and control as the highest priorities. 

Fiore longsword [Colin Richards]
An overview of Fiore's longsword in two hands, geared toward an audience experienced in swordplay but not necessarily in the Italian tradition.  The focus will be on practical application and integrating these techniques with your own existing swordplay experience. 

Winding [Scott Brown]
A series of skill development drills for winding and absetzen in the Germanic traditions.  This is not a "sticky sword" exercise.

Core Training for Improved Performance [Marc Bernier]
We will start with a brief introduction, followed by the addressing the issues below:
- Core training: what is it?  Why do it? How does it apply to WMA?
- A set of exercises including the abdominals, lower back, obliques, hip flexors/extensors, and buttocks.
- How often, intense, etc. can/should these be done?
- Q&A (Any other exercise topics people would like me to cover in the future?)

Principles of half-swording and grappling [Erik Schmitt]
This class will present a series of two-person drills using half-sword and grappling techniques which are intended to cultivate a centered body mechanic and sensitivity to your opponent's mind, body and weapon(s).  The techniques presented will focus on applying these general principles to sparring engagements in armour, though unarmored applications will also be discussed.  Participants with any level of half-sword experience from any martial tradition are welcome.  Participants will need some form of hand protection (padded gloves or gauntlets) a mask or helmet and a rigid training sword (waster or rigid blunt).  Floppy weapons will yield poor results for this class.  Participants who wish to don any additional armour are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Constructing Tactical Drills [Ken Mondschein]
All fencing actions can be classified by their purpose and when they occur in the sequence of actions. Using this data, we can construct logical options drills that enhance our ability to internalize the historical system. This class will show you how to build from simple technique exercises to tactical options drills.

Here's where participants get to simultaneously practice swordplay while contributing to the development of practical competitive WMA!  This is an ongoing effort to test and vet various tourney rules to see what works well and what needs improvement.  Details on specific rules will be provided at the event, though questions are welcome at

Protective gear: head protection (e.g. fencing mask), hand protection (e.g. LAX gloves), groin protection for men
Protective gear: arm/forearm/elbow protection, knee protection, mouth guard (if you wish to grapple)
Weapons: modified shinai, steel federschwert, nylon swords, and anything else you'd like to play with -- please send questions/requests to

The venue for the event is the Boston Fencing Club at 110 Clematis Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453.‎  Click here from the official BFC website!

Interested?  Contact us at