On Sunday August 23rd The Academy of Knightly Arts in conjunction with Schola Saint George Boston will be holding it’s semi quartly North East HEMMA ( Historical European Medieval Martial Arts) Gathering in Watertown MA. From noon until 6pm.


In order to make it a bit more productive and hopefully just as much fun as previous ones, two classes will take place during the day. The first one will be “ Dynamic movement and defenses for sword fighting” and the other will be “ How to safely integrate basic wrestling into your free fencing” both run by Jeremy Oneail.

As usual, there will be loads of free sparring with people from schools all across New England. It’s a great way to meet new friends and see what other schools and groups are doing.

All of this HEMMA goodness is only $10 per person!


If you intend on being there, just drop me a quick note to let me know; oneail@hotmail.com - this way we have an idea of numbers.


The address is:

57 Stanley Ave, Watertown, MA

(despite what Google Maps says, you can only reach Stanley Ave from Waltham St, not Pleasant St)


The max gear you should need for this type of thing… If you are not a regular is:

Fencing mask – back of the head protection, highly suggested



Hand protection


Some people wear knee/shin and elbow/forearm protection.


There may be some loaner gear there. Contact me to make sure!


Weapons – any you can convince someone else to fight against.

Genereally they are;

Weighted shinai

Aluminum longswords

Paul chen fechbuch longswords

Assorted daggery things

Some pole axes, dussaks, rapiers.. whatever you'd like!


The day’s schedule-

12-2 free fencing

2-3 Dynamic movement

3-4 free fencing

4-5 wrestling

5-6 free fencing

6+ go out to dinner J


See ya there!