Forte Swordplay & Schola Saint George Metro Boston are pleased to present...

Boston Sword Gathering VIII

Friday, 9/28 - Sunday, 9/30/12

A premier Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) event of New England, we are growing significantly this year! 

Last updated: 10/9/2012 (AFTERMATH page!)

  • REGISTRATION IS OPEN HEREThe registration fee for the full event is $140, and to accommodate those with scheduling limitations, we have added a $100 1-day option. 
  • Make-up Longsword qualifier bouts!  Just to clarify, we have a limited number of spots available for folks who cannot come Friday but would like to compete in Longsword.  If you let us know ahead of time, we can arrange to have you do some qualifier bouts first thing Saturday morning to see if you make one of the top 16 spots for the single elimination phase.  Note: this is courtesy we are offering only to those who let us know they need it, so please contact us (jeff@forteswordplay.com) immediately if you're interested! 
  • SCHEDULE: based on official registrations so far, we have the following schedule in development.  Note that these times may continue to be adjusted up to the very end, so please continue to check our website for official updates.  Interestingly enough, so far there seems to be pretty even interest between longsword, dagger, and wrestling, so this is promising to be a well-rounded competitive event!  (And remember: free fencing that will be available throughout the weekend!) 
  • Friday, 9/28
    • 9-9:30a: Check-in
    • 9:30a-12p: Longsword quals
    • 12-1p: Lunch
    • 1-2p: Wrestling workshop AND remaining Longsword quals
    • 2-5p: Wrestling elims
    • 5-6p: Wrestling finals
  • Saturday, 9/29
    • 8:45-9a: Check-in
    • 9-11:30a: Longsword elims (and qual make-ups) OR Cutting tourney
    • 11:30a-12:30p: Lunch
    • 12:30-1:30p: Dagger workshop
    • 1:30-3:30p: Dagger quals
    • 3:30-6p: Tournament finals (Dagger, Longsword)
    • 8p: Dinner
  • Sunday, 9/30
    • 9a-12p: Lectures and Brunch
    • 12-5p: Clinics
  • ONSITE VENDORS: of our sponsors, several will be on site over the weekend to provide services (e.g. full medical support from Operation Hammond) and products from our HEMA community (e.g. Absolute Force, Purpleheart, and Silvermane).  If there are any products you'd to pre-order or would just like to see represented at the event, please visit our Facebook page and let us know!
  • PRIZES: We have worked hard with our sponsors to provide prizes for each and every competitive event below.  Here are details on the thousands of $'s of value being generously provided:
  • LECTURES on the latest research on HEMA topics and culture from respected researchers!  Full details can now be found on the Clinics & Lectures page.  
  • Updating I.33: Bound and Rebound by Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng, Paul S. Morgan Curator of the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA
  • Warfare, Fencing, and the Urban Craft Guild by Jean-Henri Chandler of System D'armes (SDA NOLA) in New Orleans, LA
  • A Big-Picture Look at the Fechtbuch Tradition by Michael Chidester, Lead designer of the Wiktenauer 
  • CLINICS from nationally-recognized HEMA instructors!  Full details on the nature of the clinic program can now be found on the Clinics & Lectures page. 
    • Scott Brown, Schwert am Schwert, FL
    • Jean Chandler, System D'armes, LA
    • Michael Edelson, New York Historical Fencing Association, NY
    • Jake Norwood, Maryland Kunst des Fechtens, MD
    • Christian Trosclair, System D'armes, LA
    • Jay Vail, Meyer Freifechter Guild, FL
Keep checking back for updates!  (And don't hesitate to send questions to us here.) 

Looking forward to seeing everyone! 

- Charles Deily and Jeff Tsay, co-hosts

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