How much experience do I need to participate?

For the tournaments, we expect that you have had reasonable training in Historical European Martial Arts, as these are designed to challenge the skill levels and physical and mental limits of the competitors.  For lectures, clinics, and free fencing, no prior experience is required.  For beginners, please contact us for further details on how to participate. 

Can I just come and watch?

Absolutely!  There will likely be a nominal fee at the door, but spectators are welcome to come and watch all weekend long. 

If I'm coming from out of town, what's the best airport to fly into?

Boston's Logan International Airport. 

How far is the hotel from the airport?

About 30 minutes north, assuming you avoid rush-hour.  We recommend you arrive by early Thursday afternoon if possible. 

Is there transportation from the airport to the hotel?

If needed, please contact us and we'll help arrange for pick-ups and drop-offs.  

How far is the venue from the hotel?

Just a 10 minute drive. 

Is there transportation between the hotel and venue?

No official shuttle, but as organizers we will do our best to coordinate rides for everyone.  If folks can drive, it would be appreciated. 

Will food or drink be provided?

Water fountains are available at the venue.  An affordable and healthy lunch, including vegetarian options, will be made available for purchase every day.  Saturday evening will have a celebratory feast and awards ceremony hosted at the venue for roughly $20.  Sunday morning will be all lecture, and lunch will be made available for purchase over the course of the morning.  A variety of food options are also within easy driving distance of the venue. 

How much is the event?

To accommodate the needs of the new venue and full 3-day weekend of offerings, the registration fee for this year will be $125.  To accommodate those with scheduling limitations, we are also offering a 1-day option of $75.  NOTE: these are early-bird rates that increase on 9/10 to $140 and $100 respectively, so don't delay! 

When can I register?

As of 8/16, online registration is open here!  There is important feedback we require as organizers to help finalize the event, so please don't delay in registering! 

Do I need to attend all 3 days?

No, but the $125 registration fee provides coverage for all 3 days.  If you select the 1-day option, you may attend a day of your choice.  NOTE: if you are competing but cannot stay the entire weekend, you should check with organizers to determine which day(s) you need to attend. 

What's the general schedule?

See the main page. 

Will I be able to leave my gear on site overnight?

The friendly folks at our venue will do their best to accommodate this. 

Are there any equipment requirements?

For specific competition requirements, see the Tournaments page.  In general, please come wearing clean athletic clothing and shoes.  Since most of the events will take place on soft indoor turf, we recommend folks make sure they have appropriate footwear.  Some people seem to prefer sneakers with good traction on this turf and others like less traction, so make your own choice. 

For the cutting tourney, do I need my own sharp?

A sharp will be provided for general participant use, but participants with their own sharps are welcome to bring them, though they will be responsible for them at all times.  Note that there is also a $25 fee to cover materials for the event.