Biggest BSG ever -- here's a gallery of the highlights! 

Thanks to everyone for participating -- see you next year! 

- Charles Deily and Jeff Tsay, co-hosts


BSG VIII Highlights

Workshops and Clinics

Dagger Workshop by Jay Vail ‎(excerpt)‎


I-33: Bound and Rebound by Dr. Jeffrey L. Forgeng

A Grand Tour of the Liechtenauer tradition by Michael Chidester

Slide deck download, courtesy Michael Chidester

Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick makers... by Jean Chandler


Open Longsword Final

Women's Longsword Final

Dagger Self-defense Final

Wrestling Final

Longsword Single Elimination Playlist

Longsword Swiss Qualifier Playlist & Scores

Dagger Self-Defense Playlist

Cutting Playlist

Wrestling Playlist


Open longsword tournament
1st: Jake Norwood
2nd: Mike Edelson
3rd: Ben Michels

Women's longsword tournament
1st: Susanna Pyatkovskaya
2nd: Jessica Rozek

Folk wrestling tournament, Heavyweight (>200 lbs)
1st: Ben Jarashow
2nd: Andrew Kilgore
3rd: Michael Edelson

Folk wrestling tournament, Lightweight (<200 lbs)
1st: Matthew Adams
2nd: Tristan Zukowski
3rd: Jan-Willem Maessen

Dagger Self-defense tournament
1st: Andrew Kilgore
2nd: Jake Norwood
3rd: Nathan Weston

Cutting tournament
1st: Michael Edelson
2nd: Ben Hawkins
3rd: Andrew Kilgore