Giving Opportunities



Donors have special opportunities to name various new and refurbished facilities at St. Botolph's.  These include two rooms within the refurbished Blenkin Memorial Hall, as well as the new shop and café that are planned as part of the re-ordering of the inside of the church. 


If you are interested in naming a part of the church, please contact Catherine Clark for more details.


Once-in-700-year special opportunity!


A unique opportunity for donors of $250,0000 or more is to have their faces -- or those of loved ones or ancestors -- carved in the statuary of The Stump's 272-foot tower, preserving their likenesses for at least another 700 years!  Here is a photograph of a statue that needs to be re-carved, and one of the possible placements on St. Botolph's. 


The Historic Society of St. Botolph's


The Historic Society of St. Botolph's will recognize American donors who contribute $5,000 or more to the Restoration Appeal and Annual Fund.  By joining the Historic Society of St. Botolph's, donors will have their support recognized in perpetuity.


Among the many benefits of belonging to the Society is a chance to own a small piece of the original masonry that is being discarded to make way for new carvings.

The Anne Bradstreet Society

Anne Bradstreet was known as the Poetess of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  She was the wife of one of the original governors of the colony, Simon Bradstreet, and remains an important figure in American literary history. 


Donors of $1,000 or more can choose to belong to the The Anne Bradstreet Society.  An annual event celebrating American and English poetry of the Colonial period will be held simultaneously in Boston, Lincolnshire and Boston, Massachusetts.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Honor someone special to you with a gift to help preserve The Boston Stump. All donors -- of any amount -- will be listed in the American Friends of The Boston Stump web site, while donors of memorial or tribute gifts of $1,000 or more will be honored by St. Botolph's in their publications.  For more details, please contact Catherine Clark or visit our DONATE pages.