Q: How do I choose a martial art?  see here

 Q: Are beginners welcome?

A: Beginners are both welcome and encouraged to come out and practice at any time of the year.   You are always welcome to come to watch if you are unsure if you want to practice.  There is no obligation to join and you will not be charged for the first class. 

 Q: What do I need to start?

A: You do not need a uniform, a gi, to start.  We suggest that beginners wear loose workout clothes (shorts or sweatpants and a T-shirt).  Eventually you may want to purchase a gi, which are available at a very reasonable price from the seniors (about $25). 

Q: What are the costs involved?

A. Our dojo and its parent organization, Shotokan Karate of America, are both non-profit.  Our dues are charged to cover our costs. Club dues are $45 per month.  You must also be a member of the BCNC at the very low cost of $75/year.  Membership in SKA is not required to practice, but is required if your want to attend a "grading".  Costs of SKA membership is $75/yr for new members and $100 for renewing members.  If the cost of dues is prohibitive, talk to a senior to make arrangements.

 Q: Is Karate dangerous?

A: Our practice focuses on the traditional and practical aspects of karate-do.  This involves the training in basic movements of blocks, kicks and punches, kata (choreographed sets of movements) and sparring.  Experience in sparring is introduced in a very gradual manner for beginners and we emphasize control and safety.  Contact is discouraged.