Boston SKA Karate Dojo

Shotokan Karate of America

     "The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat but in the perfection of the characters of its participants."

Gichin Funakoshi

Who we are:
Boston SKA Karate is a non-profit dojo based in the Chinatown district of downtown Boston.  Our instructors all have over 15 years of experience and are dedicated to teaching the traditional martial art of Shotokan Karate. To learn more about this dynamic form of self-defense, click HERE. BEGINNERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!!

Practice schedule:

Our new practice schedule starting in September
Mon     6:30-8:00pm     BCNC Multi purpose room
Wed     7:15-8:45pm     BCNC Main gym
Sat  9:15am-10:45am    BCNC Main gym

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC)
885 Washington St., Boston, MA
BCNC is located at the corner of Washington and Oak Streets in Boston Chinatown. 
For directions click HERE.

BCNC Entrance

Dojo Dues $40/month (This fee is for use of space at BCNC)

SKA national membership $100/year ($75/First year) 

Jesse Winch, Sandan (dojo leader, 3rd degree black belt)
Rashmi Dayalu, Nidan (dojo manager,2nd degree black belt)
Johnson Chung, Godan (instructor, 5th degree black belt)

Harry Carvalho, Nidan  (instructor, 2nd degree black belt)

or call Jesse Winch at (617) 752-2780