The third annual Boston-Keio Summer Workshop will be held at Boston University, September 20-22, 2013. The workshop will feature morning talks by faculty on topics of current research interest in probability and statistics.  Afternoon talks will be by graduate students in these fields.  All talks are aimed at advanced graduate students in probability and statistics.

The workshop is supported in part by the International Training Program (ITP) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), the Boston University Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the Boston University Graduate Research School.

Date and Place

September 20-22, 2013
MCS 148, 111 Cummington Mall (formerly Cummington St.)
Boston University

The schedule for the workshop

Friday, Sept. 20

9:30 - 10:30 am  Talk I Prof. Luis Carvalho
10:30 - 11
:00 tea and coffee
11:00 am - 12:00  Talk II Prof. Konstantinos Spiliopoulos
2:00-2:45 P. Balachandran
2:45-3:15 tea and coffee
3:15-4:00 T. Sei 
4:15-5:00  R. Suzuki

Saturday, Sept. 21

9:30-10:30  Talk I Prof. Konstantinos Spilipoulos
10:30 - 11
:00 tea and coffee
11:00 -12:00  Talk II  Prof. Henry Lam
2:00-2:45 T. Imoto 
2:45-3:15 tea and coffee
3:15-4:00 H. Glanz
4:15-5:00  I. Johnston

Sunday, Sept. 22

9:30-10:30 Talk I  Prof. Henry Lam
11:00-12:00  Talk II Prof. Luis Carvalho
2:00-4:00 Discussion section



  • Luis Carvalho (Boston University)
  • Henry Lam (Boston University)
  • Konstantinos Spiliopoulos (Boston University)


  •  Hunter Glanz (Boston University)
  •  Prakash Balachandran (Boston University)
  •  Ian Johnston  (Boston University)
  •  Tomonari Sei (Keio University)
  •  Ryoichi Suzuki (Keio University)
  •  Tomoaki Imoto (Keio University)


  • Steve Rosenberg (Boston University)
  • Yoshiaki Maeda (Keio University)