Maria Dhami - Instructor

Age: 22

Years practicing Judo: 12

Other Martial Arts Training & Schools:

Kempo Karate, Black Belt (Shodan), Ultimate Self Defense & Performance Center

(Academic) School: Boston Latin Academy 13'

Awards (Judo & Academic):


South Boston's Citizen Association Essay Award, 2008


  • USJA/USJF Junior Nationals - Juvenile B, 1st place, IJF 3rd place (2011)
  • USA Judo Junior US Open - Juvenile B, 2nd place (2011)
  • Junior Olympics- 3rd in Juvenile B, 3rd place, IJF 4th place (2011)
  • Ocean States International – 3rd in IJF and 2nd in Juvi. B 2nd (2011)
  • USA Judo Junior US Open – Juvenile B, 2nd place (2010)
  • Junior Pan-American Games – Juvenile B 3rd place (2010)

A short essay "What does judo mean to me?"

Judo is an Olympic sport, a way to stay healthy and an amazing way to make friends all over the world. For me judo has shown that you will fail sometimes but it isn’t how many times you fail that matters it’s the lessons you learn from failing that counts. I learn life lessons almost every day from practicing and training hard in judo and it’s these important lessons that will guide me through life. Other than being an amazing and life changing sport judo is a way of life.

(Long term goals): Every serious athlete’s goal is to make it to the Olympics; I would love more than anything to go to the Olympics one day. However my biggest goal in judo is to become the absolute best I can possibly be and train the hardest that I possibly can and if that is Olympic worthy then great!

Favorite throw: two armed shoulder throw (morote seoi-nage) and major inner reap (o-uchi gari)

Favorite hold down: vertical four corners hold down (a/k/a full mount) (tate-shio-gatame)

Favorite submission: sit-out choke (koshi jime)