Lenny Guerrero-Baez - Instructor

Age: 22

Judo rank: Sandan

Other Martial Arts Training & School:

Kempo Karate, Brown Belt, Ultimate Self Defense and Performance Center

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Purple Belt, Kimura BJJ

(Academic)School: West Roxbury High School Class of 2013

Bachelor of Science San Jose State University 2018

Awards (Judo & Academic):

  • Captain San Jose State University Judo Team
  • USA Judo Junior U.S Open Judo Championships - 3rd place (2011)
  • Bay State Games, Judo - 1st place (2011)
  • USJA/USJF Junior Nationals - 5th place (2011)
  • Boston International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open - 1st place (2011)
  • New England Judo Championships - 3rd place (2009)

A short essay "What does judo mean to me?"

Judo is a wonderful part of my life. It has given me some of the best memories, some of the best friends that I could ever ask for. Being able to progress in my competitions and at the same time be a role model to the younger students at my dojo is such an amazing feeling. I know that at times I lose, and at times I win but Judo teaches you to get right back up and keep fighting. That is what Judo means to me; to never give up and always keep fighting.

Goals (short & long term):

Favorite throw: inner thigh throw (uchi-mata)

Favorite hold down: side four corner hold (yoko-shiho-gatame)

Favorite submission: triangle choke (sankyaku jime)