About Us

What is judo?

The purpose for practicing judo is physical development, mental development and self defense. It is the world’s most practiced martial art and an Olympic sport. It is a lot of fun and an excellent base for all martial arts and sports that require balance, mental agility, speed, conditioning, and complex physical moves.

Where did Judo come from?

In 1882, Professor Jigoro Kano founded the Kodokan Judo Institute, in Tokyo Japan. Professor Kano invented judo based upon many different techniques of ju-jitsu, or Yawara, as system of unarmed self defense. Kano modified the more dangerous jujitsu techniques to allow judo players to practice judo safely and freely. The fundamental principle of judo, one that governs all techniques of attack and defense, is that whatever the objective, it is best attained by the maximum-efficient use of mind and body for that purpose.

Why Boston Judo?

The aim of the Boston Judo Club is to develop the whole person (mentally & physically) through judo training. We expect all of our judo students to:

  • respect themselves and others;
  • be flexible in mind and body;
  • attend class and train hard;
  • be on their best behavior on and off of the mat;
  • maintain a calm and clear mind;
  • act sincerely at all times;
  • work to improve themselves mentally, physically and spiritually;
  • and leave this world a better place than when they arrived.

Downloads for Students

For our students, both curent and future, please download and use this guidebook to supplement your judo education. All students are responsible for the information included in this guidebook, in addition to proper club etiquette and regular practice. Questions about the material can be directed to club instructors.

Boston Judo Club Guidelines - Handbook for Boston Judo Club Members