The College Fed Challenge - Boston Federal Reserve District

Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

This site is dedicated to the College Fed Challenge competition that takes place in early November at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The competition involves teams of undergraduate students from universities and colleges located within the Boston (first) Federal Reserve District. Approximately 25 schools compete by giving a presentation and monetary policy recommendation, then answering questions in front of judges.

The winning team from the Boston region goes on to face teams from other competing districts at the Board of Governors in Washington D.C.

In addition to the educational benefits and confidence arising through rigorous competition, students benefit from participation through opportunities to apply their experience, to acquire internships, discover potential career paths, and hone skills of public speaking, critical thinking, writing, and analysis which are essential to successful integration into the global economy. Instructors of undergraduate institutions benefit through the use of a venue to develop enthusiasm for the study of economics and to integrate their curriculum in macroeconomics, money and banking, and financial markets with an active learning experience promoting both necessary skills for students as well as student awareness of current events and conditions in the economy and the financial system.

Students that participate in the competition learn an incredible amount about the economy and the policy process. Sparked by the competitive spirit and desire to learn, many students that participate often go on to internships or careers in the Federal Reserve system, or graduate school studies at the master’s or PhD level in economics, finance or other related fields. In short, the competition provides a vital link to students who wish to challenge themselves and apply theory to real world problems in a unique competitive setting, as well as provide a springboard to potential future careers.

Special thanks to Pearson Higher Education for their generous support of the Boston Regional College Fed Challenge competition!