Welcome to Boston Cornhole!  Our goal is to increase the presence of the exciting, fun game of cornhole in Boston and the Northeast.  Boston Cornhole promotes the game of cornhole with the organization of Leagues, Tournaments, and Special Events at local venues.

For more information, write us at bostoncornhole@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events:  
Lafayette Taunton - Taunton, MA - Wednesday Evenings at 7 PM
Norton Fire Local 2678 Saturday, May 10th
Shawn Renard Fundraiser - TBA - A Tuesday Night in North Reading
Fenway Cornhole ClassicSaturday, May 31st
Cornhole Commotion - Saturday, June 14th at 12 PM

This time, winning is everything!

posted Apr 12, 2014, 7:05 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Apr 13, 2014, 8:04 PM ]

"Nothing But Nasty" Shawn Renard is facing a tough foe

Win, lose or draw, the best part about cornhole is the extended family it forms by all who love to play.  A diverse fraternity of former athletes, bikers with bad jokes, guys with too many guns, and all around good people.   Shawn Renard, not only my "Nothing But Nasty" doubles partner, but a great friend is definitely one of us! Unfortunately, Shawn was recently diagnosed with stage three throat cancer and is currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  Let's help Shawn win this battle and drop a four-bagger on cancer!  We will be turning Tuesday Night Cornhole in to a "Nothing But Nasty" Tuesday!  Please visit the Shawn Renard Fundraiser page for event details as they are made available.

Can't make the tournament, but still want to help Shawn?  Boston Cornhole is accepting donations for Shawn and will coordinate payment with his girlfriend, Barbara and his sister, Lori.  Please donate via PayPal below.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Introducing the Woburn Cornhole League!

posted Apr 10, 2014, 8:48 PM by Boston Cornhole

Welcome to the Woburn Cornhole League (WCL)!  This WCL is a monthly league that meets on the last Thursday of each month (unless notified otherwise) beginning in April (Opening Night is actually May 1st) and finishing with a season ending singles tournament in November.  All league matches will be held at the American Legion in Woburn, Massachusetts.  Tournaments will begin promptly at 7:30 PM.  Please read below for league details.

Eligibility and Registration Fees

The league is open to all levels of players; however, it is assumed that this will be a competitive league.  The registration fee for each monthly tournament is $25 per person.  $15 goes towards the nightly prizes and the remaining $10 is put towards prizes for the regular season top finishers, the top finishers of the championship singles tournament, and the hall rental.  Each monthly tournament is an independent event and you may play in as many or as few tournaments as you choose to.  However, to be eligible for the final, championship singles tournament, you must play in at least four regular season tournaments.  Register HERE for the first tournament on May 1st.

Tournament Format

Each monthly tournament is a blind draw double-elimination, two-person team tournament.  The tournament field will be limited to a maximum of 24 teams (48 participants).  After the second tournament, subsequent tournament fields will be divided in to two groups based on the league standings.  Players in the top half of the standings will be randomly drawn to partner with competitors in the bottom half of the standings.  Every attempt will be made to balance the skill levels of all participants.  If there are an odd number of participants, the last person drawn will be the "walker" for that tournament.  You may only be the walker once during league play.  At the completion of the last season tournament (October) and final update to the league standings, the top point earners will compete in a championship singles tournament in November.  The number of participants to make the final tournament and tie-breaker scenarios are TBD.

Points System and Standings

Team members earn the same amount of points based on where they finish in each of the season tournaments.  The point breakdown is as follows:

 Place Points
 1st 20
 2nd 15
 3rd 10
 4th 8
 5th 6
 7th 4
 9th+ 1

League standings will be updated once per month and maintained on bostoncornhole.com.


60% ($15) of each monthly event's entry fee will go towards the team prizes for that night.  The prize breakdown is as follows:

 Number of Teams Prize Percentages
 Less than 10 1st: 65%; 2nd: 35%.
 11+ Teams 1st: 50%; 2nd: 35%; 3rd: 15%

Side Games and Bonus Points

In addition to tournament play, there will be side games with prizes and the opportunity to earn bonus points:

Skinny Board Challenge:  $2 for a round of 8 bags.  The bags are numbered 1 to 8.  Your score is the sum of the numbers on the bags that you put in the hole during a single round on the 4'x1' skinny board.  You may play as many rounds as you wish with each round having an additional cost of $2.  At the end of the night, the competitor with the highest score wins!.  In the event of a tie, sudden death round play will be used to determine a winner.  The winner of the skinny board challenge will also have 3 bonus points applied to the league standings.

Four Bagger Chip:  $5 for the night.  Each time somebody has a four bag round (all four bags in the hole), he or she takes ownership of the chip.  The owner of the chip at the end of the night is the winner!

Additional games for points and prizes may be added at the discretion of the league organizers.


All equipment will be provided by Boston Cornhole or Rich Queen.  The American Legion can accommodate four cornhole courts.

Five Souvenirs from the New York State Championships

posted Apr 6, 2014, 8:37 PM by Boston Cornhole

Tyler Kiddle - The King of New York

It's not often that I leave the Commonwealth for a cornhole tournament, but I am glad I was able to make the New York State Championships for the second consecutive year in Syracuse, New York.  Unfortunately, I did not play as much in this tournament as I would have liked; however, being relegated as a spectator did allow me to make quite a few observations.  Let's run this blog a little differently and go outside the lines...

1.  Tyler Kiddle is a Champion!  I was already heading eastbound prior to the coronation, but I had seen enough to know who would win prior to exiting stage left.  Tyler battled Mike Horvath in a tough, marathon opening match.  Down late in the decisive game of the match, Tyler dropped a walk-off four-bagger on Mike to advance.  Delivering the dagger, that's what champs do!  I hope Tyler can someday make it to Titletown for a few of our tournaments.

2.  Shayne Coyne is the man.  Shayne was looking slimmer than the last time I saw him a year ago, but it was nice to see that he has not shed any enthusiasm for promoting the game of cornhole in Central New York.  Attempting to put this sport on the map is not an easy task and nobody puts in more effort than Shayne with leagues, blind draws, and of course, the New York State Championships.  As I was driving home past Utica, I could not help but think how great it would be to have the 2015 event at Turning Stone...food for thought...

3.  No Granite Cornhole Set for Sarah Vacchiano.  Sarah covets the granite cornhole sets that the winners of Cornhole Commotion are awarded.  Well Sarah, keep knocking my teams out of tournaments and I may have to live up to that rumor that I fix draws. #bullshit.  Seriously, we have seen our share of skilled players from Jersey, but when the bright lights are on, nobody from the Garden State shines brighter than Sarah.

4.  Fran and Greg Barnes need a place to play!  The doubles tournament runner-ups from Downsville had the entire gym, except for maybe Scott and Shayne pulling for them.  Nobody in their area hosts tournaments in the winter and the Downsville Duo can only practice when the weather permits.  Imagine if these two could play year round!  We need to get some tournaments set up in Downsville and maybe think about changing the name of that city too!

5.  Get rid of the alcohol!  Oh, I know this is not going to be a popular position, but can you name a sport that is taken seriously where the competitors drink DURING the matches?  And I really want this sport to be taken seriously!  While the majority of players (at least the more skilled ones) do not get sloppy drunk at tournaments, more than a handful use cornhole as an excuse to get plastered.  Blind draws and weekly events are one thing, but if you plan on competing in a tournament labeled "State Championships", then keep yourself under control.  Nobody plays better after a few drinks; hypothesizing that something which alters your motor skills makes you better is a losing argument.

The Dirty Dots create the Perfect Storm in North Reading!

posted Feb 22, 2014, 5:01 PM by Boston Cornhole

Act like you've been there before Mike Doherty!

Mother Nature seems to have it in for us on Tuesday nights this year.  Fortunately, this past Tuesday, the snow stopped just prior to the start of our tournament.  Less than two hours later, the reign was over too!  Mike R. and Lance were able to weather an early loss to make it back to the finals against Mike D. and Rob.  After splitting a pair of matches on the night, the Dirty Dots captured the decisive rubber match preventing the three-peat.  It was an impressive performance with both Dohertys bringing their A-game on the same night!  Just as one team appears to separate itself from the others one week, another closes the gap the next.  This is how we all get better!  Speaking of strong teams, the blind draw pairing of Lance and Ken rolled the field in the night cap!

Last Man Standing witnessed several pitchers making it down to a single bag.  In the end, it was Rob Doherty taking the title and making his case for player of the night.  For the second consecutive week, Ken was the one 27 feet away from the DCB skinny board chasing cash in the Money Shot.  Sitting at 0-7 over the past two weeks, the North Reading Nightmare holed his final bag to the applause of the crowd!  Still a pretty big pot heading in to next week!  Honorable mention goes out to our two new cornholers, Mike and Jay.  While perhaps a bit delusional with regards to their skill level, their enthusiasm and determination are much appreciated!

With charity events, ACO Regionals, and our favorite night of the week, come see why Great American Tavern is becoming our home away from home!  Join us on Tuesdays; all are welcome!

Cornhole Madness: Next ACO Regional is March 1st in North Reading

posted Feb 22, 2014, 5:02 AM by Boston Cornhole

Rich is 1 for 1 in ACO events

Two weeks ago we were pitching on the Star Logo Boards for the ACO Icehole Regional in North Reading.  Rich Queen was King for the day as he went undefeated in the singles competition topping the field of 18.  In doubles play, it was Jay and Brad, better known as team "Drink for Free" who defeated their Bridgewater buddies, Tim and Mike, in the finals for the regional win.  It was a great turnout for our second ACO event!

Cornhole Madness is our next regional on March 1st once again at Great American Tavern in North Reading.  Please arrive at 11:30 AM to check-in and begin frame games.  We hope to complete the singles and doubles competition; however, depending on the number of singles, we may need to postpone doubles to later in the month; not a bad problem to have.  We are anticipating another great turnout, see you on the 1st of March!

Icehole Singles Results

1. Rich Queen
2. Michael Rielly
3. Jason Baldeck
4. Mike Lounge
5. Dave Moran
5. Larry Coleman
7. Ken Lord
7. Randy Crook
9. John Moran
9. John Sirvio
9. Mike Doherty
9. Tim Grew
13. Justin McKinnon
13. Phil Enos
13. Rob Doherty
13. Taylor Luffman
17. Brad Bishop
17. Tom Covert

Icehole Doubles Results

1. Jason Baldeck and Brad Bishop
2. Tim Grew and Mike Lounge
3. Phil Enos and Mike Rielly
4. Randy Crook and Larry Coleman
5. Mike Doherty and Rob Doherty
5. John Moran and Dave Moran
7. Cindy Boutiette and Ken Lord
7. Tom Covert and Justin McKinnon

Sometimes you're the dog, sometimes you're the fire hydrant!

posted Feb 17, 2014, 8:30 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Feb 18, 2014, 4:27 AM ]

Finally first after a slew of seconds!

posted Feb 11, 2014, 7:27 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Feb 11, 2014, 7:47 AM ]

Mike and Lance, the new Champs!

At the beginning of month, Punxsutawney Phil made sure winter would continue just a little bit longer.  Well, it’s a good thing he was not in North Reading last Tuesday, as every team was playing in the shadow cast by our new champs!  After a string of second place finishes, Lance and Mike finally put it all together for an undefeated victory.  The pair withstood a torrid start from Amish Rake Fight and a competitive final from the game, but outgunned Woburn BFFs, Barry and Fish.  Something tells me this reign has the potential to last more than six weeks…  In the blind draw tourney, Larry and Barry not only had the rhyme, but also the rhythm to turn back all challengers and notch a win.

For the second time, Rob’s name was chosen for the Money Shot and for the second time, he was unable to convert a bag.  If you are wondering if making your own boards provides an advantage, wonder no more!  Guess who won Last Lance Man Standing?  That’s two in a row for Lance, but Rob was a worthy adversary as the contest went down to a single sack!

So much fun and excitement at Great American Tavern for Tuesday Night Cornhole!  Come play with us!

Top of the Stack in North Reading!

posted Feb 1, 2014, 6:59 AM by Boston Cornhole

The virgin voyage to the winner's circle for Stackers

Dan Marino, Karl Malone, Larry Coleman...which name does not belong with the other two?  If only the SATs or simple grammar was this easy!  While the first two perennial all-stars have never been crowned champions, Larry and John shed that distinction this past Tuesday night!  Team Stackers, the league leaders in buckets of beer per night, finished an undefeated effort with a 21-20 victory over Mike and Lance.  The runner-ups stumbled out of the gate, then put together an impressive run, but went down in the finals.  In the blind draw tournament, the team of Ken and Lance got it done.

Many new faces on Tuesday night including Justin who was selected to try his luck at The Money Shot.  Like his predecessors, Justin failed to put a bag through the hole on the skinny boards.  Will anybody ever hit one of these shots!?  In Last Man Standing, it was Lance outlasting everyone at two bags.

Tuesdays keep getting better and better at Great American in North Reading.  Join us for Tuesday Night Cornhole and become part of the fun!

The First Boston Cornhole ACO Regional is in the books!

posted Jan 18, 2014, 4:19 PM by Boston Cornhole

Expecting someone else?

The boards arrived yesterday and we held our first ACO Regional singles tournament today at Great American Tavern in North Reading!  The new boards were pretty slick and played havoc with the SCRs.  But after getting accustomed to the new equipment, play became pretty competitive with the two pre-tournament favorites, Randy Parker and John Moran making it to the finals.  John got the better of it early by defeating Randy  in the winner's bracket finals.  However, in the end, it was Randy pulling off the double dip with a 21-19 victory in the decisive match.  Congrats to Randy!  The complete results are listed below.

 Place  Name  SCR  Points
 1  Randy Parker  70   25
 2  John Moran 72  24
 3  Mike Rielly  60   23
 4  Lance Madden  64   22
 5  Brian Barnett 62  20
 5  Ken Lord  73   20
 7  Justin McKinnon  49   18
 7  Mike Doherty  61  18
 9  Kevin Brown  62  16
 9  Kyle DeLuca  56  16
 9  Rob Doherty  74  16

Cindy gets the double on the first GAT night of the year!

posted Jan 13, 2014, 7:52 PM by Boston Cornhole

A good start to 2014 for Amish Rake Fight!

Only one day as a certified official and ACO members are already winning the tournaments!  Ken and Cindy, two of Boston's best and newest ACO members started 2014 in the winner's circle!  The duo took two out of three matches from Fred and Mike in the opening tournament for the victory.  The nightcap, random draw tourney was on the skinny boards and for Cindy, it was new partner, same result!  Mike R. and Cindy enjoyed an undefeated run with Cindy delivering the dagger with a walk-off airmail in the finals to close the show over the runner-ups, Rob and Kevin.

Rob's name was chosen for the Money Shot and with the chance to pitch on his own skinny boards, Rob put up a goose egg.  No shame in that as we are yet to have somebody hit a single bag in the contest!  Last Man Standing came down to a single sack with Mike R. outlasting Rob and the field of eight.

After nearly an entire month off, we couldn't be happier to be tossing bags again in North Reading.  Come one, come all and join us for Tuesday Night Cornhole at Great American Tavern!

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