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Upcoming Events:  

Pawtucket Pacers - Pawtucket, RI - Saturday, October 22nd at 11 AM
Boston Crusaders - Hyde Park, MA - Saturday, October 22nd at 6 PM
Timothy P. Graham Memorial Scholarship - Newton, MA - Sunday, October 30 at 10:30 AM

A Cornhole Doubleheader this Saturday!

posted Oct 17, 2016, 4:02 AM by Boston Cornhole

Tournaments on tap in Pawtucket and Hyde Park this weekend...

A look back at the 3rd Ave Tournament Tuesdays Summer Series!

posted Oct 4, 2016, 6:30 PM by Boston Cornhole

Burlington joined the party this summer...

Are there any Pros in New England?

posted Aug 28, 2016, 6:23 PM by Boston Cornhole

ACO Season XII kicks off Labor Day Weekend!

Rocky Woods: Our Cornhole Olympics?

posted Aug 12, 2016, 4:52 AM by Boston Cornhole

Is something missing in Rio...

From the pool to the balance beam, it's been Olympics overload this past week.  However, with some of these more obscure sports getting some PR, shouldn't cornhole be shown some love!?  Just think of the dozens of people who would tune into ESPN3 to watch it.  Well, I don't see cornhole becoming part of the games anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that we can't pretend.  If Rocky Woods was to have an opening ceremony, I could see it going something like this...

1.  Boston Cornhole - entering the stadium first would be John Moran carrying the BC flag.  John completes 75% of his ring walk prior to marching back to the beginning and starting over because "that's the format people want".

2.  The McCabe Delegation - with possibly the largest delegation and a few generations in tow, bearing the family crest would be the state champion, Rachael McCabe!

3.  Southbridge Cornhole - Joe Masareth is up next proudly waving the Southbridge flag...with Jose right behind him barking out orders.

4.  Ocean State Cornhole - Tim Foster is the fourth to enter the arena with his kidnapped partner behind him in cuffs.

5.  Rice Baggers - Lance bears the Viet Cong flag as the token white guy.

6.  603 Cornhole - Silence as the NH folks boycott Rocky Woods due to the level of competition.

7.  The Cornhole Company of Cape Cod - The Blue Lobster that was recently caught gets the honors to accurately represent the 1 in 2 million odds of someone from The Cape winning this tournament.

8.  Team Grew/Prew - Last but certainly not least, Ron Lincks leads out one of the pre-tournament favorites with his index finger raised high to the sky to clearly indicate how many times this team lost last week in Pepperell.

Fortunately, the Rocky Woods Cornhole Festival will have more at stake than bad jokes.  I would say that "Team of the Year" honors is a dead heat right now.  The Lance/Pigeon duo opened the year hot, Showtime are the MA State Champions, and Team Grew/Prew showed last week that they can win outside of Bridgewater.  And on top of pride, there are some very good payouts!  Let's not also forget the singles competition.  We can only hope that the cornhole drama plays out on the boards tomorrow and some must-see grudge matches come to fruition!  Bags fly at 11 AM!

Lots to like about Lawrence!

posted Jul 31, 2016, 12:30 PM by Boston Cornhole

The Champs in Lawrence, Scott and John

This past Saturday marked the inaugural trip to Lawrence to host the Bags for Boobs Tournament to benefit the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk.  Hosting tournaments is a good gig and days like Saturday make for a special day...here's why...

New faces in a new place...
If it seems like it's always the same teams that win Boston Cornhole events, it's because it's true 90% of the time.  While we love our top dogs, their absence this weekend made for a wide open field.  Nonetheless, my pre-tournament favorites of Dave Scott and Kevin Lowry soon found themselves in the driver's seat with an undefeated run to the finals.  But, if this duo expected a happy ending in Lawrence, it would have to wait until after the tournament.  Scott Pelletier and John Macleod, avenged an earlier defeat to complete the double dip and cruise into victory lane.  Footnote:  these France-themed boards are the same ones that Lowry and yours truly were double-dipped on earlier in the week in Burlington.

Familiar faces in a new place...

While I may not have known them by name, I recognized several faces including some that competed at Fenway, in Amesbury, the guys from the Winner's Circle Cornhole Club, and my new friends from Shirley (not the one who barks).  Also in attendance were the 3rd Ave Burlington stalwarts, Zach and Caleb, with their better halves who may actually be better cornholers as well!  Welcome to the circuit, hope to see you all at future events!

When can we do it again?

The venue and people were great, so let's see if we can make it happen again!  While nothing is on the docket, stay tuned for more events in the area.  In the meantime, be sure to visit the Boston Cornhole homepage for all the latest and greatest upcoming tournaments!

Shifting Gears in Loudon!

posted Jul 11, 2016, 8:37 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Jul 12, 2016, 5:07 AM ]

NECS and Magic Mile Championships on tap for this weekend...

An All-American weekend in the Hub!

posted Jul 3, 2016, 8:26 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Jul 3, 2016, 9:05 PM ]

The Southern States dominate the 4th Annual Fenway Cornhole Classic!
Cole Mason and Blake Sparrow
4-Time Champs Scott Lane and Chris Cuccia
Melissa Adams and Greg Stanley

New Year, New Events and New Champs!

posted May 29, 2016, 1:53 PM by Boston Cornhole

Who's the best in MA?  A picture is worth a 1000 words!

Last year, we held the inaugural ACO State Championships for Massachusetts in Boston.  This year, we shifted the scene to the Boundary Brewhouse where Boston Cornhole hosted each Season XI Regional.  With six sets of boards in play, we added three new divisions in 2016:  MA Women's Singles, RI Singles and RI Doubles.  Oh, and for those of you north of the border, the 603 guys are hosting the NH State Championships in June.  Ok, now on to the recap!

MA Women's Singles

The Best in Season XI from Start to Finish!

Rachael McCabe has topped the podium at each regional and even made it down to a major this season.  Heading into the event, Rachael was definitely the favorite to capture the title.  However, the surprise arrival of Julie guaranteed that things could get interesting.  While Julie does not have the ACO pedigree, the scouting report says that the lady can definitely toss some bags!  Sure enough, Julie battled to the winner's bracket final to face Rachael.  While it was apparent that Julie was pretty thirsty throughout the day, she could not match Rachael's hunger for the "State Champ" moniker as Rachael prevailed.  And there would be no rematch as Stephanie avenged an earlier loss to Julie to face her doubles' partner in the finals.  And your 2016 MA Women's State Champ...Rachael McCabe!

1.  Rachael McCabe
2.  Stephanie Bergeron
3.  Julie Berenz

MA Open Doubles

It's Showtime!

When I named Showtime (Jose Rivera and Joe Masareth) the 2015 Team of the Year, it wasn't simply because they are nice guys.  I saw a strong team that was good and that had the potential to be better!  While not the favorites, it should come as no surprise that they are the 2016 MA State Champions!  The Southbridge duo defeated the favorites, Lance Madden and Larry Pigeon to advance to the finals.  In the finals, they fought off a spirited double-dip attempt from the Grew/Prew pairing.  While they have taken several trips to victory lane, something tells me that this one probably felt really good!

1.  Jose Rivera and Joe Masareth
2.  Charles Prew and Tim Grew
3.  Lance Madden and Larry Pigeon 

MA Open Singles

Sense of Fashion:  C+.  Cornhole Game:  A+!

You can't mention "State Champ" in Massachusetts and not think of the guy who made that title infamous.  While it did not go his way on Saturday, it was nice to see Jeff Bachand return and attempt to defend his title.  A year ago when I heaped praise on Larry Pigeon, there were certainly some out there who felt slighted.  Fast forward a year and I don't think anyone can debate who flies the highest when it comes to cornhole in New England.  The phenom went undefeated handing his doubles partner and runner-up, Lance Madden his only two losses on the day.  Let's also give Lance his due as his game is way too big to fit in Pigeon's shadow!  Rounding out the top three was my pre-tournament pick (by private text message), Jose Rivera and Danny Talbot had a nice run to finish in fourth place.  Congrats to all!

1.  Larry Pigeon
2.  Lance Madden
3.  Jose Rivera
4.  Danny Talbot

Rhode Island

John Moran or Superman?

Having the event in Pawtucket, I had hoped to draw a HOLE lot of Ocean Staters.  While the turnout was small, that certainly didn't get in the way of a big coronation for John Moran.  The Ocean State's top tosser won singles and paired with Mike Lobdell to capture doubles.  Eat your heart out big bro!

Open Doubles Champions:  

John Moran and Mike Lobdell

Open Singles:

1.  John Moran
2.  Joe Regan
3.  Mike Lobdell
Last.  Tim Foster

Honorable Mention

While not everyone can win, there were definitely some impressive, blog-worthy performances out there.  Let's start with Danny Talbot!  As mentioned above, Talbot enjoyed a nice run to fourth place in Open Singles.  Even if all the cigarette breaks did extend the tournament by an hour, it was nice to see Danny play so well!  Who is Freddie Schulz?  It looked as if he might go from the firehouse to first place!  He knocked out some big names in singles and partnered with Board Control for a surprising fourth place finish in doubles!

Parting Shots

The 2016 State Championships were indicative of the potential of the competitive New England cornhole scene.  When we can get everyone together, it can be a really fun, competitive day.  Unfortunately, we rarely see this turnout at the regional events and sometimes struggle to hit the minimums.  While the game continues to grow, at this point, our championships should be region-based and not state based.  MA, RI, NH and CT combined would really be a superb tournament!  Until next season...

Fundraisers: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

posted May 1, 2016, 8:23 PM by Boston Cornhole

Cornhole Tournament Fundraisers come in many forms...

Cornhole tournament fundraisers are everywhere!  Let's take a closer look at the cornhole fundraiser with an edition of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

The Good...

About half of Boston Cornhole tournaments are for charities! Why?  Plain and simple, they make for great fundraisers.  Cornhole is a game anyone can play and it is so much fun!  With the emergence of a very competitive landscape in Boston, organizing an event to accommodate both novices and pros can be a challenge.  However, when done right, it's a beautiful thing!  We may not always make everyone happy, but love trying to assemble the best format we can!

The Bad...

The "It's for charity" rationalization should not be used to justify a poorly run event.  While the cause of a charity is at the center of every fundraiser event, participants are certainly entitled to expectations which include, above all, a well-run tournament that is fun to be a part of.  And tournament directors are responsible for meeting those expectations.  After all, if we are going to market cornhole as a good time, it should be!  In retrospect, there have certainly been some less than perfect tournaments in the past that I would do differently given a second chance!  Recently, there was some pretty vocal social media criticism of an event up in Haverhill and several more silent complaints.  While it may be easy to villainize someone for speaking out against a charity event, it may be wiser to review the lessons learned to prevent repeating the same mistakes.

The bottom line is that people may play charity tournaments for the cause, for the competition, or even for the prize money.  Regardless of the reason, they are donating both their time and money to be part of the event.  As tournament directors, we need to ensure that the time and money is well spent so that they come back and play again!

The Ugly...

Unfortunately, this section could go in a few different directions.  However, for this installment, I will stick up for my fellow, competitive cornholers!  While it is not always the case, far too often competitive players have shade thrown their way when they play at fundraisers and are treated as not welcome.  "Ringers shouldn't be allowed to play!" and "If they win, they should give the money back!"  These hypocritical comments baffle me when organizations heavily promote tournaments on websites and social media offering cash prizes to entice people to play at events open to the public.  If organizations truly want to control who plays or wins, the solution is simple, make it a private event and raise less money!  Another strategy could be to advertise modest prizes.  This will help keep some paper chasers away, but you may be surprised that many will still show because they just love to play and compete!

Are you the best team in New England?

posted Apr 3, 2016, 7:16 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Apr 5, 2016, 7:32 PM ]

The search is on in New England and beyond...
Tim Grew and Charles Prew

Larry Pigeon and Lance Madden

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