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Upcoming Events:
New England Center for Children - Boston, MA - Saturday April 1st at 1 PM
Hastings House - Beverly Farms, MA - Saturday April 1st at 3 PM
1776 Financial Best Buddies - Norwood, MA - Saturday, May 13th 2017 at 4 PM
Winner's Circle Cornhole Club - Salisbury, MA - Saturday, May 13th 2017 at 12 PM
South Shore Country Festival - Marshfield, MA - Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 12 PM
AMERICAN YOUTH Football And Cheer - Pepperell, MA - Saturday, June 24th 2017 at 11 AM
3rd Ave Tournament Tuesdays - Burlington, MA - Beginning Tuesday, June 27th 2017 at 6 PM
Fenway Cornhole Classic - Boston, MA - Saturday, September 9th 2017 at 10:30 AM
New England Cornhole Cup - Pawtucket, RI - Sunday, September 10th 2017 at 12 pm

Lance and Larry lead a strong Massachusetts showing at Mohegan Sun!

posted Mar 5, 2017, 3:04 PM by Boston Cornhole

Lance and Larry topped a strong field in CT

I thought 2016 was going to be the breakthrough year for Massachusetts cornhole; however, contentment with disappointing performances at the Fenway Cornhole Classic, had me questioning if local teams would ever make it over the hump.  With Chris Cuccia and Scott Lane en route to Mohegan Sun, I thought we would see more of the same this weekend, but I am happy to be wrong for the first time ever!  Larry Pigeon walked through that door and Lance Madden played like the pro that I thought I'd be telling him he wasn't.  Going undefeated to win Last Bag Standing with two wins over Stranger Danger is a big deal!  Gracious in victory, Scott and Chris were equally as gracious with the silver medals.  And now, I cannot wait until their paths will potentially cross again in September at this year's Fenway Cornhole Classic!

While Lance and Pigeon flew the highest on Saturday, they were not the only ones from Massachusetts to make a statement.  Rounding out the podium with a third place finish was the pairing of Charles Prew and Tim Grew.  The duo suffered two defeats to Stranger Danger, but showed everyone else why they are the best team south of Boston.  And let's not forget the rest of the Rice Baggers who won some big matches!  In my opinion, this is the Bay State's most competitive group and regularly tossing against these guys is what pushed the champs to pay dirt.  If you are serious about improving your game, go to Lowell on Tuesdays or play in one of the Rice Baggers' weekend events.

The real winners...

Only a few cashed checks, but Last Bag Standing is a win for all who like cornhole in the Northeast.  Kudos to Mohegan Sun for taking a chance on cornhole and putting on this event.  Cornhole and casinos are made for each other and I am hoping that this event was a success for the organizers.  They priced it perfectly and offered enough prize money to not only sell out, but build a waiting list of over 40 teams!  Oh, and with that space, this venue could host some of the biggest tournaments in the country.  If you enjoyed the tournament, be sure to let them know!

Was this a secret or not?

The real story is above, but let's address the chatter from those who are crying foul and throwing shade.  If this was a secret tournament, then it was the worst kept secret in history!  With that said, from Lowell to Pawtucket and everywhere in between, any time this event was mentioned, it was always a "How did you hear about it?" and never a "Hey, did you hear about the tournament at Mohegan Sun?"  And yeah, it's because of the prize money.  While I have railed against this before, it's part of the game and here to stay.  If you are building a list of people who knew about this tournament and did not share, it will be a very long list.  Rather than be angry, my advice is to sharpen your Google skills!

Cornhole Doubleheader this Saturday!

posted Jan 16, 2017, 4:39 AM by Boston Cornhole

Play in one or play in both!

2017 is here and so is more cornhole!

posted Jan 4, 2017, 9:07 PM by Boston Cornhole

The weekends are filling up in January and February...

Charles Prew is the 2016 Player of the Year!

posted Dec 31, 2016, 7:38 AM by Boston Cornhole

This has been PREWing for some time...
2014 POY with the new POY
2016 Player of the Year - Charles Prew
The Anchor of a Strong Doubles Team

Head-to-Head matchups determine the 2016 Team of the Year!

posted Dec 26, 2016, 7:27 AM by Boston Cornhole

Pigeon and Lance take home the 2016 Trophy

"Larry and myself...on this day" became the social media moniker for broadcasting victory after victory.  While the grammar may not be textbook, more often than not, this duo schooled the area's top teams on the cornhole court.  And with some easy wins, difficult wins, and probably some wins that nobody knows about, Lance Madden and Larry Pigeon have earned Boston Cornhole's title of "2016 Team of the Year"!  With several talented teams in the area, the Head-to-Head matches proved decisive in crowning this year's top team.  Arguably, Henry and Em, Prew and Grew, and Joe and Jose join Lance and Larry at New England's top four teams.  So let's compare the results from some of the tournaments this past year where these heavyweights were in the draw.

Woburn:  Henry & Em - 1st.  Prew & Grew - 2nd. (Same day as Amesbury)
Amesbury:  Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Prew & Grew - 2nd. (Same day as Woburn)

Pawtucket K of C:  Lance & Pigeon 1st.  Joe & Jose - (2nd or 3rd).

Woburn:  Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Henry & Em - 2nd.  Prew & Grew - 3rd.
Hastings House:  Henry & Em - 2nd.  Lance & Pigeon - 3rd.  Prew & Grew - T5.
Plymouth Memorial Hall:  Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Prew & Grew - 2nd.
Wrentham - Joe & Jose - 1st (same day as Woburn)
Woburn - Lance & Pigeon - 1st (same day as Wrentham)

Best Buddies in Norwood:  Lance & Pigeon 1st.  Prew & Grew/Jose & Joe in the draw; not sure where they finished.

Southbridge:  Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Joe & Jose - 2nd
ACO States:  Joe & Jose - 1st.  Prew & Grew - 2nd.  Lance & Pigeon - 3rd.

Bridgewater:  Prew & Grew 1st - 1st.  Competitive field.

Fenway:  Joe & Jose - 4th.  Lance & Pigeon - 5th.
Bridgewater:  Prew & Grew 1st - 1st.  Competitive field.
Athletes Unlimited: Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Prew & Grew - 2nd.  Joe & Jose - T5.
Wenham Firefighters:  Joe & Jose - 1st.  Lance & Pigeon 2nd.

Pepperell:  Prew  & Grew - 1st.  Joe & Jose - 4th.
Rocky Woods:  Joe & Jose - 1st.  Henry & Em - 2nd.  Prew & Grew - 3rd.
North Brookfield:  Henry & Em - 1st.  Joe & Jose - 2nd.

MIT:  Joe & Jose - 2nd.
Somerville:  Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Henry & Em - 2nd.

Timothy Graham Memorial - Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Prew & Grew - 2nd.
Pawtucket Pacers - Henry & Em - 1st. (Same day as Roxbury)
Roxbury - Lance & Pigeon  - 1st. (Same day as Pawtucket)

Toys For Tots - Lance & Pigeon - 1st.  Henry & Em - 2nd.  Prew & Grew - 3rd.

The results don't lie and neither does the blog!  Congrats to Lance and Larry!

The Hastings House Tournament is the 2016 Tournament of the Year!

posted Dec 23, 2016, 10:24 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 23, 2016, 10:33 PM ]

Tyler Kiddle and Randy Parker

Back in March, I pulled up to 14 Oak Street in Beverly Farms to a venue that was going to host a sold out 60+ team tournament.  I had to double-check the address because what I saw was a residential home on a residential street.  At first, I wondered if this is what it would feel like to play in a secret tournament...as it turns out, there was nothing clandestine about it.  We had scheduled a 32 team event and once it sold out, people were literally offering twice the entry fee to enter the draw, so we bumped the field up to 64 teams.  And it wasn't just the locals, this tournament attracted top talent from the North Shore and South Shore.  Several Rice Baggers were in attendance joined by Sarge, Queen, Lance, Prew and Grew.  Even Shawn Renard showed up just to watch!  You might be thinking with that roll call that there had to be some little-known trip to Vegas on the line, but there wasn't!  And that right there was the beauty of this tournament.  The ink is barely dry on my rant documenting the challenges of getting the competitive crop to compete against each other.  What John Moran and I have been trying to do for two years in Pawtucket, just organically happened on a magical March night in Beverly.  In my opinion, the Hastings House tournament was by far the most competitive event of 2016, and thus, tournament of the year!

Oh, and let's not forget the locals.  The cream of the crop certainly is not large enough to account for the 62 teams that participated.  The local supporters came out in drones to support the Hastings House.  They were in costume, having fun, and tossing bags.  And at no point were there complaints of "ringers" which is sometimes the case when pedestrians and pros mix.  The surprises continued as Michael Lounge turned into a crowd favorite.  Yes, that Michael Lounge!  Maybe it was his Hitler Youth haircut or the fact that people love to root for the underdog.  Whatever it was, I have never seen 4th place garner so much attention.  And your winners...Randy Parker and Tyler Kiddle.  You may remember Randy as the senior member of 40 Plus who took his bags and headed back to the Wu once the winning disappeared.  But, when you have have the opportunity to play with Tyler Kiddle, you come out of retirement and get it done.  And these two did exactly what winners do, they won!

While the Hastings House gets the nod for 2016, there were some other tournaments worthy of honorable mention.  The Amesbury Rotary tournament in January had a nice 2016 rebound to draw 47 teams with a player-friendly three match guarantee.  The Fenway Cornhole Classic continued to be extremely popular and drew some more powerhouse teams this year.  And in Lawrence, we saw the Winner's Circle Cornhole Club actually send two players to the winner's circle.*

*If there was a "Choke of the Year" award, it would go to Kevin Lowry and Dave Scott for inexplicably getting double-dipped in Lawrence.

It's that time of year again...

posted Dec 23, 2016, 9:31 AM by Boston Cornhole

2016 Year in Review

Now Booking 2017 Boston Marathon Fundraiser Tournaments!

posted Dec 18, 2016, 5:24 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Dec 20, 2016, 6:51 AM ]

Book your marathon fundraiser tournament today

If you are planning on running the Boston Marathon for a charity in 2017, then we know that you will have to raise a HOLE lot of money.  While you strive to hit your goals on the pavement, let us help you reach them off of it.  For the 7th consecutive year, we are happy to announce that we are once again hosting fundraiser cornhole tournaments for runners competing in the Boston Marathon.  With venues in Boston and beyond, let us help you keep pace for a successful April outing!

For up to six cornhole courts, the fundraiser event fee is $300.  Schedule your tournament today!  Inquire at bostoncornhole@gmail.com.

Cornhole here, cornhole there, cornhole everywhere...

posted Nov 24, 2016, 7:46 AM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Nov 24, 2016, 8:10 AM ]

Is cornhole strong in red states, blue states, or both?

Let's face it, the 2016 Presidential Election has redrawn the Electoral College map with a little more red than we are accustomed to seeing.  Well, there has also been some change in those beautiful, blue states in the Northeast with an abundance of cornhole!  Three years ago, there was only a handful of places to toss some bags during the week in New England.  Fast-forward to today and south of Boston, you can play cornhole every day of the week and on some days, there are two tournaments in the same town.  And if the Commonwealth's Education Department is reading these recaps, don't be surprised to see charter schools for adults on the ballot next year!  But, let's stay focused because all this cornhole is really a good thing...

Player's Market

With all these pitching options, the player can decide when, where, and with whom to play.  If you consider yourself to be an ace player, you may be in search of Bring Your Own Partner (BYOP) contests.  If you just enjoy playing or are new to the game, you will probably gravitate towards blind draws.  Geography also plays a role in where you may choose to play.  Why drive an hour to toss bags when you no longer have to?  Why purchase a $25 ACO membership from me, when you can play a mile away without one?

Even with the game continuing to grow, a player's market makes it a bit challenging for tournament organizers and venues looking to profit off of the cornhole revolution.  If you are asking players to pay more than $5 to play on a school night, you may need to become a HOLE lot more creative to remain competitive on a weekly basis!

The Best Format is...

Like politics, there is not a unanimous answer and everyone has an opinion.  Perhaps I need a guest writer for this one as I have never had too much success with weekly events and the map above is evidence that I've been wrong before.  Nonetheless, I have my opinions and this is my propaganda platform, so here is my three point plan!

1.  Low or No Entry Fees 

The model has been there for years with bars that host karaoke or trivia.  There has never been a cost for embarrassing yourself with a microphone or displaying your command of random facts.  Cornhole does not need to be any different, but usually it is.  Players are spending money on food and beverage, give them their entertainment for free!  A "play for free" model did work in the 3rd Ave Burlington tournaments and led to several NEW players.  And no, $5 is not too much to ask.

2.  Establish a Format for Everyone

All cornhole players are not created equal.  If you plan to keep everyone happy, you should abandon cornhole now!  However, if you want to appeal to a large audience, then you should adopt a format that appeals to all skill levels.  Blind draws are simple and one of the fairest formats out there.  A good player can win with anyone and the luck of the draw may take a novice to the winner's circle; there is no better feeling!  Most weekly events in the area with competitive players are blind draws which is a good thing.  However, other formats can work as well.  Even if New Hampshire may be JV Massachusetts, the Fall 603 Cornhole League had 36 teams from all walks of life play for ten weeks.  That's more on a weekly basis than most Massachusetts and Rhode Island groups combined!  Contact Shon or Brian to learn how to fill your parking lots with vanity plates.

3.  Modest Prizes

Read my lips, "No big payouts!"  I realize this approach may not win me many votes, but I'm sticking with it!  A big cash payout may draw headlines and get people in the door for a few weeks...until the money overshadows the game.  Make it about the money and it will be about the money.  If and when sponsors come on board, there will be plenty of money to win at bigger tournaments.  But, be careful what you wish for because those Red States are watching...  For weekly events, it may seem counter-intuitive not to market cornhole to people who have been playing it for years.  But, I would counter that the larger market is new players.  And wouldn't the masses prefer an approach that does not cater to the top percent?  Oh, wait... 

Shh...it's a secret...

posted Oct 27, 2016, 6:36 PM by Boston Cornhole   [ updated Oct 28, 2016, 3:46 AM ]

Are secret tournaments a problem in MA?

I recently had a potential client ask me for suggestions on attracting people to a tournament.  My response was to anonymously post it online and then don't mention it again, never!  Obviously, the client was a bit befuddled, but if you've been in the cornhole game long enough, then you realize that this may be a legit strategy.  Introducing the secret tournament, an under the radar event, usually with a cash prize, that may not necessarily be known to the cornhole community.  And the higher the stakes, the more likely a secret tournament monger will keep things under wraps.  Is it anyone's responsibility to help others find tournaments?  No, but in my opinion, the collateral damage caused by excessive sneakiness, undermines the growth of the game and causes dissention among the ranks.  Let's not pretend that playing in secret tournaments is a cardinal sin, but here are some reasons why you may want to think twice...

1.  Winning isn't everything....except when there's $200+ on the line!  Growing up, we are taught that winning isn't everything, preach that to our children, and then throw it all out the window if there's a chance to make a quick buck by tossing bags.  The secret tournament is all about limiting competition and winning.  Secret tournaments may make you feel like a winner, but play in enough of them and others may think you're really a loser!

2.  Drama and more drama...the one thing that every bag tosser can probably agree on is that there is too much drama in cornhole.  Nothing screams cornhole treason more than seeing your "buddies" championship pose stream across your news feed.  But, there's an easy fix to this...if it starts out a secret, keep it a secret!  Boasting on facebook won't double the prize money!

3.  Research shows that the prevalence of secret tournaments and the number of shitty 80s hair bands touring New England are directly related.  We need to keep tournament money out of the hands of the people who like this music!  If you find a tournament, share it!

4.  Competition is needed to improve....ironically, the biggest perpetrators of secret tournaments seem to be the best players.  Those that can handle the competition, often prefer not to have it.  How can we improve if the best don't want to play the best?  I'll be the first to say "I told you so" when the Southerners come to Fenway next May with their awful grammar and eat our lunch again!

5.  Charities...are for charity, not a cornholer's part-time job (well, it's my part-time job), but you get the point.  The majority of the weekend tournaments are fundraisers.  It's great that you are willing to spend a day playing for charity, but it would be better if you brought 20 of your cornhole friends with you to support the cause.  I have yet to see life-changing money be awarded at a charity event, but the work some charities do may very well be life-changing.  Think about it... 

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