A number of these courses were developed through a grant provided by the Library Services and Technology Act administered by the Library Development Office at the Indiana State Library.  Additional courses were developed through the collaboration of the Cambridge City, Centerville Center Township, Fayette County and Union County libraries.  Course descriptions are provided below.  

1.1 Introduction to Computers

This class is intended for the computer novice who would like to learn basic techniques for computer use.  Upon completion of this class, you will be able to use the mouse to select and open files and have a better understanding of the keyboard and its layout.  You will also use Windows Explorer to navigate the file system.

1.2 Internet Navigation

There is a wealth of information at your fingertips when you access the Internet.  During this class you will learn what a web browser is and how it can be used to navigate the Internet.   You will learn to use GOOGLE for keyword searches and how to set your home page in the browser.

1.3 Smart Use of the Web

The World Wide Web is a way of accessing limitless information over the medium of the Internet. This class will show you ways to limit your exposure to scams, computer fraud, viruses, spyware and other malware. It will also discuss ways to protect your personal information as you access the Web.

1.4 Using the Internet Safely

This class focuses on issues such as cyberbullying, safely navigating the internet, internet messaging and email safety techniques.  Each participant will create a safety plan that they can implement at home.  The class is intended for kids in grades 3 through 8.  Parents are encouraged to attend with your kids. 

1.5 Windows 8.1 Basics

This class will focus on using the new Windows 8.1 Start and Apps screens, how to access the Charms bar and the Desktop, using the Windows key and using File Explorer.  Downloading apps from the Windows Store will also be covered.

1.6 Greeting Cards & More Workshop

Would you like to make your own greeting cards but don’t know how?  Would you like to learn a great way to capture family memories? Need to create business cards or a flyer?  In this workshop you will learn to create unique cards and flyers using Microsoft Word and your own creativity.  We will learn about multi-column formatting, photo insertion, text wrapping and using templates.  If time permits we will cover the use of mail merge which can greatly simplify the task of addressing envelops for mailing. 

1.7 File Organization Workshop

Okay, so where did I put that file?  Having trouble finding where you put all of those documents on your computer?  This workshop is about organizing your files, much like you would organize the files in your file cabinet.   You will learn to create a folder structure that makes it easier to find those files back.  You will learn to “drag and drop”, a way to move those files into the folders you create.  We will also review file tagging and some of the Windows search features.

1.8 Windows 10 Basics **** NEW in 2016 *****

Are you ready to learn Windows 10?  This is a new course and we are ready to help you learn how to use some of the new W10 features.  If you've used Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, this will be an easy conversion as they've kept some of the features of both W8.1 & W7.  This course will show you how to navigate W10, how to use the new Cortana voice interface, how to customize your Start screen and more.  

2.1 Email and Facebook Prerequisite

This course is occasionally taught prior to the Email Basics and Facebook Basics classes to help participants get signed up for Gmail and Facebook accounts.  In cases where high participant counts are anticipated, this class helps reduce the amount of Email and Facebook class time required to get participants signed up.

2.2 Email Basics

Electronic mail (Email) has become an important means of communication and is commonly used in business, academic and household environments.  This class will enable you to create, send and receive email messages from family and friends.

2.3 Facebook Basics

Facebook is one of many social networking sites for people to interact socially.  This class will provide an overview of social networking and present details for using Facebook. 

2.4 Introduction to eBooks

In this class, participants will learn the A-B-C’s of digital reading.  Topics such as finding, downloading and reading e-books will be discussed.  If you have an e-Reader, bring it along to class.  Or, just come to decide if e-reading is for you.  Several e-Readers will be made available for use during class. 

2.5a Getting Started on eBay - Buying

Are you interested in buying online? This class will teach you how to get started buying on eBay. Tips on searching for items, bidding, researching items and setting up an account will be given. Though it is preferable to have an account set up prior to class, this is not mandatory.

2.5b Getting Started on eBay - Selling

Have you thought about selling online on eBay but didn't know how?   This course will teach you how to get started. Tips on pricing an item will be given.  An item will be listed for sale to help you understand the eBay sales process.  Prerequisite: Having your own eBay account set up prior to class and having some experience with buying on eBay is a positive.

2.6 Photo Organization Class

You will learn to use Windows Explorer to create folders to store your pictures in.  You will learn to label your photos and we will investigate Picasa as an organizer and FotoFlexer as a photo editing program.  We will use Windows Explorer to find photos and will create simple searches to find those photos that you have been looking for since you saved them on your hard drive.  If time permits, you will learn to share your photos to the cloud using programs such as SkyDrive, Google+, DropBox and Facebook to permit your friends and relatives to enjoy your digital memories as well.

2.7 Digital Devices: How to Choose the Best One for You

Buying your first digital device, or ready to upgrade? Phone or tablet? Tablet or laptop? Android or iPhone? Internet provider or hotspot? Don’t know which one to select? This class provides an overview of digital technology to help you make the best decision on your next digital device.

2.8 Digital Shortcuts

Want to simplify your life by learning a few digital shortcuts.  Maybe you want to understand better ways to use your computer.  Or better yet, learn how to have your computer type a letter for you using voice recognition.  Have you ever been annoyed by your cell phone ringing and didn’t know how to turn it off?  Or maybe you couldn’t find your lost cell phone? We will cover a broad range of topics that will help you simplify your life. 

2.9 All Things Google

Google provides lots of free tools that are becoming more and more popular.  Most folks think of the Google search engine when they think of Google.  Did you know they also have a word processing program (Google Docs), a spreadsheet program (Google Sheets) and a slide presentation program (Google Slides).  You can do video calls with Hangouts, find the best way to drive to a new destination with Google Maps and even store some of your files in Google Drive so you can access them from anywhere.  If you are interested in some free tools, this is a good class to attend.

 3.1 Introduction to Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program used to create documents such as letters, invitations, term papers, flyers, resumes, novels, and much more!  This class will stick to the basics.  You will create and save documents to the hard drive, learn what the “ribbon” is and learn to apply basic formatting to your text.

3.2 Introduction to Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program used for storing, organizing and manipulating data.  This class will teach you how to enter and format data.  You will learn to enter formulas and functions as well as how to view and print your results. 

3.3 Introduction to PowerPoint

PowerPoint was originally designed as a presentation software package but has evolved into a versatile program for displaying information, creating photo albums as well as for making presentations.  The participant will learn how to create a basic presentation as well as how to create a photo album. 

4.1 Intermediate Word

This class will introduce the participant to more advanced word processing concepts including topics like creating tables, developing a table of contents, enhanced document navigation techniques, page numbering, using headers and footers and many other useful tips.

4.2 Intermediate Excel

Have you ever wondered what a pivot table does?  Do you need to create a database with basic data validation?  This class will cover these topics and also focus on manipulating worksheets, creating charts, tabular and graphic analysis of data, using headers and footers, setting up scrolling regions and more.  

4.3 Intermediate PowerPoint

Creating great presentations starts with knowledge of good presentation practices and an understanding of how to implement these practices in PowerPoint.  Advanced formatting, animation and slide transition techniques, slide show setup and other topics will help to make you a more proficient presenter while using PowerPoint. 

4.4 Facebook+

This is an extension of Facebook Basics where we will review some of the fundamentals of Facebook, look at advanced searching, learn ways to control your News Feed notifications, become familiar with lists, events, groups & pages and learn how to upload photos to Facebook.

4.5 Digital Fix

This is one of our most popular classes. Actually it is not a class but is an opportunity for you to get answers to your unanswered digital questions. You may bring your devices (tablets, computers, smartphones, e-readers, cameras, etc) to class and we will show you how to use them more effectively.