Sand Filter Vs Cartridge Filter

sand filter vs cartridge filter
    cartridge filter
  • A pool or spa water filter that uses a replaceable porous element made of paper or polyester.
  • A device often used for single faucet water treatment, made up of a housing and a removable cartridge (element). In residential filtering systems, disposable elements are used.
  • Uses a cylinder of material (usually pleated) through which a solution passes leaving the contaminants on one side of the material and cleaner water on the other.  Cartridge filters come with many different pore sizes; larger pore size allows larger contaminants through the material.
  • A loose granular substance, typically pale yellowish brown, resulting from the erosion of siliceous and other rocks and forming a major constituent of beaches, riverbeds, the seabed, and deserts
  • French writer known for works concerning women's rights and independence (1804-1876)
  • a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral
  • An expanse of sand, typically along a shore
  • A stratum of sandstone or compacted sand
  • sandpaper: rub with sandpaper; "sandpaper the wooden surface"
sand filter vs cartridge filter - Watts Premier
Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System
Watts Premier 531130 Filter-Pure UF-3 3-Stage Water Filtration System
Watts Advanced 3-Stage Water Filtration System provides your family with clean, safe, great tasting water. This system utilizes high performance sediment prefilter, lead and Chemical reducing carbon block followed by our advanced technology Ultra Filtration Membrane filter. System is WQA Tested and Certified for the reduction of chlorine taste and odor, lead, chemicals including herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, as well as the removal of cysts, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba, Giardia and Toxoplasma. System also reduces particulates, sand, silt sediment and rust. Patented design with auto shut off valve and push-button filter changes makes it easy to install and maintain.

The Watts Premier Filter-Pure UF-3 Water Filtration Device utilizes three-stage filtration to ensure you get cleaner, healthier drinking water straight from the tap. In addition to reducing lead, chemicals, and chlorine taste and odor, the UF-3 uses Hollow-Fiber technology to trap and remove even the tiniest particles from your water. Featuring a patented space-saving design that is perfect for houses and apartments, the UF-3 can be installed in a matter of minutes.

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3-stage filtration and Hollow Fiber Technology provide cleaner water
straight from the tap.

During the lifecycle of a single filter, you can save up to 16,000 plastic bottles from being deposited in landfills.
Three-Stage Filtration Removes Contaminants
The Watts UF-3 filters drinking water in three stages. Once the system is connected, water from the tap passes through a five-micron sediment filter, followed by a heavy-duty one-micron carbon block filter that reduces lead and chemicals.
The third stage of filtration involves a state-of-the-art UF Hollow Fiber Technology membrane. Hollow Fiber Technology uses standard home water pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane. Suspended particles and materials of high molecular weight are unable to pass through the 0.2 micron UF membrane, leaving you with only fresh clean water and dissolved minerals.
This specially formulated filtration process is capable of reducing cryptosporidia, giardia, entamoeba, and toxoplasma, as well as a long list of chemicals--from herbicides and pesticides to disinfection byproducts and gas additives.
Cleaner Water Straight from the Tap
It is estimated that VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) are present in one-fifth of the nation's water supplies. These contaminants can enter ground water from a variety of sources, including herbicide and pesticide runoff, gasoline or oil spills, leaking underground fuel tanks, disinfection byproducts, septic system cleaners, and chemicals used in the dry cleaning industry.
The UF-3 keeps you safe from these and other VOCs with its three-stage filtration, so you can turn on the tap with the assurance that you're getting cleaner, healthier drinking water.
Simple Operation for In-Home Convenience
Thanks to technological advances, the UF-3's sophisticated filtration process, which was commonly used only in municipal water treatment plants and hospitals, is now available for home use. The UF-3 is capable of running at low water pressures, and it won't alter the pH of your water. For added convenience, the filtration system doesn't require electricity or a separate holding tank.
Easy Assembly and Filter Replacement
The UF-3 features unique swivel-valve, push-button assembly that allows for easy initial installation, as well as simple and sanitary one-step filter changes that don't require you to shut off your water source.
The Importance of Drinking Clean Water
Water is critical to proper food digestion, kidney health, brain function, blood health, joint functionality, and more. It's important to make sure that the water you drink is devoid of contaminants. Thankfully, using a Watts water filtration device will ensure consistent quality for all of your drinking and cooking needs. In fact, when you use Watts' high-quality certified water treatment devices and filters, your water will be free of chlorine taste and odors, particles, and many other contaminants that can be detrimental to your health.
*Please refer to the Performance Data Sheet for the complete list of claims for which this system is certified.
An Choice
Not only is the UF-3 filter a healthy choice for you, but it's also a healthy choice for the environment. This filter helps you minimize the harmful environmental consequences of buying bottled water. Incredibly, if a mere ten percent of North America's bottled water intake were reduced by switching to home-filtered water in reusable containers, we could eliminate:
133,000 trucks driving an average of 500 miles--saving nearly 12 million gallons of diesel fuel
Over 100 million pounds of greenhouse gasses--equal to taking 1,100 cars off the road annually
213 million pounds of PET--equal to 1.5 million barrels of crude oil or improving the PET recycling rate by 10%

Depending upon which Watts water-filtration product you use, you can prevent up to 16,000 half-liter bottles from being deposited in landfills--all in the time it takes to use and replace a single filter.
The Watts Premier Filter-Pure UF-3 Water Filtration Device is backed by a three-year limited warranty.
What's in the Box
Filter-Pure (UF-3) module (complete with filters), parts bag, faucet bag, and manual.

Compare Water Filtration Devices
Num. of Filtration Stages122335
Arsenic, Nitrates,
Chrome, TDS,
Perchlorate, Turbidity
Dimensions (L x W x H)6 x 6 x 1414 x 6 x 1614 x 6 x 169 x 3.5 x 146 x 4 x 1617 x 17 x 6
Replacement Filters5-Mic Carbon BlockPurifier Filter Pack560088560039560017Annual Filter Pack

80% (18)
Sand Harbor
Sand Harbor
Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, NV. We returned to Sand Harbor on the last evening of our trip and while the light was not comparable to our previous visit, we had some very nice clouds. It was such a peaceful evening and we had the park almost to ourselves. However my only frustration came when a rare park visitor began throwing stones into the water in this area where I was shooting. It took every ounce of my restraint to avoid blowing my lid. Finally I think I stared at him long enough that he got the point. Anyway, after the water calmed down I managed to get this shot. © 2011 Jay Tankersley. All rights reserved.
Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes
Death Valley It was very windy during early morning... you can see the sand being picked up and blown away.

sand filter vs cartridge filter
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