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For lots of Fun Stuff in many and varied forms...
Here's some photos of the various conventions I've been at. Yes, there were loads more...but an unfortunate computer death lost some very valuable and fun pics and more...
Check out some of the fun pics and info dedicated to this award-winning young adult series!
Just some various stuff I'm having fun with...videos, book trailers, music, screenplay info, and whatever else I feel like playing with at the time!
Let me know your thoughts, opinions and faves with the surveys available here!

Reggie and Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery

Book 1: Reggie & Ryssa Series

Reggie & Ryssa and the Scavenger Hunt

Book 2: Reggie & Ryssa Series
Broken Wings: Genesis


Book 1: Yeshua Star Series

Broken Wings: Alpha

Book 2: Yeshua Star Series

Wings of Thunder

 Book 1: The Watcher Series

Sky Gold

 Book 1: The Nibiran Series

Keeper of the Flame

 Book 1: The Tapestry Series