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Q. So what’s with the dual names, Bo Savino & A. J. Rand?


A. I published my first book (a spiritual title) under the name Savino, and then the 1st Reggie & Ryssa book. By the time I finished writing Broken Wings: Genesis, which came out around the same time as Keeper of the Flame, I realized that I didn’t want kids to identify the Bo Savino name as a blanket “Hey, this is another good book for kids!” Especially when the other titles had various forms of adult content. So I chose a pseudonym to write the adult book under.


Q. Where did you get the name A. J. Rand?


A. A. J. Rand is a mishmash of the names of my 3 boys: Aaron, Joshua, and Random. It worked out to be a pretty catchy name, but ironically, we also call Aaron AJ (Aaron Joseph). And yes, the name Random came from Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber Series (Random was the Prince who became King). I originally used a third pseudonym, Catherine Chase (taken from my grandkids, Catherine and Chase), but I have recently dropped it just to keep the separation headaches at bay.


Q. Why do you have so many 1st books in a series when you haven’t moved on to keep the story lines going with the ones you have out already?


A. Okay…I mention on my “About Me” page that I really only got into writing seriously about 8 years ago. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t have a slew of stories in the hopper, either completed, or nearly completed. As an exercise to push me toward keeping the flow going, I either rewrote or finished the various title I had going. Now I’m going back in to flush out each series. But I can’t promise more “1st books” won’t pop up here and there.


Q. How many books are planned for each series?


A. That’s a tough one. There are 6 books planned and fully outlined for Reggie & Ryssa. There are 5 planned and outlined for Broken Wings. The Tapestry series (of which Keeper of the Flame is Book 1) has 5 books planned, but it is an odd sort of dual trilogy where book 3 (the 5th book) is the same concluding book for each trilogy, with cross-over characters. Originally Sky Gold was supposed to be a stand alone, but so many people have asked me to do a prequel, that it is now an outlined trilogy. And I have a Broken Wings spin-off paranormal romance series that I still don’t know how many books will get mixed into.


Q. So when are the next books in your series coming out?


A. Well, Reggie & Ryssa 2 just came out and the Broken Wings spin-off series, The Watchers, (Wings of Thunder), is in editing for soon release. From there, I think I should have the second book for each series coming out sometime in 2012, with some of the 3rd books coming out for one or two of the series (like Reggie & Ryssa 3).


Q. So are you Yeshua Star in the Broken Wings series?


A. No. That wasn’t even a blip. Although some of my dearest friends who read the book claimed that reading Yeshua was like reading a conversation going on inside my head. I just can’t imagine anyone considering me to be that flippant or sassy or irreverent or… okay maybe I can imagine it a little. But no, it was, and still is not me.


Q. Why have the next books in the series been so long in coming out?


A. For the most part, life happens. But now the characters of my books are all clamoring to have their stories told, and it’s either let them out or fall victim to my own special blend of insanity. I can’t promise that still won’t happen! But part of the hiatus has been dealing with a couple of health issues, of which I can now count my self among the ranks of cancer survivors. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me around…if that isn’t a scary enough thought for you!

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