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Wings of Thunder
as A. J. Rand
Book 1 of the Watcher Series
A Paranormal Romance spin-off series with some of your favorite characters found in Broken Wings! These are the romance stories of some of the Grigori Fallen Angels and Immortals... This book is all about Rahmiel, the Fallen Grigori Watcher.
COMING 2012! 
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The Adventures of Romani: Superchick
as A. J. Rand
Book 1 of the Tamara Tinsdale Series
Super powers and spirits on a mission:
Tamara Tinsdale is everything expected of a cute computer geek: far better with machines than people and a strict believer in facts and data. So when a freak encounter on the beach leaves her hearing the voices of dead Romani spirits in her head, she chalks it up to over-compensation for a nearly dead social life. But when those same ghosts start hopping in and out of her body, each giving her a unique ability coupled with a strong desire to seek out other dangerous people possessed by the spirits of Nazi war criminals, Tam has to figure out if the line she has crossed over is one of insanity, or one she never believed existed...
  COMING 2012! 

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Threads of Fate
as A. J. Rand
Book 2 of the Tapestry Series 

Raised by her grandfather, a great sorcerer in the land of Gallorne, Jesa Tintalle reels under the pressure of an unexpected and unwanted destiny. Struggling to save the land from the clutches of the evil sorceress, Rima, Jesa fights against the plans of fate as she struggles even harder to decide between the love of two men who both seek to win her heart…

COMING 2012!
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Broken Wings: Trials
as A. J. Rand
Book 3 of the Yeshua Star Series 
COMING 2012!
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Reggie & Ryssa
and the Faery Corp
Book 3 of the Reggie & Ryssa Series 
COMING 2012!
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Reggie and Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery

Book 1: Reggie & Ryssa Series

Reggie & Ryssa and the Scavenger Hunt

Book 2: Reggie & Ryssa Series
Broken Wings: Genesis


Book 1: Yeshua Star Series

Broken Wings: Alpha

Book 2: Yeshua Star Series

Wings of Thunder

 Book 1: The Watcher Series

Sky Gold

 Book 1: The Nibiran Series

Keeper of the Flame

 Book 1: The Tapestry Series