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Reggie & Ryssa
and the Summer Camp of Faery
Book 1 of the Reggie & Ryssa Series
What would you do if you found out magic was real and Faeries were beyond your vision but within your reach? Better yet, what if you had once been a part of their world without knowing it, and now they wanted you back?

On their thirteenth birthday, Reggie & Ryssa’s world is turned upside down. The twins find out that magic is real and Faeries co-exist with the human world. To top it all off, the Wilt is eating the barrier between the human world and the world of Faery. If the two worlds collide, both will be destroyed. Are Reggie & Ryssa the only ones who can save both worlds? Or are they the twins of Darkness and Light foretold by prophecy to bring the destruction of Faery?

Doom and gloom prophecies…
Disappearing Team members…
Dark magic attacks…

It’s an adventure-filled summer in the Award-Winning World of Faery!
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eBook: FREE     Paperback: $12.95

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Reggie & Ryssa
and the Scavenger Hunt
Book 2 of the Reggie & Ryssa Series
By the end of the twins’ eighth grade school year, Ryssa has withdrawn from everyone around her. Reggie suspects that Ryssa is starting to lose control of Darkwind, which he knows will lead to the Faery elders breaking her bond with the Sprite, and most likely insanity…and that’s if she—and he as her twin—survive it. Their adopted mother, Debra Chambly, grows sicker with each passing day.

Reggie & Ryssa return to Faery for another summer of competition, with more children missing or dying, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts moving toward the brink of a Faery war, changes to their training schedule, and a series of impossible tasks set before them as they work together with their team to fill out the strange list of items for a Faery Scavenger Hunt.

New adventures await them as the twins are attacked by Shadows, swept up in a Midsummer’s Eve Wild Hunt of the Fey, and face down the only known dragon left in the world of Faery!
CLICK HERE to Purchase Reggie & Ryssa #2
eBook: $2.99     Paperback: $12.95

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Broken Wings: Genesis
as A. J. Rand
Book 1 of the Yeshua Star Series
Yeshua Star is deeply ensconced in a level of the world most people do not even know exists, let alone recognize. Her world is one of demons, dream stalkers and ancient immortals who were once worshipped as gods but now co-exist with the rest of society—like Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams who now runs the local opium den.


The cynical but sassy Yeshua Star is an unofficial contractor for the Church, handling those tasks that go hand in hand with a public policy of disavowal. When the angels come knocking on Yeshua’s door, claiming she is an incarnated angel, she and her self-appointed sidekick Chaz find themselves pulled into one of the toughest situations they have ever had to face.

Armageddon looms on the horizon, with one faction of the angels preparing to set Armageddon into motion. Using all of the knowledge they can piece together from tight-lipped groups with hidden agendas, Yeshua has to make the decision that will decide the fate of humanity—does she stop it—or let it happen?
CLICK HERE to Purchase
Broken Wings: Genesis
eBook: FREE     Paperback: $10.95

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Broken Wings: Alpha
as A. J. Rand
Book 2 of the Yeshua Star Series
Yeshua Star is back and feeling all alone in her fight against the darkness and a looming threat of Armageddon.
The Angels are coping with their newly released ability to do anything they want, so they are, of course, doing nothing. The immortals are holding secret meetings. Haunting dreams of Chaz's imminent death keep Yeshua off-balance and looking for answers.
The fate of the world still weighs heavy on her shoulders, with no help from any quarter. No one wants to believe that Ithane is back, and yet they all feel her spirit is strong within Yeshua and growing stronger every day.
Will Yeshua win the struggle against a ghost of the past? Or will she give in and let the world be damned?
CLICK HERE to Purchase
Broken Wings: Alpha
eBook: $2.99     Paperback: $13.95

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Sky Gold
as A. J. Rand with Carrassa Sands
Book 1 of the Nibiran Series
Raised in the bosom of Corporate control, Tuke now traverses the edge of two worlds. Forced to hide her psionic abilities from both sides, she is as disgusted by the fanatics of the alien Nibiran cause as she is by the fanatical religious element in control. She profits by selling information and services to the highest bidder, with herself as the only thing she holds sacred.

Her latest assignment: Locate the Underground rebel who is circulating the anti-Corp newsletter that holds information the Corps would rather not have come to light. Using every resource available, Tuke finds much more than she bargained for when forced to work with Baell, a psion who pulls her deep into the heart of the Nibiran Underground.

The future of mankind unravels beneath a past built on a web of deceit and treachery. Tuke discovers that the Earth is poised on the edge of destruction at the hands of the Nibiran race. She can possibly prevent it…but only if she is willing to lose herself in the process.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Sky Gold
eBook: $.99     Paperback: $13.95

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Keeper of the Flame
as A. J. Rand
Book 1 of the Tapestry Series
The mystical land of Draecus—a land closed off from all others for generations. In Mikaelia, it is remembered only in bedtime stories passed down through the ages.

The racial war for the lands of Mikaelia is over. The human female Jarnell fights her family’s wishes for a marriage that will unite two noble houses. Running away, she seeks out her elven friend, Dekion, and gains a startling companion in the form of a half-orscha warrior, Sahri-tah. In the upheaval following the devastating wars between the races of their land, the three companions must transcend their ingrained racial distrust to search for Dekion’s father, who was lost during the wars.

Following their only lead, given to them by a crazed man in the streets of Sel Lorst, they find themselves in the lost, magical land of Draecus where a war between humans and orscha has just begun. The companions become caught up in the war that crosses the once peaceful Draecus. They must fight to stay alive long enough for the portal to open again and allow them passage back to their own land. While they wait, Jarnell, a follower of the Goddess of Passion, fights a growing desire to stay in the arms of Daedic of Draecus, the only man to ever bring to life the flames of passion in her body, mind, and soul…
CLICK HERE to Purchase
Keeper of the Flame
eBook: $.99     Paperback: $10.95

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Reggie and Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery

Book 1: Reggie & Ryssa Series

Reggie & Ryssa and the Scavenger Hunt

Book 2: Reggie & Ryssa Series
Broken Wings: Genesis

 Book 1: Yeshua Star Series


Broken Wings: Alpha

Book 2: Yeshua Star Series

Wings of Thunder

 Book 1: The Watcher Series

Sky Gold

 Book 1: The Nibiran Series

Keeper of the Flame

 Book 1: The Tapestry Series