Welcome to my personal webpage!

My name is Boryana Dobreva and
I currently work at NWC’s Global Education Center, where I supervise the college's summer study abroad programs. I joined the department in August 2011 and am glad that I have the opportunity to follow one of my two passions: to help others explore other countries, cultures, languages, and traditions. In fact, I am very enthusiastic about education and travel. My graduate studies have taken me from Bulgaria to Germany and from Germany to the United Sates, and these fourteen years spent abroad have been the most formative time in my life. I am also passionate about learning and teaching languages. Besides my mother tongue Bulgarian, I speak German and English and have taught all levels of German at the University of Pittsburgh. In the Fall Semester of 2012, I taught an ESL Writing Course to international students at NWC. I travel regularly to Europe and throughout to reconnect with my roots, close friends, and family.

On this  page, you will find helpful exercises for Beginning and Intermediate  German classes. Some  of these exercises  are adapted from German textbooks or from handouts by my colleagues, and others are the fruit of my labor as a graduate student in PITT's German Department. My wish is that you, dear  visitor, can make use of the activities!  I have also included some of the links that I have found to be most valuable in my teaching.  I hope  that you will enjoy your stay!  Thank you!