Discovering the Future


MOTTO:Discovering the Future” 

VISION: To build solid foundation for our students to excel in higher education.

MISSION: To prepare creative and innovative students for a university setting through our exceptional academic services rendered by highly qualified and dedicated teachers and staffs.


Being a newly independent nation, South Sudan faces daunting challenges in areas of education, nation building and the rule of law and governance. For two decades of civil war, South Sudan education systems have been destroyed, leaving the new nation with no infrastructure and institutional support mechanism. As universally understood, lack of functional education system can lead to poverty, insecurity, and poor governance. South Sudan, therefore, risks being trapped and negatively affected, if no majors are taken to alleviate these challenges.

According to UNESCO and International Institute for educational planning, South Sudan is ranked the second lowest out of 123 and last out of 134 countries in primary and secondary education respectively.

 Therefore, such a lowest educational ranking has triggered an initiative for strong preparatory school in South Sudan.  Bor College High was established with an interest of improving the quality of education in Jonglei State as well as in the whole country.  

A privately owned high school, Bor College highly specializes in sciences, languages and arts.  All sciences offered at Bor College High are lab-based programs for easy understanding of the theoretical teachings. This reinforces in-class instructions.


Bor, South Sudan