Uninstall IE7 using recovery console


There may be a lot of scenarios where you cannot uninstall IE7 in the normal way using 'Add or remove programs'. In such cases, you can use 'Recovery console' to uninstall IE7. Recovery console is a command line troubleshooting mode using which you can solve a lot of common boot issues. It also can be used for uninstalling IE7.


 You can uninstall IE7 using this way only if  'C:\ie7\Spuninst' folder is available in the computer. But It is always available unless the previous uninstallation is so corrupt.

 Click here to know how to install and use recovery console

 You can also go to recovery console without installing it, by booting from Windows XP cd.

Once you login to the recovery console and when it is at C:\ prompt, do the following:

             Type the following commands.

            (Note :Press ENTER after each command. )

         CD ie7\spuninst
         batch Spuninst.txt