Unable to uninstall IE7

*** Problem Description ***
When you try to install Internet Explorer 7.0 on a Windows XP SP2 based computer, 
setup fails to install and when you check IE7.LOG file inside C:\Windows you will 
see the following errors in it,
"Update.exe extended error code = 0xf00d" or "Update.exe return code was masked to 
0x643 for MSI custom action compliance."
If you try to do Windows Update, the system will find but will not install KB898461.
*** Resolution *** Nov 3 2006 4:12PM v_6denar
The problem seems to happen because of the presence of a corrupt SPUPDSVC.EXE file 
inside %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 folder.
Resolution 1:
1. Try removing Windows Installer 3.1 from Add or Remove programs.
2. Rename SPUPDSVC.EXE file inside %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 folder.
3. Restart the computer and do a Windows Update to install KB898461 successfully.
4. Try installing Internet Explorer 7.0 on the computer again, it will install 
Resolution 2:
1. Rename SPUPDSVC.EXE file inside %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 folder.
2. Download the Setup file of Internet Explorer 7.0 and rename it to IE7.EXE and 
save it to "C:" drive.
3. Extract the Installation files for IE7 using the following command from the run 
window,  "C:\IE7.EXE -X"
4. Specify the location where you want the files to be extracted to. (Eg. 
5. Execute IESETUP.EXE inside the location specified in the above step.