When you are uninstalling Internet explorer 7 you may receive an error message as follows:

    "Set up cannot copy the file ieakmmc.chm"

 Usually you won't get any problems if you cancel file copying and continue the set up. You may get warnings twice and you click 'yes' for the warnings.  I cannot guarantee that this will always work but it has worked for most of the people  I have helped to uninstall IE7.

    This file is actually a help file and another copy of this file is available in 'C:\Windows\Help' folder. But browsing to this location may not help because you will get a series of file copy errors after that and all those files are not available as a second copy in 'C:\Windows\Help'  folder.

This issue occurs because some of the disk cleaning programs like Ccleaner may delete the files in C:\windows\IE7 folder which is the actual location of this file and other files for IE7.   Also occurs due to a corrupt installation.

(Note: If you receive the message 'Set up cannot copy the file ieeula.chm', then follow the method described below. Don't do the method mentioned above.)


    Best way to resolve this problem

Use this new IE7 easy removal tool:

IE7 easy removal tool

 This tool will remove all versions of IE7. This is a newly created tool and different from IE7 beta 2 uninstall toolkit. You can download the file and run it directly, which will automatically extract the missing files and launch uninstallation wizard.

(No need to modify the registry as you do for the IE7 beta 2 uninstall toolkit)


  You can also solve this problem by reinstalling IE7 using the IE7 installation package. This will overwrite the existing installation and will bring the missing files back.

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