IE7 Known Issues

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1.Following softwares are not compatible and create problems with IE7

     a) Zone alarm 6.5 or earlier versions

               Installation of IE7 requires updating the registry and Zone alarm bocks the acces to registry. Even if you disable Zone alarm or go to safe mode with networking, it is not going to work because the entries modified by Zone Alarm still exist. So the best option is to uninstall Zone alarm and install ie7.

     b) Norton Internet security and few  versions of other norton products.

      If you feel Installation is incomplete because of any modified registry permissions, then follow this link:Internet Explorer could not be installed and go through the fifth resolution step,' Resolving the issue by using subinacl tool'.


2. Many of the toolbars like Yahoo toolbar and Google toolbar, and desktop search applications like Google desktop are not compatible with IE7. You may notice following things if you have any of the mentioned programs:

     a)  When you try to open IE7, It may pop up and close immediately and offer you to send an error report.

     b) When you try to close IE7 it may offer you to send end error report to Microsoft after it closes.

     c) IE7 may appear to be connecting but may never connect, and it may freeze the computer                

        you   try to close it.

 In all the above mentioned cases, uninstall  those toolbars from add or remove programs.



3. Some third party add ons may allow internet explorer to stay open but still may create following performance issues.

      a)Internet explorer may take long time to open or to connect to your homepage.

      b)Address bar may disappear as soon as you go to a second page

      c)IE7 may freeze when you open a second tab or a second window etc.

 In all these cases, you can disable all third party add ons, by clicking on the button 'Tools' at the right hand side of the IE window(don't click on the 'tools' in the menubar at the top), then click on internet options-advanced and uncheck 'Enable third party browser extensions' or you can disable only the problematic add ons by going to Tools-Manage add ons- Enable or disable add ons.

               For other performance issues, make sure you also do the troubleshooting described in this  page: Basic troubleshooting



4. You may be wondering that you no longer see or have some of the options in IE7 but you used to have it in IE6. But actually there are a lot of things that are either modified or hidden in IE7

  a) You don't see the 'Read Mail' icon.

     You need to customize the toolbars to make it appear. Click  'Tools' (don't click on the 'tools' in the menubar at the top), Go to 'Toolbars' and click on 'Customize'.  You will see the 'Available toolbars' and 'Current toolbars'.  Highlight the 'Read mail' icon in the available toolbars and click 'Add' the click 'Close'

  b) You don't see the Menubar which has File,Edit,View,Favorites,Tools and Help.

       Click  'Tools' (don't click on the 'tools' in the menubar at the top), and click 'Menubar'. A check mark is placed on the 'Menubar' option. Now you can see the menubar appearing always.

  c)Favourites do not stay  on the page always. It may disappear as soon as you click on somethign else. In other words, they are not pinned. In this case, you need to open the favourites, and click on the green arrow that is  appoximately one inch away from the history button. It is marked in the picture below:

 d) Lock icon doesn't appear at the bottom when you go to a secured website. But, no need to panic. It appears on the top in IE7. You can see the lock icon to the right side of the address bar .

                                                                                                                   More to be updated...