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1. Subinacl tool

 2. reset.cmd (Use this file after installing subinacl tool)

3. User agent string

4. Toolkit to Disable Automatic delivery of IE7 

5.  HijackThis -  a homepage hijackers detector 

 Click here for a tutorial for HijackThis 

6. Compatibility patch for Internet explorer 6

The above patch resolves the issues with viewing some websites like (road runner homepage) ..but this doesn't work with IE7 yet 

7. IE7 Beta uninstall toolkit

Use the above uninstall toolkit only for beta versions 

8. Internet.bat ( a complete batch file for registering 90 dll files for internet explorer)

9. Windows Installer Clean up Utility (This tool helps to remove an application completely from your system, Useful in case of uninstalling IE7. For more information, click here

 10. index.batA batch file to delete Index.dat Creates usable copies of REGEDIT, MSCONFIG and Task Manager

12. Norton removal tool

13. IE7 easy removal tool

 This tool will remove IE7. If you receive any file copy errors like 'cannot copy the file 'ieeula.chm', then use this tool.

14. secedit


16. Autorun subinacl

 17. Rename 'hosts' file

 18. Create a restore point with single click  - download this file and you will be able to create a restore point ith a single click

19. wget.exe download anything without a browser


 Watch a Demo -Using the web with IE7


 Powerpoint shows

ie7 installation simulation


Knowledge base

1.Basic troubleshooting

 2.What happens during Installation

3. Internet explorer file architecture

 4.What happens during uninstallation


Frequently asked        questions 

 Add ons 

 Phising filter

 Information bar

Tabbed browsing



  Download 'Technology overview' for Internet Explorer 7        



 Learn about various security threats


 This will change your home page and will not allow you to change it again. Click on the link for details and for removal





 PC Safety - A complete guide
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 Open the links in this column in a New Window          

       (Note: If you use IE6, then the left side frame in this page will be empty. Scroll down to see the contents of the left side frame)

 Take a tour of IE7

Some of the articles in this page might have been created for earlier versions of IE but still they are applicable for IE7

                  General browser issues

IE7 Known Issues -

Home page setting changes unexpectedly, or you cannot change your home page setting

How to disable home page protection in Norton Internet security 2006

Cannot change homepage due to a home page protection

 Mail icon doesn't appear on the toolbar 

Unrecoverable errors in Internet explorer 

'Internet Options' opens up whenever Internet Explorer icon is clicked  

How to make Internet explorer to bypass the welcome page (RunOnce)  [This can be done directly by applying the registry tweak No. 4 in this page]

Configure Internet Explorer to display PDF files

Images not displayed in Web pages

Links in Outlook mails do not work 

 Issue: Internet Explorer 7 doesn't have any toolbars or tabs

          For the above issue follow this link and download the XMLLite for windows XP:

Click here to download XMLLite


       Norton products and Internet explorer

I cannot connect to the Internet even if I disable Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall 2004 or earlier

Norton Internet security 2006 & 2005 and Internet explorer

Internet Explorer does not display the version number

Links do not work on specific webpages

Various ways to disable Norton products  



Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage

Get help with the website error messages

General troubleshooting steps for 'Page cannot be displayed'

How to repair Winsock and reset TCP/IP

          User agent string:

When you use Internet Explorer 7 to visit a Web site, you may receive error messages that state that you do not have the most current version of Internet Explorer     


Click here to install IE7

Internet explorer could not be installed -

Error: Set up was unable to validate your copy of Windows 

'Unknown publisher' in the title bar of installation window

Command line switches for Installation


Unable to uninstall IE7 

Set up cannot copy the file ieakmmc.chm 

How to uninstall IE7 using recovery console         

             Problems with secure websites

"The page cannot be displayed" error message when you try to view a Web page on a secure Web site 923738  

Not able to sign in to hotmail or to any other secured website

                        Performance and Usage

For faster upload

Internet explorer keyboard shortcuts


 HP Director software is not working properly with IE7 

The Help window does not appear and you receive a warning message when you click Help on the Microsoft Office Online Web site 

What updates are installed with IE7?

How to determine what version of IE is installed - an article with more advanced information

 How to repair Internet Explorer 6

Solutions for a lot of problems with Windows XP

How to perform a repair installation of Windows XP if Internet Explorer 7 is installed

Unexplained computer behaviour may be caused by deceptive software


                          IE7 Tweaks

1.Make the menubar in IE7 to appear on the top of the other toolbars.

Just download the file below, save it and doubleclick it. Give an 'Yes' for the confirmation and you're done

              Download file: toolbar.reg

 2 . Increase the connection limit and make the pages to render quickly

Just download the file below, save it and doubleclick it. Give an 'Yes' for the confirmation and you're done

             Download file: speedup.reg

3. Hide the search bar in Internet explorer 7

                Download file: NoSearchBox.reg

4.Bypass the 'Run Once' screen

             Download file: NoRunOnce.reg

5. Not able to open links in Outlook? Use this registry fix:

            Download file: LinksDoNotOpenInOutlook.reg

6.Change the user agent (This may help if you have a site that is not accessible using IE7)

           Download file: IE6SP2.reg

7.Block the automatic installation of IE7

          Download file: donotallowie.reg