Boris Nikolov

Professor of Finance
University of Lausanne and Swiss Finance Institute

Building Extranef 228

1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Tel: +41 21 692 6126

Fax: +41 21 692 3435

Here is my Curriculum Vitae.


 The Sources of Financing Constraints
, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming
 (with Lukas Schmid and Roberto Steri)

 Dynamic Corporate Liquidity, Journal of Financial Economics 132(1), 2019, 76-102
 (with Lukas Schmid and Roberto Steri)

 Agency Conflicts Around the World, Review of Financial Studies 31(11), 2018, 4232-4287
 (with Erwan Morellec and
Norman Schürhoff)

 Agency Conflicts and Cash: Estimates from a Dynamic Model, Journal of Finance 69(5), 2014, 883-1921
 (with Toni Whited)

 Corporate Governance and Capital Structure Dynamics, Journal of Finance 67(3), 2012, 803-848
 (with Erwan Morellec and Norman Schürhoff)

Working Papers

 Competition, Cash Holdings, and Financing Decisions
 (with Erwan Morellec and Francesca Zucchi)

 Testing Dynamic Agency Theory via Structural Estimation
 (with Lukas Schmid)



 Corporate Finance (BS in Economics and Management)
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructurings (MS in Finance)
 Theoretical Corporate Finance (SFI PhD program)
 Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance (SFI PhD program)