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Boris Feoktistov, a deeply church person, precentor and composer was a novice in Trinity-St.Sergiy Lavra. That time His Holiness Filaret (Vakhromeyev) was the Head of the Theological Academy.In 1970 he blessed Feoktistov to be a precentor. Now some words of the person, under whose influence creative origin of many precentors and composers was formed: this is the outstanding church musician and precentor Nikolai Matveyev, unsurpassed master of sacred classical music interpretation.
"Though he has pupils in precentor class, none of them could be called true successor of his great service, except Boris Feoktistov. It is very important to mark that Boris Feoktistov unites in his person features of a composer and a church precentor in the best traditions of pre-revolution church choral culture..."
From professor Rogov’s article
to the Isl.‘ B. Feoktistov‘s CD Lyturgy
of St. John Chrysostom