• ATHLETICS SESSIONS - Athletics sessions for Kids and Adults. You want to train athletics professionaly or you just want to try it I can help you. I can show you every discipline. We can start from the beginning and progres to a professional level. But the most important thing is to have fun and with Athletics you will have plenty !!!
  • PERSONAL TRAINING - If you need someone to motivate you , someone to help you raise your health and to be more fit than ever this is the best way to do it.With a personal trainer you will be able to do it all !!!!
  • TRAINING PROGRAMS - If you already have a way of training, you have the will and the motivation but you need some advices and new ways of training, well I can help you achieve your goals by creating the best suitable training program for you !!!!
  • NUTRITION ADVICES - You want not only to be fit but to learn what to eat. There is so many diets , and so many people who can tell you how to eat. Some of them are right and some of them not but the most important thing for you is to understand why and how the food helps you feed your body !!!